Kong Island Farm and Survival

Kong Island Farm and Survival apk, free download, tips, tricks, and guide

Kong Island is a farming, simulation, casual, survival, and merge game. This article has apk link and tips
to manage this game. This game also has added farming feature which might not be available in other similar games. The game has massive maps too so it’s good for grinders.

Apk link: Playstore

1.Always keep your field busy by planting corn. Energy is a big part of this game as you can’t work without it. Fortunately, you can plant corn in beginning and food like Tomato, Potato, Banana, Wheat, and Carrot as you level up later. Cook it on stove and tap dining table >> drag it to box >> energy. One corn gives 12 energy.

2.Craft and conglomerate items like stone knives, bricks, logs, cattle feed, ropes, etc. as you need them
to build further items and buildings.
You need stone knife to build rope and rope to build log factory.
Tap on a building >> item symbol on right >> search sign to find where the items are located.
Things are interrelated so always keep everything running.

3.Get more energy by collecting cherry and Pineapple. Cherry gives 13 and Pineapple gives 14 energy.
You can gather more passive energy by refurbishing main building. You will need Stone
Knife, Bark, and Spice for it. Tap on main building >> use >> activate.

4.Complete daily missions. Tap on paper and pencil symbol at bottom >> go >> claim to claim reward. You will get refreshed missions daily. Collect free daily login reward too.
Go to another map by tapping map symbol on lower right >> go.
Get more stars to level up quickly, gems, and energy by tapping missions on left side. You will see rewards and find location too. This will also open up other missions as you complete them.
Complete those tasks to progress further by doing tasks like building bridges and opening gates.

5.Level up with stars. You get stars for collecting items. For example, clay gives 5 stars, stone gives 3,
and big tree gives 20.

6.Build new structures as you level up. Tap on mallet >> select structure >> “tick mark” symbol.
This will allow you to craft more items.

7.Select items from storage to get stars. Tap on bag sign on lower right >> select item >> star sign.

8.Watch ads to get 15 energy and gems too. Open treasure chests with keys and gifts for energy. Tap on bag >> last option >> key >> search to find its location. Do this for other items too. Upgrade
your storehouse by tapping on bag >> upgrade. Tap on use >> activate.

9.Collect more rewards by competing with other players on leaderboard after reaching level 7.

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