Traitor’s Empire beginner’s guide and best cards deck

Traitor’s Empire Card RPG is a turn based strategy card game which with a great story line and a good combination of melee, ranged, and magician characters. Sometimes the battles can be tough and moving only to specific tiles can make you win. I will list in complete details how you can use your characters most efficiently to easily win even without potions.

Tip 1:Make sure you are the first one to attack when the battle begins. You can do that by tapping on your opponent’s tile and seeing it’s range of movement. Move at least 1 tile away from his available range for melee attackers. Make sure you are out of range of ranged attackers too. When your opponents move closer to you enough in the next turn then attack it. If you violate this principle it will turn the tide in your opponent’s favor.

Tip 2:The core principle of this game is to target the weakest enemy first and finish him until you move on to the next. If you have choices between 2 enemies, target the one with less health and take him down before you attack anyone else. This will reduce one enemy which means you will take less damage next turn and preserve your health more. If you keep on attacking randomly then your enemies will survive for longer and you will take more damage. It’s always better to go for the ranged ones first as they have less health by default and cause more damage.

Tip 3:Use melee attackers to spearhead your attack and cover the ranged attackers. The fighters/melee attackers can be used as tanks to take damage while archers and mage/priest should be kept as far away as possible, only close enough to attack. This is because the melee attackers have higher health and can survive for longer. Also, the game is programmed in a way that the ranged attackers will always be targeted first as they have lower health in the preference of mage/priest>>archer>>fighter/melee. If you have unlocked Livia, it’s best to use her healing cards on like “Cower” on melee attacker to give him extra armor. Cards like “Lay on Hands” should be used on archer as it’s always convenient for both ranged attackers to stay together. “Blessed” is also best used with archer as it has higher chances of crit damage. It has maximum impact with class cards. So the best way to use them is to use a class card and then use this card.

Tip 4:Use cards of fighter Reynar tactfully for maximum impact. For example, you should always use “Revenge”before using cards like “Crush” or “Bash”. Cards like “Cyclone” are best used when surrounded by at least 2 enemies. If you have 2 enemies closer and you can hit them both at once by a connecting tile then move to that tile and use it. “Grapple” is a powerful card and should be used on melee enemy when your enemy is close to your melee fighter and then after hitting it move away as that will prevent him from attacking you. It’s also works best for ranged attackers as melee can’t move for the next turn. Not of much use against ranged ones as ranged attackers can cover longer distances. Cards like “Sprint” and “Scouting” are best used when you are dealing with ranged vs melee attackers. This will allow the ranged attackers to be out of reach of melee attackers. You can only use these cards before moving so plan first. Your movement range is significantly reduced after attacking so it’s always advisable to move first and then attack for ranged ones.

Tip 5:Combine your cards as soon as you get 3. You can tap on Party and check your card deck of different heroes and check if there are 3 of the same cards. Then go to craft>>upgrade>>tap on the different symbols above to check the combinations. Never dismantle your cards because combining your cards allow them to be more impactful while using less mana.

Tip 6:Join a strong clan which is active for better event rewards. Joining stronger clans will allow you to use better heroes before battles. The heroes of you clan members should be chosen based on your enemy’s composition. For example, if your enemy mostly has melee attackers, it’s better to use Reynar as he will provide +1 melee armor. If your enemy has a combination of more ranged or equal number of ranged and melee attackers, it’s better to choose archer from your clan list of helpers as she will give you +1 range which is better for dealing with ranged attackers.  Using Livia as helper works best if the battle is long and you need to save your potions. She heals everyone. But remember only use her helping card when all of your characters have taken damage because healing goes waste if your character is unharmed. Stronger clans also give better rewards during events. Participate in  these events and contribute regularly. Stay active at least once a day  as some clan leaders kick out if you are no longer active for a few  days.

Tip 7:If the battle is in a closed room, archers will be at significant disadvantage as they can be easily chased by the melee attackers. For such fights, use one melee and 2 mage/priest attackers. The mage/priest does melee as well as ranged damage equally. Archers do less damage with melee range.

Tip 8:Equip better armors and dismantle the ones which you don’t longer need. As you get better armor, you can equip it for better power and dismantle others for shards. These ancient shards can be used to craft better equipments. I highly recommend never to dismantle cards as you can always upgrade them and they give very few shards so it’s not worth it.

Tip 9:Do raids everyday for gold coins and war tokens. The ranking based on your war tokens will give you reward every week. Gold coins can be used to get new cards. Go to shop and buy a 5 card pack. Once you get a new card, go to party and check for newer cards with a star sign and tap on them to add. It also raises your EXP of your heroes even if you lose.

Tip 10:Use your potions wisely. If a battle is lost, just resign and don’t use your health potions if you are going to lose anyway. Potions should be used very scarcely only when needed just to have a slight edge over your opponents. I like to preserve them for archers as they have highest range and can do significant damage to melee fighters. The mana potions can often be overlooked and should be used when you have a class card but don’t have enough mana to use it. Cards like “Slice ‘n’ Dice” and “Barbed arrow”,etc. require higher mana. If you can take down your enemy with one strike preferably when he has health around 10 then these are the best times to use these potions.

Tip 11:Complete your daily quests everyday to get gems, gold coins, and other crafting material. If your hero is leveled up, you will get new cards. You can complete the completed levels over and over again to get EXP and gold coins. You can get extra hero EXP by tapping on collection>>basic training.

Tip 12:Use your war tokens to get a better castle for defense. For every successful defense you will get gold coins even when offline.

Tip 13:Craft cards from the shop which don't require very high mana. It's better to craft the same card over and over again to get maximum copies of it to further upgrade it. I like "Fang", "Barbed Arrow". Or you might also go for variety if you want to. The general guideline is that if you already have 2 cards then craft the third one so you can upgrade it.

Tip 14:When dealing with levels which require you to save kids the best way to shield them is to put them behind rocks to preserve them from ranged attackers and others should be shielded behind the 2 ranged attackers.  Hiding behind trees and rocks works wonders as they preserve your health from ranged attackers. Make sure you don’t have any gaps between your ranged attackers which are shielding the kids. Check the first image in the beginning of article to see how kids are hidden.

Tip 15:Participate in extra battles for extra gold coins. The events require certain level so male sure you get enough EXP to compete in them. You should also participate in clan events for extra rewards. You can do that by tapping on Clan>>Quests.

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