Warhammer Chaos and Conquest tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide

Warhammer Chaos and conquest is strategy game has good graphics and depth to keep you engrossed for months.Compared to other strategy games this one has more warriors to train with different attributes. For a beginner, everything might be a bit daunting so I will explain and will tell you the best tips, tricks, strategies and Beginner’s guide
to progress faster without paying anything.

1.In the initial stages of the game, upgrade as much as you can for free without spending warp stones.The warp are precious and can be gained by spending in game currency so the best way to use them for long term is for city buffs.You should only use them for getting 2 day building and studying queue so that will cost you 160×2=320 warp stones per day.So you can
spend them steadily rather than blowing them off for building upgrades.To do that tap on the buff symbol (triangle) on the right side>>production>>building queues.

2.Join an alliance as soon as you can to buy time upgrades with them. You can always check global chat to see members who want new members you can check their profile by tapping on their icon>>Player profile>>View Alliance.Another way is to tap on alliance and join the available ones
quickly. Before joining one, always check that the alliance at least has more than 30 members so you get sufficient help and you could also provide more help. Once an alliance is joined, always assist as many members as you can to get alliance coins. For each assist you will get 100, go to alliance>>store>>buy time speedup with it.

3.Focus on the chapter tasks at the beginning since they will give you massive rewards.Take it slow and easy and use time speedup instead of warp stones for upgrades. If you run out of them, you can always check the alliance store to buy more.Then, you can do the daily trials, solo trials, and alliance trials.They don’t require extra builders so keep them busy all the time. You can check these trials by tapping on the hourglass symbol on the upper left corner.

4.Get warp stones by tapping on the green stones! This is a sneaky way to get warp stones for free daily. You will get them everyday. You can also watch ads to get 20 warp stones by tapping on the warp stone on the upper right corner>>Watch video. Or search for them on the global map. To do that, go to global map>>Chaos Wastes>>Find Warp stones>>Go.

5.Train all your warriors consistently as without keeping them idle at anytime. You can keep a close watch on them by tapping on the 4 symbols on the left side and then training your troops.

6.Level up and upgrade your Champion by equiping extra weapons! Leveling up requires experience. The best way to get them is to attack chaos spawn. To do that, go to world map situated on the lower left corner>>Chaos Wastes>>Find Foe>>Search Map>>Go.
You can also collect resources at the same time with your other warlords to keep them busy and collecting resources is also a part of your daily trials. The EXP points gained can be used to level up by tapping on the Champion icon on the upper left corner>>Skills. To equip extra weapons, tap on the blank spots>>Go to Demonic Forge>>Forge. You could later upgrade them too.

7.Open chests after completing your daily trials. This can easily be overlooked. Chests can give you the components to hire extra shields and weapons to your champion. To open them go to items>>Inventory>>Chests. You can also request the items from your alliance
members by going to the inventory>>Components>>Request.Another way to get them is by going to Alliance>>Alliance spoils>>Collect all. They expire every day so don’t forget to collect them daily.

8.When donating items to your alliance members, make sure you just give them one each since no matter how much you give you still get only 100 alliance coins for each donation.

9.Once your fortress shield expires you will be vulnerable to attacks by foes.To protect yourself and to give yourself more time to increase Your power you could always use shields. To use them, go to Items>>Inventory>>War or go to Buffs>>War. If you run out of them go to the
alliance store to buy one.Then the most important step is to move closer to your hive to protect yourself. To do that, go to World Map>>War Chief>>Go to. You can then select a tile nearby>>Teleport.

10.Participate in the events for earning massive rewards. To participate, go to World Map>>Skull symbol to check your targets. They are refreshed from time to time so keep an eye on them.

11.Bookmark your foes. This will be useful for taking revenge. You could always rally so that others could join. To bookmark tap on the fortress and tap the bookmark symbol on the upper left corner.

12.If you are the War chief of the alliance, you can form a pact with other alliances for increased security.

13.Always scout your fortresses which are planning to attack. Before you march make sure to include your champion, best warlord and all the troops.Also, do check your final power and compare it to the rival fortress’ power.

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