Arm Wrestle Simulator Roblox Wiki, rebirth guide, max super rebirth, training tips, best pets, World 6, and tips and tricks

1.Rebirth strategy: Every time you enchant pets, you will lose your actual rebirths. You need wins to get them back again so for this to work, you need to farm wins first and then do the enchant so in the long run after you are done enchanting, your pets can still get back to where your original rebirth is. Test your rebirths on weak pets first. Cumulative 200% luck boost with enchants helps hatching. Invest in enchantment. Make a squad of winner winner 3 (for auto fight), squad of lucky 3 for opening eggs. You can use weak pets for winner winner 3 because it’s easy to make huge and void pet so 100%x2. Lucky 3 on all strong pets that can be used while farming strength and opening eggs. Get full team of each so you don’t need enchanting. Rebirth down to level 0 and rotate enchantments to get either win 3 or lucky 3.

Only rebirth when you can rebirth 4 to 7 times at once. It’s not worth it doing once. Farm strength first, then defeat bosses, then get enough wins for some rebirths and eggs while defeating bosses. You need lots of wins, preferably above 1t and spam rebirth as much as possible to get that percentage up.

2. Training tips : All training types are same, but some are giving more and you will progress faster:

W1: Knuckles, W2:Knuckles, W3: Hands, W4: Barbell, if you don’t know what that is, it is the big weight. Leave game on overnight, afk (away from keyboard) to gain strength is easiest way to progress quickly. Best training thing is knuckle.

3.Best pets: Best pet is ghost huge void pet which is 120k. Bunny dom gvg 6.2b. Goliath Ghost Void.

Officially the best pet in the game:

Auto hatch by clicking 8, auto,and 2 hatches. Best friend scales your best pet’s power. For example, if your best pet is 10k and your other pet has best friend 5, it becomes 7.5k pet. It’s something you can put on a weak pet.

The zombie dom is another good pet which could get above 5b. Sour dom. Someone have maxed sour dom 3b.

How do you deslime a pet? Cure machine in world 4. It does not cure the mutation.

How to level up pets?
Snacks which is in items tab in inventory.
How to get snacks?
Fish in garden.

Max super rebirth:

Max super rebirth is 80.
Super rebirth to escape center:
Just max out super rebirths total is 80 makes it easier to grind in the bigger worlds.

Tips to how to get out of the Roman Empire World:
Get max super rebirths and max normal rebirths.

Banner tier list just for fun for you:

What’s the best to train in world 8?

World 6:
You can beat it with super rebirths.
Get some free pets to beat world 6.
Please head there and stay in that channel if you want to ask for free pets, go to #ask-for-stuff channel in Discord. If you ask in other channels it’s considered channel misuse.

Try and get better pets by trading and maybe super rebirth. Just grind and get better pets. You need 500m+ pet.

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