Rebel Inc. tips, tricks, and, beginner’s guide

Rebel Inc. By Ndemic creations:This is a RPG/strategy game with 3 levels of difficulty.If you are stuck and could not deal with insurgents then you are at the right place and I will tell you the way to solve the levels.

1.Follow the tutorial first and get the basic right. Don’t rush through and read everything carefully.

2.Now coming back to spending cash.Firstly,always spend alternatively between civil, government and military. Which means if you spend dollars on civilian affairs move to the military or government department for further spending to avoid inflation.

3.Always check the inflation bar at the bottom.If its high wait for a minute until it gets low.

4.Never spend on too much on civilian or government at the beginning.Just spend initially on basic construction to further open up other options but saveas much as you can for military expenses.

5.Spending on government department:Initially just spend on anti corruption and local police.Don’t waste your dollars on media nd any kind of international support. You can catch on them up later.

6.Spending on civil department: Initially don’t spend money on roads,infrastructure and electricity group since they cost more.You can work on them later. Just focus on vocational training,water management,livestock,medical and school infrastructure. Don’t spend all at
once and wait at least a minute after spending to cool down inflation.

Guide to how to deal with insurgents:
1.Always start with Government>>local police recruitment.It’s very important since local police helps with public support. As soon as inflation goes low also recruit 2 more local police and militia units.This should be high priority.

2.Regarding military spending start off with at least 2 local infantry units and 1 international.Since the international military decreases local support don’t recruit them heavily at first.

3.”Trap and attack” strategy: When the local infantry are ready. Firstly,just focus on surrounding the insurgents rather than  placing the military directly on the attacked region. Deploy the militias around surrounding regions and ultimately place one on the insurgent region. They will be  trapped and eliminated. Once trapped never let them escape.If you have spare dollars left invest on cheapest drone upgrades.

4.Invest in local military and barracks as soon as inflation goes down. Although local military takes more time to get ready they stay with you till  the very end and don’t go need loss of reputation points to keep them. They also keep local support high. So invest on them heavily at first.Later,with enough dollars buy barracks and trucks.

5.Situation handling: Now you will come across 3 major situations over and over again regarding negotiating with terrorists and deportation of international military. Whenever you trap insurgents never let them escape under any circumstance otherwise you will surely lose. Even if it means letting international military stay. Once local military are ready you can then let the international military leave. Regarding negotiations with insurgents just postpone them.

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