The Great War Rivals android game tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide

The Great War Rivals is a base building strategy game. The game has few server openings. Combination of heroes based on battle type helps you to organize heroes well. It has various tips, tricks, hero guide, and strategies for getting better and stronger quickly. Here are tips for The Great War Rivals.

1.Place more houses compared to other buildings initially as you will need cash to upgrade commander equipment later.

2.When you build extra buildings, always upgrade them initially till at least you get free free upgrade. Higher VIP level gives you more free upgrade time so keep an eye on it. You can activate it by tapping on VIP on upper left corner>> Activate VIP. You can buy more VIP points in alliance store. Every time you activate a new VIP you will receive 24 hours of free VIP so use your VIP points wisely and conservatively so you will have activated VIP for a longer time. Use it only until you activate a new level and then wait till your VIP ends before using more.

3.Participate in events to get equipments and other resources. Keep an eye on them and focus more on those quests. Never use your crates unless needed as they cannot be looted. Attack bandits
when you log in and always send your troops for gathering before logging off.
Resources are important part of game so this is a good habit to form so you collect even when you are offline.

4.Complete missions every day. Rewards for daily tasks get better as you progress. You get legendary
rank points for last chest which can be used to promote your commander.
When doing commander missions, choose rare or special ones for better rewards. Initially, you can choose basic one then before you log out choose rare or special.

5.Choose your commander based on type of task. If you want to collect resources, choose gathering commander like Charles Riggs. If you want to launch an attack use leadership, aviation, tanks, or infantry commander. If you want to attack bandits use bandits commander like Flora. Always scout your opponent and choose your troop type based on troop formation of your enemy. Infantry and tanks are strong against aircraft and field artillery. Aircraft is strong against tanks and field artillery.
French 75 is weak against all 3 and should be given least priority for training. You could train them just for
sacrifice so you can protect others. If your opponent has more aircraft and field artillery choose infantry or
tanks commander. If your opponent has more tanks and field artillery use aviation commander.

6.Equip your equipments to commander based on type of task, For example, German
Ankle Boots offer 8% troop load which allows you to gather more. This must be equipped to gathering commander.
Trench boots are best suited for infantry commander as they give infantry boosts. British combat boots are suited for any type of attacking leader. Some equipments give “passive” boosts like construction or steel production. Make sure they are equipped even if you are not using that commander to get boosts. You need a lot of cash to upgrade equipments so make sure you upgrade equipments like Russian hat which give you 30% cash production boost and then you can upgrade others. At higher levels, it takes more time to upgrade so you can prioritize Brodie helmet first to get construction speed boost. The highest priority initially should be given to these equipments. French coat has 3 such passive boosts and should have top priority. Also since it’s common it requires less resources to upgrade. You can get equipment parts from events, store, etc. Some equipments are part of set which gives you bonus for using more.

6.Level up your commanders with commander XP item. This will increase commander power and allow you to increase rank. I recommend choosing only 2 commanders for using XP commander points. Choose legendary for attack and any other for gathering. Divide your XP commander points between these 2. If you use same commanders consistently it will give them XP points which will further improve them. Promotion of your commander will unlock talents which will further give them boosts in their respective expertise. You can level up commander by going to commander>>tap on “+”>>Use.
Two most important things in skill section for commanders are construction
speed and cash production. You will need plenty of cash to upgrade equipments so after maximizing construction speed put enough points on right side to get to cash production bonus and then put maximum points there. Another trick to increase construction speed is that try to get all your commanders to level 14 and then maximize construction speed. Base bonuses are passive and apply even if commander is not active. It’s easier to level up in beginning so you could do that just to get construction speed buff.

7.Choose an active alliance. Alliance will help you upgrade quickly. Also you can donate in alliance which allows you to buy resources in alliance shop. Do not buy anything with gold that you can get in alliance shop. Preserve gold during war for quickly recovering your troops,etc.

8.Protect your troops. You can reinforce alliance members if you want to protect your troops if attacked. If you don’t have shield you can send your troops to an alliance member who has shield.

9.You can choose 2 or 3 of your best members to lead and choose opponents. This will give you more attacking advantage and also reinforced players will have more defense. Focus on only one member and once he is teleported then you can attack others. This will reduce your enemy’s alliance power. Never go for solo attack. Rallies allow even players lower power to counter stronger ones. Formation should be such that attackers should be close to enemy hive and rally joiners should be behind them to support them. Attackers and rally joiners can have distance of 30 km between them which will make it difficult for enemy hive to target rally joiners. You should also send resources to the ones who lead attack. Use war items like attack debuff, defense debuff, march boots and health booster before attacking.

10.Research more combat and military as this is a war game and better research will give you an edge. First preference should be given to unlock march slot so you can collect additional resources.

11.Bookmark your enemies and other important locations as they will help you keep track of people. Choose appropriate symbol. Diplomacy is important in such games so always have some alliances as your allies.

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