How to become celebrity in Livetopia

1.You can not get celebrity role by buying all the passes. Requirements are you must be at least 16 years old with positive attitude as community member, active social media account on any video platform like Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, 10k subs or 25k views in last month on Livetopia related content.

2.Post lots of videos. You can even share them on #content-creations page on official Discord channel if you get 10k views. These videos must be good enough. Make them interesting with good commentary and edits to get more views. Your icon/avatar could become an extremely rare miniature that costs 1000 Topia tix. You can see those miniatures in collectors’ mansion but it’s difficult to get it as it will have a low chance of popping up as a small reward in the wheel of fortune.

3.You have Spokesperson that is 10k views a month which gives you access to Discord content creator channel, then Delegater that is 25k per month which gives Free Cam, then Celebrity that is 100k which gives Beta Access, walk of fame, etc, then after that Opinion Leader which needs 500k views a month which gives in game vehicle brand with one of fans, and then Key Opinion Leader 1M views average a month which gives extra automobile for every million views.

4.You will get benefits like custom clothing, exclusive houses, vehicles, collectibles, VIP pass codes that you can give to fans, in game vehicle brands exclusive to your fans, codes on your Youtube/Tiktok channel. Other benefits are ability to create content about secrets before they are released.

5.Once you reach celebrity status, you will get VIP pass code per 50K views, 2k Robux, digital gift card distributed monthly.

6.Go to Check this link to see requirements and click “Apply Now” to apply.

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