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Dreamdale is an open world, role playing, farming, single player game which can also be played offline. This is a city builder simulation type game with its own resources including mining, collecting, building new buildings, and going on exploration to find new islands. You will keep on discovering new resources as you progress.

Apk link: Playstore

1.Solve achievement ventures shown at top of screen to progress quickly and get rewards congruously. Tap on it to see location on map.

2.Watch ads to get riders like pigs, lions, etc. for 5 minutes to double your traveling speed. Golden equipments allow you to get resources quickly. You can also watch ads to collect 100 wood, stone, etc. from caravans. This will allow you to progress swiftly.

3.Sell your resources to get gold. Use gold to expand storage capacity. Go to upgrade building
or desired storage >> up arrow >> coins.
It’s better to sell resources like pumpkin which bestow 2 gold for 1 item. You can also tap on bag >> resource to see it’s location.

4.Keep on adding resources to build new land and structures. Build those lands first which allow you to build new structures.

5.If you leave your phone one overnight (I turn off Bluetooth, data, and sound, and lower screen brightness), you can collect water while you sleep. I do the same for the raw coffee. Park yourself between 2 bushes while you sleep. Then the next day. Place yourself beside the factory and collect the coffee beans when it stops producing. You only need to do that once a week or so. You can do something similar for other items. The only real grind is the syrup. I use Octocoin to buy poison.

Axe is used for most things you cut down (trees, plants, fruits, and veggies) all are cut by your axe. Upgrade the axe multiple times and you can increase the drop number. (Same thing goes for your sickle that collects wheat. And your pickaxe for stone and other resources alike). The lotus and carrots are affected by the axe multiplier though.

Axe can collect 500 lotus with each swing. Don’t even bother with workers. It’s quicker and easier. If everything is available, just gather it as you need. Spend 2 weeks doing nothing but upgrading scythe, grinding wheat, and watching ads for backpack.


Grind for money/coins with axe with wheat.

Upgrade axe skill and farm lotus
Upgrade sickle and farm wheat
For wheat
The sickle is level 25k pr.
But it also requires a lot of luggage space.

Method 1 for upgrades:

People have different methods. A lot of people upgrade our axe to maximize the number of
lotus we can harvest at a time, they sell for the most out of all resources at 20 gold a piece.
It costs 50k gold to upgrade the axe after a certain point. Other people max their sickle to harvest wheat or corn, the sickle will cost 25k* gold per upgrade eventually and wheat is sold for 2 gold while corn sells for 3. Sometimes catch blue crabs in the underground which sell at 14 gold each but its a waste if you don’t upgrade your swimming mask enough, max cost is 40k and the mask doesn’t affect gameplay as much as sickle or axe, so do with that what you will.

Method 2 for upgrades:

Some people standing next to their storage while they afk so you can collect a ton of resources without having to do anything so that’s an option if you can’t or don’t want to actively play the game because you’re busy with something else. Get your bag to 1 mil, it is better to come back with more corn then hit more. When u will start feeling like your bag is filling fast then upgrade your bag Upgrade your bag and sickle together. Always watch bag ads and if your had enough to “change” after upgrading sickle I put it towards bag.

Don’t get distracted, like upgrade several things at once. Just focus on one. Just set limits on what you want to reach for certain thing until that don’t change. For example 5k sickle then 5k axe like this.

Start with wheat and sickle because the wheat is so plentiful in response quickly. Spend about a week or more just upgrading that in backpack until you could get $50K in one sweep. Then use that to upgrade my axe. Once you could get 50 K with my axe and lotus, completely switch over to that and lotus, then fill the respawn time with pine trees. Some people just started with the axe in Lotus, this way could be quicker. You also need to focus on the backpack. Basically, every time you cash in a load of wheat, watch a quick video to upgrade my backpack. Spend about two weeks just upgrading. I completely stopped game play and focused on that. It was a real game changer and worth the effort.

The sickle is cheaper to upgrade, so that’s why focus on it early on. Going straight to axe upgrade might be cheaper and quicker in the long run. Run the stats to figure it out.


There are always few coins, no matter what. When digging up treasures,
killing monsters, destroying things in the dungeon and so on.

9.Best weapons:
It is best to ascent the weapon, also try to find the one that does a good amount damage.
It is easier when you can 1 shot enemies, so maybe damage first, then HP shuriken. Gear up towards critical strike and damage. Seems to work well.

Equalizer bow doesn’t give me a choice except hp, but at least the default damage also goes up after ascending. Finally got a blue orb for my bow and I can one shot them again. Equalizer bow is the best range weapon for now.

Use arrow and it works better than axe or sword, but your equipment may be different. Equalizer is a game changer. That with dragon skin is a winning combination. Get purple orbs for them both, and can finally kill most enemies with one arrow. Demolisher is for late game cuz its damage increased is insane.

Drawbacks: The attack speed of the bow is slow but you can figure out the range (dotted lines) and run around enemies until they are in range.

Demolisher is a good weapon i got so you can stuck with it for a while. The special attack hard to
aim and at that point its just a sword with high damage. Well while that’s true, no one is going to choose Demolisher over Equalizer who wants a long range weapon. It seems like the go-to bow for people who prefer long range but anyone who prefers melee won’t have any use for it. It really all comes down to personal preference.

You can demolish other weapon and use the runes to upgrade your current weapon also, you can complete orders in a shop on Hero Island to get runes and orb shards. Use shards to get more green spheres and upgrade your weapon. You can read more about it on this other article.

10.Best build:
Image: Auto heal + dodge

Iron mask is useless.
The document never said it’s the top.
It just provides a little more health.
Iron mask have best stats but not the best attribute.

Some people took the placement a bit to serious. Same goes for “turtle shell” shield. It is listed higher than ice shield as giving a higher dmg. but again. turtle has rage regrowth as bonus skill. where ice shield gives you insane bonus dmg% increase.

People really have to find out what way they wanna go them self and not take the list too serious. Vampire rune is only if u fight with close range u will never need it with range weapon.

There is good healing just with the wolfskin. Check double healing with healing rune. Try to get it to epic, elite and later gold. Healing rune and wolfskin to gold.

11.Best Armor:

Best Armor:
Barbarian Armor with wolfskin.

Comparison between barbarian armor vs dragonskin.
Dragonskin gives better health.
It’s kinda weird.
In conclusion, this set is the best doge + health
Equalizer, dodge rune, and ice cape.
Crit from dragonskin armor

You can get good HP with dragonskin and HP regeneration with wolfskin.

By doing the citizen quests to get items to use on hero island to get more gems
to use the roulette for more stuff to use on armor.



2.Google document 1. Weapons, shields, armors, sets, etc.

3.Google document 2. Resources, bag capacity, axe, sicle, etc.

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