Dreamdale Exchange shells, energy, evolve orbs, emerald mine

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure: Exchange shells:
You can exchange shells for rainbow gems with the lady in the cactus area.
Sometimes there’s a task in season, to exchange shells, so try to keep a few stars for that purpose.

energy= purple ball with lighting bolt
Energy is needed to upgrade cookie factory.
Those are energy, made by the puffball things located near the pinecone
factory. You feed the puffballs pie, and they make the energy.

You have to do a task to save the fluff then you feed the fluff pies and they make energy.

Just follow the main quests and you will unlock this area with their “factories” to get these purple “energy”.

Evolve Orbs:
It costs you fewer shards and coin in the long run. Save up so youuu can do the blue option. To have a blue orb you have to work 25 green orbs, to have a purple one you have to merge 10 blue orbs, and to have a yellow orb you have to merge 5 purple orbs.

Emerald Mine:
Go back and forth between flipping storage for money and grinding the dungeon for scrolls. Enough scrolls and you can pay for a speed upgrade at the emerald mine. You have to set one of your houses to mine it Where is the place you can upgrade your gem mines? It’s to the right of the rock quarry in the little quad building land mass.

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