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Daisho Survival of a Samurai is a Japanese medieval genre RPG/open world/survival game. It doesn’t have energy system so you can keep on playing as much as you like wihout worrying about food or water requirements. This allows to progress quickly and longer play time compared to other survival games. These are tips, tricks, guide, wiki, gear guide, etc. for Daisho Survival of a Samurai.

1.Follow story quests first before following other side or main quests. This allows nice and steady flow
of progression as you don’t waste too much resources on side or world quests. Completing story quests will also unlock new areas. Tap on Quests >> Story quests >> start tracking

2.Collect only enough to fill your storage for resources like stone, clay, etc. which are easily available but
store more fangs, feather, hide, hide scraps, bones, stone chips, wood, etc.
These are needed for
selling in shop. Don’t keep more than 40 in inventory otherwise you will have to
delete them if you don’t have enough space. You should be adaptable though based on when you store more. If your inventory is mostly empty, pile as many wood, stone, clay as you can. Wood is needed to produce flitch, clay items, and health potions. Pile them, create 10 flitch, clay bowl, clay brick, and store. Do same for hide and prepare 10 leather with it, stone brick with stone, etc.

3.Give highest priority to weapon when upgrading. Upgrade other type of gear only when you have enough of them. If there is no space for equipment storage, disassemble other gear for your main weapon. Wooden spear is a good choice to get started. When you get sling or bow, ditch it or any
melee weapon as long ranged weapons are more versatile and allows you
to take less damage on expeditions. Deploy Wooden Wakizashi as secondary weapon to get additional defense. You cannot do it for all melee weapons. Wooden spear allows it and has good damage and speed too. Tap on Backpack >> select weapon from inventory >> equip. Employ health potions
on screen to use them quickly and free up space of inventory. It’s better to not use medicinal herb as you get
more healing with potions. Craft potions with it instead.

4.Upgrade your gear to get more damage with weapons and better defense stats. Gear has levels common,
uncommon (green), rare (blue), and purple. Go towards equipment tier 1 >> craft higher ones. Don’t disassemble right away, craft better gear for all sandals, vest, pants, etc. Upgrading gear will increase your health.

5.Use talent points to survive longer, get better offense and defense, etc. You get talent point whenever you level up. You level up every time you fight or complete a quest, collect log, stone, stone chips, etc.
Talent points are divided into 3 types, Forager, Survivor, and Warrior. Survivor is most important
as you can increase basic health and running speed here. Running speed is underrated because it
increases evasiveness. If you outrun animals and enemies, they leave you which allows you to forage for longer. Maximize Sturdy Fellow and Sprinter. Focus on your weapon later. If you use Sling, maximize Sling
Shooter it in Warrior.

6.Sell items in shop. Check them and see what you need. This will allow you to manage your inventory accordingly. Watch ads to get more gold easily. You can also get EXP by selling items from XP merchant. It helps to clear your inventory too. Go towards shop >> sell. You should also watch ads to repair gear during going for farming and gathering resources. This will save time if you have enough health. There are also repair tables for bridge map.

7.Daisho Layout guide: You should be able to place all buildings except loom without getting rid of debris.
Also if you need a building, you can pick it up and store it and use it later once you have enough
space. Tap on settings >> box sign to store it. Here is screenshot.

8.Collect free items every day when you login. You get gold coins which increase with estate level ups.
Tap on shop >> watch ads to get gem, forager, free item, and free item with ad. Get lucky wheel token too after reaching estate level 2. That gives you reward.

9.Use gems for increasing your inventory size. Inventory size increase only needs 20 gems initially and is most needed initially to gather more items. Tap on storage >> add 4 slots

10.Compete in Dojo wave competition to get Dojo coins which can be used t get certain items.

Tips collection from Discord:
Katana is good for dojo stages is great as it has crit %.

Use of keys:
The keys are used to open a chest, the bronze key = a resource chest and the golden key = an equipment chest

Fast travel :The event location will also have a UI fast-travel shortcut that spends tickets, and also if you
check building station at the estate there are two new buildings: the lumberjack and the stone miner.

Katana is good for arena. It has highest DPS, high dmg + speed.

Before you jump to estate 3 be sure you’re ready with your equipment and a lot of coins.

Another tip is that before upgrading the estate or leveling your prosperity, pile coins while the merchant
quests are easy.

You can do 300 damage with epic gear. You need collect all range weapon (loot all), then find gear with bonus damage or attack power.
Spend time for farm, when you have low hp, go to house for recovery hp then farm again, when you have good weapon, game will be easy.

Craft better gear, loot only 1 type weapon for craft (range weapon is best for farm, drop all other weapon for more space for craft). Also with gear, chosen 1 type gear, when you have good gear, make new type gear).
When damage is more than 200, you will easy kill mod with 2 to 3 hit
Don’t spend stamina for boss, use for loot marterial, need do merchant quest for gold.

Gear bonus is random, you can’t change stats.
green blue purple
You can combine only step by step, 2 poor makes 1 common, 3 common makes uncommon etc.

Any weapon is same , but you must at least have blue / rare tier weapon to make it easy passed waves 10 for dojo

You can fight the boss on the human spawn map. He drops green gear. Use gold wisely on construction to
gain prosperity and for farming tools which you will need to upgrade your Village

Do not use your gold to repair your equipment. (2 times per day you can do it for free by watching ads)
Use your best equipment for the Dojo then remove it or replace it with weaker one
Use talent points on Survivor and Forager, now it’s not necessary for Warrior.

Possible rewards are the same. The x10 chest helps you to save some time on opening one-key chest and it also guarantees that you will get at least one uncommon equipment.

Better open chests in Pine Forest for Green items.

By double tapping a weapon, you can switch to it instead of clicking equip button.

To store weapons or rearrange your inventory just hold on the item and drag/switch.

Enemy’s in stone area changing from Estate level 1 to level 2

Before you dismantle any blue, purple, gold equipment repair it, then dismantle it.

Before enter the mines:

Farm medium potions.
Watch ads to fully repair your equipment.
Watch ads for 15 min VIP.
Watch ads for 15 min Forager.

Doing this way without repairing the equipment saves you a LOT of coins which you will need to upgrade your Village
When you die you won’t loose exp only the durability of the equipment.

How to get shuriken?
Farm night mode Rocky Area
Shuriken overall is good for farming.

How to get pearls?
To earn pearls you must exchange your tools at the black market or hunt the wood area during DAY mode boss animals

Where is Black Wood/dark log?

That’s in the night version of the forest.
You need prosperity lv5 to unlock the night areas.

How to get item leather bellows?

Next to the smeltery area there is the mine workshop. There you can make the leather bellows.
You need flinch and leather.

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