Monopoly GO Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide

Monopoly GO is a casual luck based strategy game. It is luck based as you roll dice to get rewards. There are only 2 tiles which take away your money, jail and loss of money. Other than that, it’s a steady progress where you always win something with every roll. Although rolls are limited, chances do get refreshed and you always can build buildings, collect stars and get more rolls and other rewards. Strategy is mostly related to money management. There are events quite often and you get more rewards for inviting friends. Here are wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide
for Monopoly GO:

1.Roll the dice till all your turns end. You get 5 turns almost every hour and get maximum up to 30 rolls so login every 6 hours to roll dice. You can keep it on auto for quick rolls and log off. Hold on Go symbol for auto and stop to stop it. Landing on rail allows you to loot others. There are 36 possible combinations with 2 dices. Highest probability for 2 dices is 7 followed by 7 and 8. This is because
of there are more number of ways you can get these numbers like (3,4), (4,3), (2,5), (5,2), (1,6), and (6,1) which is 1/6. You can do such calculations for 6 and 8 as well which turn out to be 5/36. Added probability
is 1/6 + 5/36 + 5/36 = 4/9 = 44%.

It’s better to 3x or 5x your roll to get more rewards when you are 6, 7, or 8 squares behind rail.
This will statistically raise your chances of getting more money. You spend 3x or 5x dice to get as same multiple rewards. If you land on shield, you will get shield which protects you from other players and you lose less money. More multiple give more shields. There are
certain tiles which have more houses so you get more rent. Some tiles have events where you collect items and you get reward when bar is full like cloud cruisin. You can plan and adjust your multiples accordingly
to increase probability to land on such tiles.

Switch to 1x if you want to avoid tiles where you lose money or go to jail when they are 6, 7, or at 8 distance away to decrease fine.Don’t switch to auto so you can adjust multiples according to situations.

If you play game of selecting cards to loot someone then choose cards diagonally or one square away adjacent for increasing likelyhood for getting same card. Start with 3 adjacent tiles and try to get cards with most rewards. Check available rewards above.

2.Complete your daily quick wins to get additional rewards. You can check them by tapping on wins on lower left wins. Complete those tasks to get ticks,fill bar, and get weekly rewards. If you are low on dice, then switch to 1x to complete a particular task like land community chest. This will give you more chances to land there. You also get daily treats which you can collect just by logging in.

3.Construct buildings in your city to get additional rent. You get a house per every upgrade and a level up star. Stars give you certain rewards at particular intervals which could be dice, etc. The more buildings
you build and upgrade,the more chances of getting more rent so upgrade a building a building as soon
as you get enough money.
Upgrade cheapest building first as upgrading gets more expensive
at higher levels. This will allow you to upgrade more and get more rewards. Tap on build on lower left >> select building >> money. When you upgrade all buildings, you will move to next board with dice rewards.

4.Participate in various events. You can check them by tapping different icons on upper corners. See which tiles correspond to those events. Collect stickers to get additional rewards. You get rewards for completing sets and even more for completing albums. If you want a particular sticker then you can request it on facebook group. Tap on albums >> select set >> tap on missing sticker >> ask the group. You can also exchange duplicate sticker star for rewards. Tap on albums >> dice like symbol on lower right >> star.

5.Make friends to participate in community chest event and get money. The bigger community you have the more money you could earn. You can make friends in 4 ways. First is to share link with you friends, second is through facebook, and third is through contacts, and fourth is in game. Tap on friends >> contacts/ facebook/ invite. Tap on add friends and send request to add friends. Making friends through facebook and contact give you dice rewards.

6.If you decide to pay then Corporate tycoon starter pack provides best value for money compared to other normal packs. You get more dice per dollar and money too. You can buy it twice. Generally, dice packs are better than money packs as buildings get more expensive on higher boards. Tap on dice symbol on upper left >> select a dice pack >> money.

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