Cooking Rage Restaurant game apk, tips, guide

Cooking Rage Restaurant Game is a casual, offline, simulation game. It has various different American, French,
and Italian cuisines. Tips, apk link, and guide are given.

1.Complete achievements to get gems. Requirements get raised as you progress. Apk link : Playstore

2.Use combos to get extra gold. Wait for customers, make your dishes ready, and then tap your dishes quickly to unleash combos.

3.Participate in events.Go to settings on upper right >> News >> Event calendar to now about rewards and events. Get free login rewards and join Facebook to earn free lives for 15 minutes and 50 gems. Tap on lower left corner. You can get extra lives when you complete a chapter. Try to complete only 1 star level first and complete other stars when you get free lives for particular period. You can pay for extra life by tapping on heart sign above. Only buy it if you can play for 1 hour to make full use of it.

Edit your pic and name by going to settings on upper right corner.

4.Use boosters based on level requirements. For example, if a level requires you to not burn food or no
food should be thrown away, then use burn proofer, 30 seconds booster to add extra time to your clock to meet time requirements, second chance to continue when failing a secondary goal, etc. Earn more with 3 customers. Instant cook and helping hand can be used if you get stuck on a tough level which generally have 2 extra requirements. One trick for not burning your food challenge is to keep dishes ready and only cook required number of dishes to fulfill right side. You will unlock more dishes and boosters as you progress. You can buy boosters from shop. Tap on shop sign on lower right >> boosters >> diamonds.

5.Upgrade your kitchenware and additives so you have more dishes to serve and cook at same time. Tap on a mission >> upgrade >> select a kitchenware or additive >> coins. Always upgrade plates and grill first to be quicker. You can then upgrade food elements to get more money.

6.One of the tricks to serve customers quickly without even looking what they want is to divide four plates
into 4 standard dishes of like, food with tomatoes, food with lettuce, then add sauces to subsequent dishes.
Some might require only food so tap food first to serve it if there is no customer then add more additives.
Tap juice too. This gets job done very quickly when you have large number of orders.

7.Watch ads to get double rewards. You can also watch ads to get gems. Tap on bottom right “video” sign with gems.

8.Unlock more maps as you get more keys. Tap on search sign above to check other maps. You can get keys from clearing levels.

9.Complete all levels of a level to get extra gold, gems and even keys. You need to get all 3 stars for clearing complete level. Check requirement of particular level by tapping symbol/s on right side after selecting level.

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