Dreamdale Cerberi

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure Cerberi:
Cerberus ís a hell dungeon monster, meaning they only spawn in hell dungeons. The dark themed with lava and other demons etc.

The best way to get it done fast, is often going to the hero island. And keep going into the dungeon there until you hit the hell one.

They only spawn in the dungeon on Hero Island. The tricky part is each time you go into that dungeon, the “world” you get in there is random. Cerberi only appear in the Hell dungeon. They won’t appear in any other so you just have to keep challenging it, until you get the Hell dungeon enough times to get the number of cerberi you need.

Fulfill the cerberi quest and continue taking quests from villagers until you find a quest which is called “energy source” or something like that. It will send you to another island to find these animals and they produce energy if you feed them pies.

When you finish the cerberi, try looking around the villages and if you can see the exclamation mark near a villager, press it and they will give you a task.

Go to the special Arena on the Hero Island. There are more enemies there, so if you find the hell dungeon, you will also find more cerberi.

Once you get the dungeon with the cerberi, if you close out of the game before you get to the boss area, it will spawn that same dungeon until you defeat the boss, so you can just keep spawning it until you’ve killed all the cerberi you need.

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