Top Troops Adventure Conquer Kingdoms guide, tips, codes, tier list, wiki, etc.

Top Troops Adventure Conquer Kingdoms is a strategy, tactics, PvP game with many game modes to explore.
Try different combination of troops including ranged, mages, assassins, melee, and frontline. There are also
divisions including troops role in battle wildling, hunter, infernal, militia, and divine. Troops are
also divided based on their level of strength common(grey), rare(green), epic(purple), and legendary(orange).

1.Accomplish daily missions to get EXP, squad coins, and season points. EXP points are crucial to level
up which further allows you to unlock extra areas on map, unlock extra battle modes, increase energy limit, troop deploy limit, etc.
You should try to finish them all to get all rewards. There are also current and all missions which give you gems and EXP but they will done automatically as you progress. Read them though to see what things you are missing.

Top Troops Adventure Conquer Kingdoms apk link: Playstore

2.Merge 5 instead of 3 troops to get additional troop. Merging 5 gives you 2 so wait till you have at least 5 before merging. Tap on arrange troops symbol at bottom to sort well. Use that option whenever you open a new chest. Merge chests, battle energy, and squad coins as well to get more.

3.Build new buildings to get gold coins, squad coins, gold storage, training camp, etc. This allows you to collect passive income and troops too. Upgrade them to increase your idle income. Tap on a building >> upgrade.

3.Expand your land to get additional new troops, chests and area for further expansion. Leveling up allows
you to do that. Tap on “+” sign on map >> Battle to expand further. Check your enemy power and your power. You should have at least 200 to 500 power advantage over your opponents.

4.Troop formation strategy: Troops have certain advantages and disadvantages based on their factions.
Militia beats hunter, hunter beats wildling, and wildling beats militia.
Divine beats infernal and vice versa.
Advantages give you 30% attack boost and receive 20% less damage. Check your opponent’s troop formation and build your formation accordingly. If your opponent has 2 militia, then you should go for more wildling dominant formation to get 30% attack and 20% less damage buffs. This gives you massive advantage.

5.Level up your troops for a chance to get more attack, defense, attack speed, range, etc. Tap on your troop >> level up. You will need items like seeds to upgrade which you can get from certain missions. For example, tap on Troll >> Level up >> seeds >> to see which missions drop them. You can also unlock skills to make your troop more stronger. Tap on troop >> level up >> see what level is required to unlock next skill.

6.Train your troops to get additional troops. Tap on training camp >> + to train them. Train as much as you could so you can get more troops even while offline.

7.Collect all your free rewards from shop, story. Tap on shop >> free, troop >> story to get it. Collect
idle income of coins too periodically. You can login every few hours to collect idle coins income. Tap on divine particles which are shining to get squad coins. It’s one of daily missions too.

8.Compete in different battles to get chests, EXP, upgrade items. Tap on battle >> adventure/arena, etc. to compete. Each battle type offers certain unique rewards. You can grind easy missions to get desired items. For example, training troops require common/rare dust. Level 1-2 gives common dust. You can grind such easy levels to get it more to train more troops. You will unlock more battle modes as you level up. Check character level on upper left side.

9.Summon different troops. Draw 10 for 1.8 gems for a chance to get legendary. Tap on Summon >> Celestial Summon >> Summon 10.

10.The higher you rank, the better rewards you get in Ancient Battle. Even if your clan can’t kill, you still get some rewards. If you ever get stuck on a tower level, just keep trying different combos until it works.

11.Top Troops formation guide: Ascend Ymir and put frozen heart closer to him, also put Dakini on front, if your not playing adventure switch place with the slime. Switch your position of units to see if they could survive longer.

Verleaf is best healer. 3 of them together is very hard to beat. They give +defense to every troop in radius and heal every second. Wolf is best legendary. Also it’s good to vary the composition of the army. And try different combinations. Get a feel for what works best. Some troops are best against other specific ones but not all. Some troops are best against other specific ones but not all. Don’t be static with the army.Always try different things. Always try different things. For example, don’t use rats against Mushroom or Royal Guard. Because poison makes them stronger or at least only use 1 maybe. Position Werewolf to take out smaller troops like warrior carriage troops. Feed it so it gets stronger. Every kill makes it stronger. So position it to fight against multi-population troops. If opponent has assassins or warrior carriage, let the Werewolf kill them all.

Put Berserker in the back to kill all the assassins. take out Storm and one ice wizard. 1 arcane hunter. You can also try catapult instead of 1 ice wizard. Catapult has Burn which lowers defense of enemy troops. It might be enough but 2 Verleafs very strong together. You need lots of DPS here to kill the verleafs.

Squad coins are very scarce early on. Grind all the different modes adventure, quests, arena, chambers, towers. Do everything you can and use all your energy.

Keep summoning in magic island, and retire all the good troops there for free squad coins.

Try to win with 3 stars. You need to retain 70% health for it. Buy energy in shop. [1]

12.Top Troop codes: This game does not have released codes yet.

13.Top Troops Adventure conquer kingdoms tier list:

Common: Swordsman, Delivery guy, Goblin, Axe thrower, Archer

Rare: Assassin, Troll, Draggy, Blue Wizard

Epic: Arcane Hunter, Necromancer rat, Golem, Warrior carriage, Catapult, Cleric

Legendary: Werewolf, Ose, Samurai, Trickster, Berserker, Frozen Heart, The King, Royal Guard, Archangel, Water maiden, Battle drummer, Juggernaut

Militia: Swordsman, Samurai, Berserker, Frozen Heart, The King, Royal Guard, Golem, Warrior carriage, Catapult, Juggernaut

Melee: Swordsman, Goblin, Werewolf, Ose, Berserker, Royal Guard

Hunter: Assassin, Arcane Hunter, Axe thrower, Trickster

Assassin: Assassin, Samurai, Trickster, Warrior carriage

Wildling: Troll, Goblin, Werewolf, Ose, Battle drummer

Frontline: Troll, Delivery guy, Golem, Juggernaut,

Infernal: Draggy, Necromancer rat, Delivery guy

Mage: Draggy, Blue Wizard, Necromancer rat, Frozen Heart

Divine: Blue Wizard, Archer, Archangel, Water maiden, Cleric

Ranged: Arcane Hunter, Axe thrower, Archer, Catapult

Support: The King, Archangel, Water maiden, Battle drummer, Cleric


Source: Discord [1]

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