Vendir Plague of Lies Wiki, tips, tricks, best build, items and beginner’s guide

This is an open world survival PvP android game. The game has plenty of side quests along with main which allows you to get many items and coins to upgrade your gear and increase your chances of winning. You have 4 basic characters initially which gives you a certain buff depending on your character. Brute gives you +5 strength,academic gives you +5 intelligence, performer gives you +5 charisma, Bandit and gives you +5 dexterity. I recommend Bandit, academic, or brute. Bandit should be given highest priority if you go for dex based talent tree like “thief”. If you go for academic then skill tree used should be chosen accordingly like plague doctor or pyromancer along with character based int weapon.There are various tips, tricks, strategies to play this game.

1.Complete main quests first. Track them by tapping on “notes” symbol above >> select quest >> track. Try to meet as many people as you can on your way. This will give you plenty of side quests which give you coins. Side quests generally finding items or killing someone. Unlocking them will allow you to solve them while you are still doing main quests if come across quest area. Follow the “arrow” on map to reach quests area, golden for side and red for main quests.Always investigate different symbols on map for new quests and merchants. You can also use traveler’s whistle to travel quickly to location. Try to complete as much quests as you can basically to get coins, buy better gear, and progress steadily.

2.Pick your enemies wisely. Although enemies can give you items or coins but there is a possibility you could die. Choose enemies which you can easily beat or flee battle.

3. Vendir Plague of Lies battle and items guide:Always go for most powerful attack like double attack, for example. You get 13 focus regeneration for each round. Only use single attack if you have less focus regeneration. Skills like taunt, poison, work well if your partner is more powerful. Taunt and then use second attacker to cause more damage on next turn. If you have a powerful attack like fireball, then pass your turn to get 25 focus regeneration. Once you get 70 focus regeneration, use your most damaging on most powerful enemy. This makes your all your attack is used. For example, fireball causes 70 damage so don’t use it on enemy which has less than 20 Hp, use it for enemy which has above 70 Hp. Check your gear weight by tapping on icon. Higher weight increases vitality(health) and low weight increases focus regeneration (blue bar). Always pick one target and kill him before you hit another opponent. This kind of targeted hitting will eliminate opponents quickly which will lessen damage after each turn. If one of your enemies can get killed in one turn then kill him first so you have one less opponent next turn. Use single attack to get fp as well. Always equip 2 weapons to get more damage. See if you have a better weapon in your bag. You could use a shield for a tank. Tap on your icon >> weapon >> equip primary and secondary for another weapon.

Sell your lesser stat gear at store. Equip gear to get additional buffs. Try to equip at least one gear for each body part. You can buy them in shop. Preserve your coins for a rare(green) weapon to get most attack like Mediocre Shell Dagger. Piercing damage types with dexterity scaling are good ones. Once you get a good weapon, you should go for armor, gloves, ring, potions, etc. Necklaces like Good Necklace offer +34 dexterity and and 13% critical chance. Sufficient Necklace which is unique Equipment gives 44 luck. Prefer critical, chance, dexterity, etc. over armor, luck, or vitality as prioritizing attack is more important.

Sell your less stats gear. Tap on your item >> sell. Don’t drop if you could sell to get coins. You can watch ads to to get coins. Tap on ad symbol above.

4.Vendir Plague of lies talent tree guide: Talents should be chosen based on your character type. Some skills scale with int, some with dexterity, and some with strength. For example, minor heal, smart hitter, lifesteal scales with INT. Hard hitter scales with STR weapon, flurry scales with STR or DEX weapon. You get one skill point for every level upgrade, divide it between strength and attribute like dexterity, intelligence, etc.Talent tree is divided into 10 types based on strength (attack), HP buffs, tanks, etc. You need to decide whether to go for attack or tanky skills. Best skill trees for attack are are pyromancer, thief, and best skill trees for defense are plague doctor, masochist, and vanguard. I prefer attack based skill tree.

“Meteor shower” is on of most destructive skill. It’s located in pyromancer. I recommend unlocking it through firestarter and kindle. Rest should be focused on thief. Equip 2 weapons to get buffs of “thief” talent tree. I recommend use all your skill points for thief as skills like “bloodlust” can be used tactically. You could be the finisher and get your fp bar full. Another way to increase more effectiveness is to unlock “setup” skill from tinkerer for another player which allows you to get a setup attack for additional 150% damage.

5.Intelligence weapons or skills provide int buff.If you are using a tank (someone with high HP), go for Hp points upgrade for level ups. Choose talents accordingly like, life steal, taunt, etc. Always prefer skills with more damage first. Attack is most important attribute in battles. If you have rare armor and prefer higher health, then you should go for health buffs points. You could go for 1 tank and one attacker.

6.Vendir recipes guide: Collect items while you are moving around. Wheat can be procured from wheat field, different plants can also be plucked. Water can be collected from well and other items like chicory, anise, etc. They are represented with plants symbol on map.Use these items to create meals. This allows you to heal. Tap on craft >> select >> prepare >> craft. Easiest item to produce is bread which requires wheat, flour, and water. You can produce flour from wheat. Use it to recover your HP. Tap on bowl (last) option on upper side >> select >> craft. Don’t add items randomly as you will waste resources that way experimenting. Hoard such items for quick use. Items like chicory brew and strength potions can be useful for 25% value boost. Use them before difficult battles. Some recipes require crafting station to prepare.

7.If you health drops to 0 or low,go to healer which is represented with “+” symbol on map. Tap on settings symbol on left side >> unstuck to go to healer.

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