Livetopia Roblox 2fsquare+4fsquare Apartment code

Secret code in Apartment building: Go to elevator, then B1 floor which is garage. You will see door outlet in front of you which has 2F0+4F0 written above keypad. Go to second floor, check the keypad on second floor and remember white boxes location there. Go to the restroom on 4th floor and check keypad code there. Combine both codes with white symbols on boxes and enter where you first started. Door will open. Enter inside, you will se keypad with different colors yellow, red, green, and blue. Find the numbers with same color and enter them which is 6374. Once you are done with that, you will see another color code there besides it and a handle. If you enter correct colors, bar will move up. Correct order is blue, pink, blue, and teal. Press all the panels floating around room after that. They will go down. Once they all go down, you will receive a gift there under robot.


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