Cooking Wonder Restaurant Game apk, free download, tips and tricks

Cooking Wonder Restaurant game is an offline simulation management cooking game. This article describes guide, apk download link too.

1.Apk Download link: Playstore

2.Count number of possible combinations your customers ask. Turkey; Turkey with fries; Turkey with lemon;
Turkey, fries, and Tomato; and Turkey, lemon, and dips. Keep this always ready and keep on cooking. This allows you to serve customer quickly and get likes. Some levels require enough likes to go further. You can even keep on tapping randomly on these prepared dishes without even looking at what customer wants. This is best way as it speeds up things quickly. Just make sure you have all combinations ready.
If food gets burnt throw it away with double tap. You can also set it to triple tap from settings. Tap pause during play/tap settings on right >> drop mode >>
triple tap.

3.Create massive combos by trying to serve customers in rapid progression. Allow them to wait till you have 3 customers and keep their dishes ready without serving them. Serve them within 2 seconds to get combo gold bonus. 3 combos give +2, and 4 give +3 gold bonus. You can even tap candies symbol on left to increase
waiting time.

4.Use wonder dish to increase stand by time of customers. This is probably juice or fries or something else in first restaurant and coffee for second. Use it wisely and serve them first to use it to your benefit. You will
see bar besides customer rise when you use these dishes.

5.Use boosters systematically. For example, if level requires food doesn’t get burned, use super cooker,
if level requires no customer goes away use instant cook, or helping hand.

If you have no boosters and level requires to not waste food, then only cook as needed.
If there are only 2 plates empty, cook only 2 to refill them. You also have in game boosters
like dish symbol on upper left which serves customer instantly, cake makes all customers happy, etc.
Use gems to buy boosters. Tap on gems above >> boosters. Double profit is best to advance quickly. You can
buy candies by selecting last option lower.

6.Upgrade your dishes to get more gold out of them. Tap on play >> upgrade >> select dish >> upgrade.
First upgrade is cheaper so go for first upgrades first. You always increase price of food
items first and plates, fryers, etc. later.

7.Tap on smiles to to fill smile bar to get additional rewards. Tap on settings to get sign to clean or rebuild
things like table, chair, mascot, sign board, awning, etc.

8.You will also have events like Cloud Adventure where winning in a row gives you certain buffs like extra
patience, customer speed, etc.
Tap on parachute sign on upper left >> “i” to see them. Food trip rewards
can be seen by tapping bar above >> gifts.

9.Get new maps by tapping on map sign on lower left >> download new maps.

10.Login every day to get login rewards and see check list for daily tasks. Decoration task needs 2 daily so better way is to not decorate more than that and save some stars for next day. Upper gifts are rest weekly.
It’s better to play successively as much as you can to get life bonus time. This allows you to play more levels
quickly. If you fail a level, practice it repeatedly to get used to setup.

11.Connect to Facebook to get 15 minutes extra play time and 50 diamonds and invite friends to get extra gem rewards. Tap on upper right >> invite friends >> invite.

12.If you decide to buy a pack, starter pack is best as it has 1 hour extra
life bonus
. You can also watch ads to get double your gold rewards
at end of every level, tap “Free” on upper right to get gems, etc.

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