Pocket Quest android game Wiki, tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide

Pocket Quest Merge RPG is a role playing merge puzzle game. It is an semi idle rogue like considering you need active involvement at every quite often. If you like fast paced games with lots of quick action then you will certainly like this one. This game has 6 skill types when active during battle and various boosts to choose which allows you to pick your strategy. You have 3 types of skill boosts which are you are supposed to manage during battle which gives this game lots of management strategical depth compared to other idle rogue types. Passive skills require layout strategy, active skills have 3 types common (yellow), rare (blue), and epic (purple)which depend on current health, attack, other skills, etc., and third type depend
on augmentation and depreciation of skill power relative to each other.

You can go for all attack approach focusing on attack and compromising defense or go for tanker approach. Synchronizing passive with active skills to obtain specific skill boosts creates beautiful pattern of heavy attack,
critical damage, etc. which is incredible to watch.

There are predominantly 3 heroes, tanker, and more attack focused. You also have hero skill boosts and specific skills relative to a particular hero. The passive income and income from ads is quite good so you don’t even need to spend as much if you are f2p. Grinders will love this one since it is so addictive. There are various ways you can progress in this game to quickly grind your way up to higher levels.

1.Always build your “skill sets” around attack first. Attacks have 3 types, speed, damage, and critical damage. Critical damage is most important followed by damage and speed. You should always choose skills which upgrade critical damage followed by damage and speed at last preference. Generally speed should be given least importance. Skill sets based on tanker boosts should only be chosen if your hero is dying too quickly at a particular stage. If health is not a problem, then just focus on attack skills and compromise defense and health.

2.Harmonize your skills with heroes. Barbarian and Rogue are go to heroes for this. Barbarian has
specific passive critical attack or attack boosts when choosing passive skills on map i.e., Monument. Prefer those over others. Critical damage skills are Aimed Strike and opportunist which should be top choice generally but there are exceptions which involve epic skills.

3.Choose skills to emit “chain reaction pattern” as I like
to call it. Build your skills around healing based on attack skills.
Berserker II is by far one of best skill as healing 30% based on attack allows you to focus on attacking exclusively allowing to compromise defense.

4.Damage skills are Berserker, Berserker II, Juggernaut, Juggernaut II, Bravery, Wildling, Rising Fury, Double Strike, Determination, and Tough. Juggernaut II increases damage by 300% of regeneration. Bravery increases damage for every kill. Determination gains 10% damage for every kill and stacks up to 4. Rising Fury has damage damage stacks per battle. Double Strike has 30% chance to attack twice.

5.Regeneration skills are Tough, Wildling, Brutality, and Juggernaut
Tough which increases 3x regeneration when health drops below 70%.
Brutality gives 5x regeneration for every kill, Wildling which gives 1.8 regeneration per loop, and 8.8 regeneration
immediately, and Juggernaut which increases damage by 60% at full health and gives 18 regeneration.

6.Focus on getting your regeneration higher when choosing skills which will drive damage up
which will further your health up setting up a beautiful chain reaction. Combine this with critical damage passive skill on map to get over 100% critical damage chances.
Green rocks increase attack speed. Go for these on map. All these skills combined with each other mesh together perfectly .

7.Prepared will give hero skill damage at start of every battle preventing you to take damage from many enemies. Conditioning will raise attack speed. Wild Blood will increase cleave by 250% based on regeneration. If your regeneration is already higher then it will get cleave (damage to all enemies at once) higher.

8.Don’t be afraid to compromise shield, health, or even conditioning to focus on damage and critical damage. You can select 2 healing skills like Life drinker which will keep on increasing max health, and Explorer which will keep on driving health up per loop allowing you to sacrificing them when choosing skills.

9.If you choose to go or for tanker build then go for health and shield based skills. Rune Knight, Explorer, Deflection, Bastion, Bastion II, Indomitable, Guardian, Spiked Armor, Scavenger, Life Drinker, Wolf Pack. Spiked Armor causes damage based on shield (defense) so give it more importance to get higher damage for tanker based skill set.

10.Battle map layout guide: Buildings should be placed to accommodate maximum buildings.
Highest preference should be given for treasure shrine. They give you gear. Second preference should be for healing tiles.

Pocket Quest Layout

11.Placing buildings of same colors or types merge giving higher
You can merge twice. Always start with one corner for particular type of building, then once its maxed out, place another adjacent to it. Place another building of same grade and type adjacent to it. Keep on doing it repeatedly. This will allow you to place more buildings and highest grade buildings will be packed together. If you put them with gaps then you will not have space to place buildings of same type and level close to each other. When highest grade buildings are adjacent to each other, you get even higher skill power boost. Dune is attacking skill. Undo should be used to remove enemy buildings so you can combine your buildings.Goblin camp, Goblin Lands, Badlands, etc. should only be used to get more gold only if you are overpowered. Here is image to give you an idea.
Pocket Quest Layout
Pocket Quest

12.Collect free idle rewards by tapping on upper left side. You get it worth 16 hours and more for higher stages. You can watch ads by tapping on lower left corner >> Free to get gems, chest, or gold.

13.Gems should be reserved to get heroes first. Once you get all, stick to one as heroes get leveled up with XP. You can convert gold for gems. Tap on lower left symbol >> lower.
Go for 200 gems pack as you get more gold for gems which is 64 per gem compared to 54 per gem for 80 gems pack. You can get gear with gems. Best way is to get them through epic key
from daily shop as you only need 200 gems compared to 300 for chest.
This should be done when you have upgraded your camp to highest level per allowed XP otherwise exchange your gems for gold. Best pack to buy is exclusive offer as you get elixir skill upgrade scrolls.

14.Fuse all common(grey) skills to get rare(blue) and epic skills. Best passive skills for heroes are Wild Charm, Meteor Smash, Molten Rune, and Profane Elixir for beginners. If you have a gear based skill fused then use these after upgrading it.
Don’t pay attention to cool down as if you get Prepared skill you are always ready with skill regardless of cool down period. Upgrade your skills. Scrolls required for same type of skills are same so preserve your scrolls for only those skills which are you going to use in battle. Tap on Hero at bottom left >> Skill >> Upgrade.

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