Roblox Miraculous RP, coins codes, charms codes, how to transform, tips, Twitter, etc.

Mods give codes in this game for completing certain tasks like taking a picture, commenting, sharing, etc. If the required number is met, they release a code for that task. The tasks remain open until requirements are met. You can check official Toya Twitter (X) account to participate in Advent Calendar.
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1.Roblox Miraculous RP coins and charms codes:
ADVENT22 for 2500 coins This code was for Day 22 of Advent Calendar.

2.WEDIDIT This code was for completing Day 1 requirements of Advent Calendar. It gives coins.

3.DAY2. Unlocks a coins code.

4.SPAWN15. Code for 2500 coins.

5.First. Coins code.

6.DAY20. This unlocks a charms code.

7.DAY19. Unlocks an Xmas sweater.

8.Day24. Unlocks a code for Christmas Kwami.

9.DAY17. Charms code.

10.DAY8. Unlocks a charms code.

11.Halloween codes: TRICKORTREAT

12.ADVENT12. This gives you a sweater.

Expired codes: NYC2024 to access New York City. Opens up New York for a limited time. Keep an eye to see if code is activated later by following Toya in Twitter. You have to pay for locations but you can use charms for it which are free.
There were other events too like free limited item limited to 20k up for grabs. Events like this might pop up in future too. These are usually around Christmas so keep an eye.

You can paste codes shown in picture.

Roblox Miraculous RP codes

How to transform:
The plus sign by the money.
For example, you can transform Gabriel to Monarch when you click Gabriel outfit. The transformation of Monarch 2.0 by click doesn’t transform you into Monarch 2.0. You transform into Monarch 2.0 by using Gabriel S5.

Can’t afford the Robux Characters? Here are alternative ways to get these characters for free!

1.Daily Login:
The Daily Login is a feature recently updated to include the most recent Premium Characters.

Upon logging in between Monday and Saturday and claiming all the previous prizes, logging in on Sunday will allow you to claim a free Premium Character! (If daily login isn’t bugged for the 50th time).

What seems to be a new way to get Robux Characters is the Quest Stand. Recently, robux characters have been on the stand, allowing players to complete quests for a limited time to get the displayed Premium Character.

Every monday the raffle is drawn and 20 people get a free character. This is random however and you can only win if you don’t have the random character that’s being given out.

4.Competitions/ Challenges:
Giveaways and challenges were set that would reward selected packs or even a pack of someone’s choice.

List of Custom Kwamis they have holders but just putting this here so we can see it in a list.
Chihuahua – Chia
Crow – Flapp
Deer – Willow
Lizard – Shuu
Jaguar – Shadow
Lynx – Xiann
Panda – Chaii
Phoenix – Pyrro
Snow Leopard – Mimi
White Tiger – Emeris
Phoenix – Pyrro

Play fighting and win =earn charms.

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