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Nexomon Extinction is a role playing, turn based RPG, single player, open world game which has superb
story about tamers who go on an adventure to catch wild Nexomons, battle Tyrants, etc. and form a team. You can also interact with various other people with small conversations which makes you understand more about the game. You will move across different maps. The game has a quest system but there are no directions about finding locations which makes it quite challenging. There are some difficult puzzles as well to find further path which makes it entrancing and battles get incredibly difficult which you make you either pay or grind to upgrade Nexomons. Tips and guide is given below.

1.Follow adventure quests first and also approach people with star sign above their head as that means there could be a side quest or an exchange offer. These quests give you extra rewards. Tap on Journal >> Main Adventure. You will have to find location yourself. The picture will help you. Tap quests to see all your quests and rewards.

2.Fight other tamers with battle sign above their head. They give more EXP to your Nexomons than other battles. Grinding is a big part of game so fight wild Nexomons in grass to capture and add to your team. Let extra Nexomons go to storage.

3.Form your team and don’t change it too often as your Nexomons get EXP for every battle. This level ups your Nexomon which gives the more menacing skills. The more you level up, the more better sills you will get. Form your team and choose Nexomons based on their type. Nexomons are divided into water, mineral(grey diamond), psychic(purple circle), fire, grass, wind, electric, etc. Certain types are more effective against other types. You should choose your Nexomons accordingly. For example, water is more effective against fire and mineral,
Psychic (Dreaver) against electric, fire, mineral, plant beats psychic(dreaver), mineral against fire and electric
electric against water, etc.

Wind: Strong: Plant, Mineral
Weak: Fire, Electric. [1]

Change your Nexomon based on what type your opponent has deployed.

4.Visit your storage to change or swap Nexomons. It’s shown in screenshot below. This will allow you to
use your preferred Nexomons.

5.Form your own cores to get attack, defense, etc. buffs. You can strap cores to your Nexomons to give them these buffs. You will need shards to form them which you can get from mining. You will need pickaxe for it. Always mine shards from colorful looking rocks. You can also buy but they could be expensive. It’s better to go to lab and synthesize yourself. It’s behind water fountain in Parum. Visit lab officer there with red spectacles. She waits at end. Tap on axe symbol. Destruction core requires red shards which increases ATK stat. Protection core needs blue shards which boost DEF stat. XP core requires blue and pink shards, greed core increases gold acquired, synergy core(I) boosts EXP received for other team members by 8% without having to fight. You only need 1 shard each to synthesize it. Level 1 cores are most economical and should be formed in bigger `numbers. Only Synthesize, experience, and destruction core should be synthesized for level 3. Tap on team >> select Nexomon >> cores >> select core >> empty square. This will give your more EXP.
Screenshot for lab location is given below.

6.Apk link for Nexomon Extinction: Playstore

7.Use potions during battles to increase your HP. Use it for your best Nexomons which have over 40 HP to recover fully. Tap on right option >> items >> select stamina/HP potion >> select Nexomon.

8.Use Nexotraps to capture Nexomons. Buy them from from certain people with star above their head. You ca also buy specific type Nexotraps to capture what you like.

Nexomon Extinction best team:
Some of the coolest pokemon are Milotic, Garchomp, and Salamance, partially
because their encounter methods are so legendary. Like, the hidden entrance to wayward cave to catch what will become the strongest Sinnoh pokemon is AMAZING. They have largely stopped doing this so
assembling the strongest team is a simple factor of just picking the strongest pokemon you come
across (and everyone’s fricking team looks exactly the same). Exploration >>> rarity
as a method for separating strong nexomon from weak ones. Rarity, while good in moderation, just rewards boring grinding. If I can get the best nexomon by sitting in this one area for 30 minutes, then playing the game is progress, waste time, progress, waste time. On the other hand, if exploration is how you get the coolest nexomon, then as a simple byproduct of playing the game in an engaged way, you get rewarded. And, the feeling of “wow, they actually put effort into this; my efforts actually led to something” is magical.

Redeem codes:
There are no redeem codes. Codes are only used for support.

