Ares Virus tips, tricks, and beginner’ guide

This top down shooter game features all kinds of crafting capabilities which gives it a lot of depth.Along with that there are tough boss missions to deal with.I will list the best tips, tricks, strategies, an beginners guide on completing the missions
easily and also defeating bosses.

1.First of all, your aim should be to collect sufficient resources to create craft workbench, gear worktable, and chemical experiment table. This will help you craft all the necessary equipments you need to fight everyone especially bosses.

2.After getting crab stick, you should kill as many chickens as possible near your shelter and collect meat to be stored in your warehouse. You will need it for long term. Also, collect as much timber as you could and store it. Next,when you reach forest, try to collect as
many turtle shell and beetle capsule as possible.

3.When you reach forest, collecting mushrooms,beetle capsules and herbs should be your 1st priority over the other since mushrooms  can be eaten when cooked, and beetle capsules and herbs can form drug to heal heath. If you are finding it too hard to protect yourself
from beetle, then after one strike run far away from it then after sometime, go near it again, strike and repeat.

4.Check the maps before you start your journey and plan which regions you will go first. Once the basic resources for food and drugs are collected, I recommend going to the south to collect BBQ plate so that you could cook meat and eggs.They also give you higher satiety. Check all the rooms properly,you will also find a higher tier crab stick with longer durability and more damage. You will get
other resources too. Check all the regions of the forest before you go to the police station.

5.To get wood bow and arrows drawings from the old hunter, you need money or other valuable items like watch, camera or Qoo medal. If you don’t have money and don’t want to purchase from the store, best way to get is to watch ads in the shelter. Always  search the dead bodies for valuables. For exchanging items, tap on the item that you want to buy and then on your side click on the valuables and coins.You can select the number so that your total value reaches 1000. You can then tap on the “exchange” to get your
required items.

6.Next, collect flax seeds,turtle shell, and wild boar tendon which you will need for crafting armors. Then go to the gear worktable and craft all the clothes. After that, tap on the warehouse and equip them all.

7.If you are finding it difficult to attack wild boar, just run away from him after strike until he cools down.

8.Craft a bow and arrows and keep them in reserve. Make sure you craft 3 bows and keep them in reserve for future use. Equip the higher tier crab stick for dealing with insurgents. To attack them without taking damage, just attack, run away and then load an attack and as soon as they come close,attack and run away again.

9.When you go out, to other parts, just take the weapons,drugs, and cooked food with you to keep space free in your bag. You should always keep an extra weapon if one breaks. You can even preserve more space by equipping that extra weapon.
To do that, go to shelter>>Warehouse>>Shortcut Bar.This will come in handy to quickly switch between weapons if one breaks. Since you can equip 3 weapons, I recommend equipping a bow in one of them with 30 arrows so that you could use them if you are
running low on health.

10.Guide on how to kill the Butcher in the petrol station.To tackle monsters like him, you need poisoned arrows which you can  buy from the old hunter.Make sure you also your other valuable items like watches and cameras along with coins. Before you go to the petrol station, make sure you have at least 2 extra bows in case the other 2 break and also extra arrows too.I recommend having at least 90 poisoned arrows along with 30 normal arrows. You should also know the fact that if you leave his premises, his health recovers to full 2000. So keep on fighting and keep running in circles 360 degrees  while aiming and shooting at perfect timing when distance is enough to escape easily.Don’t get too close too him and when he rages and moves towards you run away perpendicularly and shoot from behind quickly. Make your every arrow hits since if you have high accuracy it will only take 25 arrows to kill him with all shots hit with poisoned arrows.

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