My Sushi Story tips, wiki, cooking guide, staff guide, and beginner’s guide

My Sushi Story is a restaurant simulation and management game. This game has 5 sections outside, lobby, kitchen, private room, and theater which are to be managed. There are other things to like cooking special dishes, etc. You need to increase your rating in 3 sections: facility rating, staff rating, and menu rating and meet required points to go further in restaurant level to unlock facilities like private room and theater. Tap on upper left corner to see your chapter requirements. Here is Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, staff guide for My Sushi Story:

1.Follow the tasks on left side. Use your money to solve those to get even more money. This will give you a good flow to upgrade things. This is optional as you can also build buildings on your own, you will get task rewards either way.

Your main objective should be to increase number of customers first to earn more money.
If you choose to build based on your preferences, then go tables first, to increase customer numbers. Tap
on build >> lobby >> table 1, 2, 3, and 4. Next preference should be for all items in outside as they affect customer queue time, and customer refresh interval. Last preference should be for kitchen.

2.Tap on symbols like money to collect money, clean, and cook to cook dish. You will have to manually manage restaurant and do it quickly for good reviews. Good reviews give rewards like inspiration which is special dish. Tap on smile symbol on upper right to check and collect reviews.

3.Recruit staff recruitment to balance rating augmentation and meet speed of customers.
If you have more customers coming in but if you don’t have enough staff, that could lead to poor service and bad reviews. The most important staff are greeter, followed by assembler, waiter, chef, and cashier. Greeter increases customer speed which leads to more customers and more revenue.
Assembler serves customers, waiter entertains customers and cleans tables, cashier acts as a checkout, and chef increases cooking speed. Tap on staff >> slide right >> greeter >> recruit. Do same for others.

Train your staff after hiring them to further increase service rating and movement speed. Training staff is good if you are low on cash and want good movement speed. If you have abundant cash, and want more
service rating then hire an additional staff. Tap on staff >> select your staff >> train. Highest
priority should be for greeter first as he increases customers. Use all your skill training books
on him first. You will need 2 training
books to go from level 9 to 10. which you can get by merging cooking dishes.

Some staff are required for special facilities like waiters for private room and theatre. If you build private room, you need to recruit Imai Mito, and Esaki, or Aida for theatre. You also need chef like Mitani to increase special dish cooking speed, and Kohari for increasing snack cooking speed. Hire these staff if you want to increase cooking speed for particular food.

4.Check reviews to collect rewards and see what improvements you need. Tap on smile
symbol on upper right >> claim and read reviews. If your assembler is not performing well and
not giving good service then you could get a review like that and no review point. If your restaurant lacks special dishes, you might get a review stating that.
Act accordingly. Hire an additional assembler to serve customers well.
Develop more special dishes to serve them to customers.

5.Merge and develop new dishes. This will give you more special dishes. Tap on merge >> chef >> to deploy dishes >> merge them by dragging. You can organize to organize same dishes closer which makes merging easier. Tap on organize to organize dishes. Merging dishes gives you rewards like skill training book, money, and Koban which can be exchanged to get random dishes, training book, and, secret recipe. The best use of this is to get training book as they are required to train staff. Tap on merge >> Koban symbol on upper right >> redeem training book. Tap on develop >> create to create new dishes. You can see and upgrade these dishes to get more profit and score. Tap on menu on bottom left >> select type >> select dish >> upgrade.

6.Spend you money on sections you are lacking. You could go to next level when you get required rating.
Tap on upper left to see where you are lacking. If you are lacking in facility, build items to get more
facility rating and upgrade those items to get more rating.
Lobby item upgrades give more rating points for
facility. Tap on build >> lobby >> select items there >> upgrade. You can increase menu rating by creating and upgrading dishes.

7.Best packs are small upgrade and creation pack as merging items take time to get. Best pack
is beginner pack which gives you 300k gems and 80 gems. Tap on second symbol
on upper left.
You can also get free rewards by watching ads and lucky roulette. Tap on gift symbol on left >> reward for watching ads and lucky roulette. You can also tap on money symbol in lobby to get ad rewards. You can also double your offline reward either with ad or spending 10 diamonds.

8.Slide towards right when you reach chapter of flowers 1 chapter >> unlock. Build a private room there to get more customers. Tap on build >> private room >> “+” symbol. Unlock more rooms when you reach higher chapters. Unlock theater when you reach chapter of the moon 1. You will have to hire assemblers and waiters for those rooms.

9.Log in with facebook to get 10 diamonds. Tap on settings >> log in. Check your ranking after connecting to facebook by tapping on trophy symbol on upper right >> connect.

10.Best way to spend diamonds is to recover energy for chef in merge. This is because replenishing stamina fully takes more time. Tap on merge >> chef >> redeem to replenish his stamina.

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