Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival is a horror Survival game. It’s  similar to Prey Day Survival but is of the medieval time. There are a few tips which which will help you progress quickly through the game.I will ist and explained them here:

1.Collect all the resources from your home first and build yourself a home.You can tap auto to speed up the progress. The home will protect yourself from wandering zombies in your area and will help you store the resources.

2.Craft Stone Axe,Stone Pick,Peasant chest,Raven cage.Ragged sack,well,fire and at least 2 garden beds in the beginning. These are the basic resources and should be focused first.You will also need Carpenter’s bench for crafting planks and smelter for smelter for smelting metals.3.Only go to single skull cities at the beginning to collect resources.If you go to the hard ones you might end up dying and losing everything.

4.Increase your armor with dungeon chests.You can find the dungeon city in the map with the gate symbol.You will advanced weapons,ropes,and all the things which are raw materials for crafting different things.

5.Get a pet wolf.You can get that for free at Stone Foothills.But there are lot of enemies so you need good weapons to kill them all.You also need o build the den for him though.6.Build a stable at home for horses.Horses can speed up your travel speed and can help you escape enemies quickly.They will help
you travel long distances as well and carry your resources.

7.Store resources at home after every loot.Try to keep your bag empty before you venture into other cities this way you can  collect as many resources as possible.

8.Try crouching and sneaking and attacking them from behind to save health.Sometimes you will also be able to take them down with 1 hit with this approach and also keep you off their radar when opening chests.Avoid unnecessary fight with them once loot is obtained.

9.Keep your farm busy.Always plant seeds at your farm this way you will have sufficient food resources at your disposal always.

10.Cook your meat before eating.You can create a fire and collect meat after killing animals.Cooking raises their satiation value.

11.Keep an extra weapon in your bag in case one gets broken.Also,use your best weapons for loot maps to tackle many enemies.

12.Always check nearby player’s base for loot.They might keep a chest outside, in that case you can steal the resources. To open their door you need bomb,the blueprint of which can be found in dungeon.

13.Dungeons can give you deigns of boats,bombs,carriage,etc.To enter them you need a key.Te key can be found in the 3 skull zones but are quite difficult so you need higher grade weapons.

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