Heroic Magic Duel beginner’s guide and best card decks

Heroic Magic Duel is a strategic and rpg card game which features PvP battles. I was able to get up in rankings quickly knowing using certain
tips and strategies. These are the tips and cheats for Heroic Magic Duel:

Tip 1: Prefer to use ranged weapons over melee weapons. This is because they give massive advantage over even level 6 melee cards. They are Fire Imp, alchemist, archers. The best way to use them for better impact is to place an ranged minion right behind a melee to protect it. Also always use lower powered cards which require less mana and upgrade them so you will be able to use them even at higher levels.

Tip 2:Use the strategy of “distraction and destruction”. That means pick up a lane and use 1 ranged card there. Using ranged is important since it can attack encampment from a distance. Throughout the battle always maintain at least 1 ranged attack card here. Then pick up other lane and put all your cards there. Wait till you have sufficient mana to get your heavyweights like  brute, charger, etc. and then focus them on just one lane. Your opponent will also put all his cards to defense on the most
attacked lane while your other card keeps damaging the enemy encampment slowly. Most of the time your opponent completely focuses on just the heavily attacked lane. If your champion is Valen you can use Phalanx to regain health of your cards in the heavily attacked lane. Also place your cards in the center for reducing the distance. Also ravenous scourge works perfectly well with Valen’s shield which preserves it from your opponent’s power. Another strategy is to place all your cards on only one lane and prevent the other lanes altogether even if they are attacked. Also use your power for that lane only. One more important thing to remember is that your your powers immediately as soon as game starts. This will allow you to use them for more number of times.

Tip 3:Cards like Fire Imp are absolute trump cards if used correctly. They can take down cards like ravenous scourge even at level 6 soon as they are used! They are also deadly against rolling rocks. Keep them in reserve for ravenous scourge and use them quickly since ravenous scourge multiplies later. That is why I always let my opponent make the first move before using these cards.

Tip 4:Join a guild once you reach the requisite level to request cards. Rather than requesting heavyweights which others are less likely to give focus on cards like Goblin marksman and Fire Imp. Upgrade them as much as you could.

Tip 5:Upgradation strategy: Pick up 4 cards in 4 runes and focus all your runes on just them rather than dividing it among different cards. I highly recommend void runes for Fire Imp, arcanarunes for brute, real runes for goblin marksman, and mega runes for charger.
Focus all your runes on just these cards for maximum upgrades. If you have bought a pack then you can chose other heavyweights instead of charger and brute and used bought cards instead. This is just 1 type of build which is the most offensive as it focuses more on ranged attack than melee. You can also form a defensive build by including shielded and more melee cards
and having Valen as champion.

Tip 6:Pick up a champion and stick with it until you find a higher tier champion. Choose a champion that you like amongst the first 3 and upgrade it as much as you could. This will preserve your coins.

Tip 7:Compete in events to get rare cards. You can check the rankings in the ranking table.

Tip 8:Use your special power against the heavyweights. This is important to use them as efficiently as possible.Also try to use them as much as possible. Also keep in mind, right after you use the stunned power, attack the stunned heavyweight immediately to take him

Tip 8:Get new cards everyday for free by opening chests. Preserve your gems for opening bigger chests once you get enough gems. You can also buy new cards with your spare gold coins in the shop.

There are new cards everyday so check them out everyday. Don’t waste your coins on the cards which you don’t intend t use. Preserve them for rare cards.

Tip 9:Open all the chests everyday so make sure you collect your keys. You should also try to rank higher in the tournaments for more keys.

Decks I use:Beginner’s deck formation

Advanced deck formation

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