Dreamdale sell items/equipment

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure Sell items:
There is a way to sell or get rid of all the extra suits or weapons we have or if we combine we get a stronger one. You can descent them to this guy on the hero-island (left side), you will get runes and sometimes orbs in return. same gear drop. Good news is you can turn duplicate to runes and upgrade your main gear.

When you go to descend an item, it will remove all orbs and runes and return them to your bag along with the plain item, all you lose is the gold it took to upgrade if you go to descend an item that has nothing on it, you will get 10 of the corresponding runes.

Sell equipment:
Black boat to isle of heroes to the left side. There is a shop where you dismantle equipments.

While descending the sword you will get the orb, and after destroying the sword you will get the runes so u can use the orb and the runes for other equipment (in this case the runes only for another sword ofc) and you will have to pay to add these things to another equipment piece again.

Go to this guy on the hero-island (u will find him to the left side), there u can descent and destroy your equipment

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