Rise of Cultures android game Wiki, tips, tricks, best layout, and beginner’s battle guide

Rise of Cultures is base building android game which has players versus bots. It’s more like a city building game as there is no PvP. There are various ways you could progress in the game quickly and efficiently. These are best tips and tricks for Rise of Cultures:

1.Use your gems only to unlock new land rather than wasting it on upgrading, healing, scouting or any other use. This will allow you to construct important buildings. The highest preference should be given to homes as they will allow you to add more workers. Adding more workers will allow you to collect more resources and adds up a lot in long term.

Culture site guide : Place culture sites in center and surround them with buildings on all sides. This will allow you to make most use of them. Placing culture sites on edges will leave extra side which will not be used. Preferably, place farms especially domestic farms, then rural farms, then other resources buildings like stone mason, tailor, artisan, etc, then homes in order of importance. As you progress further you will need more food than coins so farms should be given first preference. Other resource
buildings can later be used to trade for other resources which will help you with research. If you
want to attack twice in a single session then you could place barracks will will allow you to train troops quickly.

Rise of Cultures Layout

3.If you choose to spend money, then luxurious farm and luxurious culture site should be given top preferences. You will get low on food later so it’s worth it. It’s better to wait for bonus sale to get most out of your money when buying packs. Gems pack give you far better worth over bundles as gems are far more precious while resources in bundles
can be obtained easily.

4.Join an active alliance. Active alliances will help you with tips, exchanging resources in a trade which will help everybody get what they want. Treasure hunts are a big part of the game and the more active members you have the more chests you will unlock.

5.The best way to solve treasure hunts is to start with battle, later add just one resource which you have in excess and continue to add it until all slots are filled, then do same with others. You should start preferably with coins as they will be available in abundance, followed by other resources and last with farm produce. Don’t put resources randomly as you will need more rounds and keep on wasting. At higher levels you do get better rewards with treasure hunts like barracks refill. Make sure you have sufficient resources before you start treasure hunt as if you leave in between then you will lose all your resources.

6.When utilizing workers, place top priority to unlock more land, building new buildings, training troops, then farm produce, and then sending them to collect treasures and other resources in your city. Always reserve your workers to send them to collect treasures as you will get special building parts which will produce extra resources or give you buffs and gems.

7.Battle formation guide: The best way to set up your troops is to cover all 3 fronts to prevent
enemy from ambushing from one side. If you have soldiers packed together on one side that
will leave melee and cavalry attackers to attack weaker side. It also will leave your
archers vulnerable. Place your infantry in center and cavalry adjacent to both sides of it
Archers should be placed far behind. It will provide solid defense and allow your archers to last longer. and helps you eliminate enemy quickly thereby reducing damage taken. Cavalry has less HP
and is quick and work best against archers because of their speed so the longer they last
the better. Placing it on flanks allows them to reach archers quickly. I have tried various formations and this one always leaves me with more troops at end which also reduces training time and allows you to produce more resources. Also sometimes enemies will be more towards one side or have barricades. Stay away from barricades as they will allow cover for enemy archers. When using boulder smash, the best way to use them as quickly as possible which will allow you to use them more in battles. Place them where enemy is most concentrated preferably on melee troops. That’s why its better for your troops
to be packed together as this will bring enemies towards one place and increase power of boulder smash. You should do same with breath of life but it’s first use should be slightly delayed as initially it takes time for your troops to take damage. Upgrade your commanders whenever you get move to next age. You can do that by tapping on Inventory>> Commander>>

Rise of Cultures troops battle formation

8.You can get blueprints by donating excess research points. You can do that by tapping on world wonders>> find wonders>> tap on “>”>> “+”>>Invest.

9.Trading should be done by giving excess resources and getting ones you need for them. You should pick a resource which has maximum production and always have it in excess so that you can trade it for others. Always connect your account to Google.

10.World wonders can be obtained by exchanging orbs with blueprint. You can also help others 4 times every day to get orbs. Tap on World Wonders>>Help Others>>Favorites>>Invest. Choose ones which give you at least 20 orbs for more orbs. Do not donate wonder resources and only invest research points as you will need blueprints in future. Only donate wonder resources if you are sure you will not need it. You can activate world wonder by tapping on World Wonder>>Active>> Add Wonder. World wonders give bonuses like extra workers and food or coin production boost. You can upgrade them to get even more boosts by tapping on Overview>>Select Wonder>>Upgrade>>Fill Crate>>Upgrade.

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