Ode to Heroes beginner’s guide, tips, and, tricks

Ode to Heroes is a turn based strategy game with different types of gear and character specialization. I will share the tips, cheats and beginner’s guide for Ode to Heroes which will allow you to level up quickly and give you an edge in the PvP battles.

Tip 1:Register your account as soon as you login. This gives you a 5 star hero straight away. You can build your entire team around him and this hero should be permanent with you till the end. So spend most of your gold on him.I got Sun Quan, a hero in the emperor cllass with high HP. If you get such a hero with high HP place him in the first row to protect your other heroes. The 2 heroes in the 1st rank take the most damage so make sure they have relatively high HP. You can check that in the description of hero above.

Tip 2:Ode to Heroes best heroes list. Heroes like Pei Min, Yu Xuanji, and Yang Guang deal damage to all heroes at once. These types of heroes should always be placed in the second row to protect them. Stick with them till the very end. If you keep on changing your playing 6, you will waste a lot of your resources on different heroes. Choose your heroes and only upgrade these heroes. If you get a better 5 star hero of similar kind then you might give him a chance. Tanks should be placed in front followed by heroes with less health but higher attacking damage. This will allow you to preserve your higher damage heroes for longer.

Tip 3:Craft your items and equip them to the heroes who deal attack on all enemies at once. First unequip all heroes. To craft better equipment, tap on
the 4 petal symbol on the lower right>>backpack>>craft equipment>>craft. Craft in all the departments. Now, go to heroes, choose the ones first who deal multiple attack at once on enemies>>quick equip. These are the ones who should be
place in the second row for more protection.

Tip 4:How to get Jade shells. There are many ways to get Jade shells.
1.Complete your daily quests everyday. You can check them in the quests tab below. Don’t forget to collect rewards by tapping on 7 day fun>>daily quests.

2.Make friends to get heroes and Jade shells. You can do that by tapping on the friends symbol on the left>>friend assistance>>sweep>>select the the maximum amount and claim your rewards.You will get even gear and coins here.

3.Once noticeboard unlock, send your best heroes to get Jade shells and heroes. You can do that by tapping on home>>noticeboard>>select a task>>quick dispatch>>confirm.

4.The best use of Jade shells is to purchase the promotion pill. These will help you to upgrade your heroes consistently. Use these promotion pills for your few selected heroes rather than dividing them. If you focus on just a few heroes and concentrate most ofyour resources on them, they will get to a very high level and insane attack buffs. Make these are at least 4 star heroes.

Tip 5:Equip jade for HP buffs. You can do that once you reach the 36th level. To do that, tap on heroes>>tap on the last option>>equip>>upgrade. Make sure you select your best heroes and spend all your agate (upgrade material) on the selected few.

Tip 6:Use your friends to summon heroes. You can use the hearts to summon heroes. You can do that by tapping on friends>>claim and send all>>home>>recruitment>>friendship summon>>ten summons. If you get 1 or 2 star heroes sell them whereas use your 3 or 4 star
heroes as promotion material. To promote, first of all, go to heroes>>fragments>>summon. Then select a hero you want to promote>>promote>>choose material hero and then promote.

Tip 7:How to get promotion and EXP pill in Ode to Heroes:Sell your 1 or 2 star heroes for promotion and EXP pill. You can do that by tapping on home>>rest house>>select your heroes>>retire. Never sell 3 and above star heroes as youcan use them as promotion material.

Tip 8:Compete everyday in King’s club and and government for promotion pill, coins, gear, and Jade shells. You are allowed to compete for free 2 times in King;s club or use meeting tokens. You will also get martial medals as you win battles. You can heroes with them in the arena store. Go to King’s club>>store>>buy a 4 or 5 star hero.

Tip 9:Activate faction Halo and Pet Halo. To activate Faction halo, check the different combination of heroes to get attack and defense buffs. You can also decide which heroes to upgrade recruit based on the faction halo requirements. You can check them by tapping on the campaign>>battle>>faction halo. When faction halo is activated, it will light up. I think the best is the 3 and 3 combination
of 2 factions based on the 2 main heroes that you have. Then just recruit and upgrade heroes from those factions or you could go the the 6 paths faction halo which will allow you to include heroes from all factions. Factions have their strength and weaknesses so if you get stuck in a battle, you could try 6 paths faction combination. You can check their strength and weaknesses
when you are doing battles, tap on the ? symbol above to check which faction has strength over other or tap on heroes and tap on their faction symbol above.

Tip 10:Join a guild to get more resources.

Tip 11:Collect your daily login rewards by tapping on events. You will also get a free daily summon and free gold coins. Summon your hero by going to recruitment and collect your gold by tapping on + symbol with gold.

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