Lophis Roguelike Card RPG game beginner’s guide, tips, and, best cards

This card game features the most versatile cards which good balance in offensive and defense. If you play your cards right, you could easily kill even strong bosses.I will list the tips, tricks, beginners guide and strategies for Lophis Roguelike

1.Always use the stab card first, it costs 0 energy and needs to be used first. However, if your one of one enemies’ health is below or equal to 6, and you have more enemies left, its better to use secret kill to gain and additional card and continue your onslaught.
Also, if you have ‘power of giant’ card, and let’s say your enemy has 12 health you can use this card followed by Secret kill to double your damage and get same card back.

2.If you have your last enemy, and you have a choice between stab and secret kill then use ‘stab’ card instead of ‘secret’ kill to preserve energy for your next enemy. Gaining an extra card will not matter in this situation.

3.Always use First aid before you kill your last enemy. Its very important to restore as much health you can before you proceed further in your game. Otherwise your health will keep on dropping and it will be hard to recover.

4.When given a choice to select cards, always go for health upgrade cards since it will permanently give you advantage. It is more useful in the long term. But there are exceptions for cards like ‘Howitzer’ and ‘Crossfire’. These cards are the most important.

5.Cards which give equal damage to all enemies should be used first such as ‘Howitzer’ and ‘Crossfire’. This ensures they are are used at their highest potential since more number of enemies leads to higher damage count.

6.Always finish an enemy before you move to the next. This is the most fundamental guideline which should be used right away. This ensures that you take less damage after every turn, since it focuses all your damage on 1 enemy rather than spreading your damage equally towards everyone which leads to less enemies after every turn.If there is a main boss surrounded by other foes, kill the surrounding foes first because killing the main central boss will take a lot of time and till then you will be getting hit by the side foes. Also a card like ‘Thump’ which leads to 10-14 damage should not be used if enemy has health below 5. It’s always better to use ‘stab’ in these kind of situations.

7.’Secret Power’ should be used when all your cards are used since it adds +1 damage for every card used. But if you have more than 1 enemy and if an enemy has health below or equal to 6, then use ‘Secret Kill’ in such cases. Also, don’t forget to use ‘Power of Giant’ card before using ‘Secret Power’.

8.Check out every house along te way since some of them have free rewards. Never leave and always fight, it will give you coins which will later be useful to buy important cards from merchant.

9.You should not use cards like ‘Thor’s Hammer’ because it costs 4 energy or ‘Doom’ since it also will take away your heath. ‘Doom could be used at the final boss if his health is below 40.

  1. Don’t use your trump cards when your enemy has activated a shield. Use cards like stab instead until he could no longer block. Shield should not be confused with armor though.
    When you encounter a treatment merchant, antidote is the best buy since poisoning is most common attack.

list of cards you should not buy or discard:
1.Javelin. This is given to you by the enemy. You can’t discard it but don’t use it either. However, if there are many enemies
left then it’s better to use it to free up space for newer cards.
Energy Sword : One of the worst cards, depletes al your energy. Never get this one.
Mind Sift: It’s a waste of a card since it draws 3 discards 3.
2.Thor’s Hammer’: It consumes too much energy.
3.Overload: For a long fight, not being able to restore energy can be fatal. However, can be used for shorter fights. But
still better to avoid since you will aso need a good combination of cards for this cards to be useful.
4.Quick Action: It’s a useless card since it draws a card which could have been done any ways if this card was not there.
5.Focus: This is a double edged card which can be useful in some situations to discards useless cards but most of the time it
is unnecessary if you have a good deck.
6.’Life tap’: It takes away our health.
7.’Shot Training’: It just leads to 4 damage. It can be useful sometimes in combination in 6 damage cards since it adds +1
but most of the time its not. Thump or chop is a much better choice.
8.Rock night: It also causes damage to you.
Rain of health: It also heals the health of your opponent so that’s not useful.
Bounty: Only causes 3 damage while using 1 energy.Not good enough.
Sprint: Consumes 2 energy for just 1 card.
Self healing: Just 3 heal for 1 energy is not good enough our opponent.
Bomb: Never use this card. It’s planted by
Observe: An okay card.
Stone shield :Okay card
Corpse : Mediocre card
Life drain : Not much useful considering just 1 extra damage for 1 energy.
Crazy: Another okay card but not much powerful at higher levels.Cards like these should be removed later.
Rest: Consumes 1 energy for just 1 health.Not very useful at higher levels.
Robber: Just an okay card.
Pain to card.

List of cards which are most useful:
1.Crossfire: One of the best cards of the deck. The more enemies you have, the more damage it unleashes.
2.Howitzer: Another one which causes damage to surrounding enemies.
Air Armor: Another must have card. Gives excellent defense.
Stone Shield: Another must have card, excellent for defense.
Shield attack: One of the rare cards to give offense and defense at the same time.
Recovery: Extremely useful
Restrain attack
Injection Therapy: It’s much better than first aid since it consumes no energy.
Throw Rock
4.Secret Power.
5.Secret Kill.
6.First Aid.
7.Wind Blade.
8.Power of Giant: It’s deadly in combination with other high damage cards.
Secret Wind.
Ballita backstab :Gives 60 damage, much better choice than doom. If you have a chance to upgrade then this card is a great choice.
Shot: Very good damage for just 2 energy. Can be useful with recovery card.
Meteor : Same card as fireball but more deadly.
Defend: Good one
Punch: Another awesome card. It draws another card with 10 damage.
Saw Cleaver
Shotgun: Another decent card to minimize hit taken and cause decent damage.

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