Vault locations:
List of vault locations:

NorthEast of Outlands – Tribute of Nature
South of Orphanage Camp (there is a hole to jump down) – Tribute of Thunder
South of Outlands warp stone (there is a mine covered in vines) – Tribute of Power
Haunted Woods (there is a mine NorthEast of the Citadel) – Tribute of Decay
North of Ignitia – Tribute of Fire
East of Ignitia – Tribute of Mind
Tundra Mines – Tribute of Water
Drake Isles Town Cave – Tribute of Tempest
Cave in Desert – Tribute of Stone

Note some vaults cannot be reached until after you acquire certain elemental powers as part of the story.

Nexomon locations:

Rapi companion is on the airship
Volt in Ventra’s tomb
Tantrunt companion in Frozen Tundra Bunker.
Magnipub in a house in the Frozen Tundra town, just north of the healing centre.
Snush in Frozen Tundra. One screen north of healing centre.
Spikus, Latria. South of the chief’s tent, requires Wind.
Deyam, Citadel. Second house on the right after you enter.
Behilda, Citadel. The Mansion, room on the right.
Trebly, Cadium. Plant lab.

Favorite map to hunt legendaries in citadel is the very far east with the golden chest. double patch of grass
in the middle.

Imburion is like 2 left screens from Ignitia.

Pogo is the fire sheep right? They can be found around new Ignita.
Feroserais in west.

Solus can spawn everywhere. There’s no location on map it only spawns.

Luxa is found in his palace in cadiam. Trebly is found in Palmaya.

Find Tantrunt: Cave to the far north of ignitia right next to the vault door.
It will appear in the wild you’ll get better odds at the precursor valley but you also can lore him.

Cruff is a rare, but look in the Orphanage (where Ross was).

There are two legendaries obtainable after defeating Ziegler in the whole
“resurrect the Tyrants” plot, Darine and Titan. Defeating Vados, you will now start to find the Tyrants roaming the world in respective locations, with the addition of Byeol and Fane. Items you pick up in Vaults, the Tributes, are used to encounter the Dragons. After catching protovados, you can talk to the psychic at the Immortal Citadel, and if you also have 200+ nexomon registered, she can make all legendary nexomon roaming in respective areas. This also has the addition of a extra legendary who will start to appear more frequently the more nexomon you have registered.

You need to find Amile first and talk to her then Vados will become a static encounter in a location. Amelie is in Lateria Prison. Make Solus and Vados spawn in the wild you will need the duplication spell on and you will need to have 300 Nexomon captured.

Cosmic starters: You have to catch more than 300 nexomons get cosmic
tyrants and Eliza’s duplication spell. With all cosmic charms and full Nexomon database and a completed save file and the 469 kills + luring you will have 1/700 chance of getting a cosmic. You don’t need to release Nexomons, once you catch all the drakes, children of omnicron and Protovados, you can talk to Eliza and she will release them infinitely into the wild.

All Health Charms:

Health Charm 1: Located on the left of entring Parum City front gate bridge. Needs Wind

Health Charm 2: Previously inaccessible area in Phantom Forest in Immortal Citadel Needs Wind

Health Charm 3: Grunda’s tomb

Stamina Charm Locations:

Stamina charm 1: Located in the ruined lab in Drake Isles

Stamina Charm 2: Frozen Tundra Mina

Stamina Charm 3: Giant Mecha Lab in Parum City

Cosmic Charm Locations:

Cosmic Charm 1: Frozen Tundra Bunker

Cosmic Charm 2: Khan Woods second cave

Cosmic Charm 3: Tower the fire area underground

Cosmic Charm 4: Right Side of Parum City’s research area.

Cosmic Charm 5: Inside the Red tent in Lateria Really obvious. [2]

Ultra Pickaxe: Drake Isles Vault
Mining Goggles: Khan Woods first cave
Running Shoes: In between two abandoned houses two maps down from Drake Isles Warp stone

Focus on completing the quests that give Vault Keys, you need them to get the Tributes for the Dragons later.

Save your golden nexotraps.
Use it at deperate measures only on legendaries.

Post game: You can no longer find Ziegler before the post game, also Titan and Darine do appear before completing the game, but it’s pretty much at the end of the game anyway, without spoilers, it’s like the final gauntelet.

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