Prey Day Survive the Apocalypse tips, tricks, and, beginner’s guide

Prey Day Survive the Apocalypse is one of the zombie survival games with great graphics and lots of options in the manufacturing department. In order to survive and level up you need certain strategy in the beginning to advance and not lose your hard earned resources. I will list some of the tips,tricks,strategies,hints  here in this post.

1.Try to clear your home area and gather as much resources as possible.You can store these resources in the given chests. Also,if 2 resources of same type are together then you can combine them to save space simply by dragging.

2.Clear the surrounding areas “Roadblock” and “Derelict House” to unlock chests and other useful items  like research items,stone, wooden scraps, duct tape, seeds,etc.They will be refreshed after every 30 minutes so make sure you check them out and collect as many resources as possible.Don’t go to their areas like PvP until you have sufficient weapons.

4.Create a crafting bench to create basic items like Axe, crowbar, stone sledge hammer, stone knife and make sure you have a spare weapon like stone knife or baseball bat with you so you can use another once one weapon gets damaged.

5.Store the resources in the home chests after every loot.Once you have collected the resources make sure you come home to store them. Only keep food items,water,baseball bat,Axe,crowbar,stone sledgehammer with you when you  go on surrounding areas to keep maximum space available
for new items.

6.Always crouch and sneak behind zombies to attack them.Don’t confront them directly attacking them from behind does maximum damage and helps you with stealth.It’s not necessary to kill every zombie you see since that will reduce durability of your weapon.
Try to be stealthy whenever possible.

7.Take down trees even if it’s not necessary to increase your EXP and search zombies after you kill them that will give you EXP too.If you craft new weapons that will raise your EXP by 30 points so make sure you craft whenever necessary.

8.Collect every possible resource from Chests and other scraps  on the map. Even when you kill animal collect it’s skin and store it in your home chest.It might not be necessary now but it will be necessary in the future for crafting.

9.Manufacture a research table since that will allow you to create machetes, bullets, first aid kits, guns, food, etc.

10.Make sure you make at least 2 seedbeds and 1 well for a regular supply of food and water. Making food takes time so before you go to a surrounding area make sure you plant seeds and always keep the seedbed busy. You should always store extra food and water in the chests. Also,have a bed so you recover your health completely every 8 hours and campfire to cook meat which you can get by killing animals.Its better to cook before you  eat for more recovery.

11.Go to Adelaide to get “Silver badges” by doing tasks.You can use these badges to get items in the black market.

12.Machete gives 80 damage from behind and 40 from front so equip it as soon as you find it in the chest.Next best option is the baseball bat. If it gets broken you can always craft it on the research table by research points.

13.Compete in regular events you can see them by the “Yellow mark” on the map.You might get some rare items there.But once you leave them you can’t enter back so make sure you have good food,water and weapon supplies.

14.In the PvP mode be careful you might encounter other players who are stronger so try to stay around the edge so you can escape quickly.

15.When attacked by many zombies try to escape that map since fighting them will cost you considerable damage to your health.

16.Equip items like bag to increase carrying capacity and shoes to increase speed.You can craft shoes on the research table and bags from the sewing machine but you need to reach level 14 for that.

17.Join a clan after reaching level 10.You need to build radio tower for that first you need research table, craft stone cutting table, foundry, and then you can build radio tower.You can join a clan by tapping on the chat option>>search/create clan.

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