Last Outlander tips, Wiki, tricks, strategy, and beginner’s guide

Last Outlander is a RPG survival android game. There are various maps which provide specific resources.
You can build your base according to your preferences, gather resources, craft weapons, etc.

1.Solve quests of Xena. Keep on following yellow marks to do them. You should also solve side quests which are marked with exclamation marks and question marks. Move to Xena >> chat symbol. Chat with her till there is nothing left as you get rewards for chatting as well.

2.Build at least 3 chests to store resources. Chests are important as you will not be able to gather resources if your inventory is full. You can build 10 chests. Build them by tapping
on craft symbol at bottom >> chests >> build. Go towards chest >> open >> drag from inventory to chest. If you run out of space put your resources like spring, spruce log, stone, etc. into upgrading chest. Tap on chest >> upgrade >> drag additional resources there to free up space. If you have excess spruce log, use it for camp fire. Another way is to drag food items to your pocket. Tap on bag >> drag a food item towards upper right slot. Don’t gather too much stones or logs as you can get them easily even in your exiles shore. Don’t throw away your resources as you might need them in future. If you have to throw then throw something which you can get easily like wood.

3.Gather as much food, building and upgrading parts like screws, spring, nails, etc. and hoard them in chests. Build garden bed, tanning rack, camp fire, etc. Plant healthberry there to grow your food.
Garden bed allows you to get more healthberry. Just keep on dragging healthberry from right to left to get more healthberries. Don’t consume healthberry as you get only
4 health, 3 water, and 3 energy.
Prepare healthberry decoction on camp fire first as that gives you 16 health, 10 energy, and 10 water. Tap on camp fire >> drag logs and healthberries there. Upgrade camp fire first before other buildings as food is most important and upgrading it will allow you to cook your food to get more health. If you consume raw meat or botatoes, you get 5 health, but cooked meat gives 24 health or baked botatoes provides 20 health. Always cook your food. Higher recipes provide more health recovery. Use tanning rack to produce ropes, strapes, leather, etc. You will have to upgrade it to produce higher resources. Upgrade it only if you need it to get specific item as as needed.

4.Explore all maps as each map provides unique resources. Copper forest has goblin chests, healthberries and logs, carnivorous glade has flax fiber, stonecrab cave has copper, stone gorge has stones and healthberries, and gloomy creek has botatoes, boar shore has fangers which provide skin and meat and rabbitoads which provide fat. You can also get resources from 2 types of chest, grey and brown.
Grey chest provides simple upgrading resources like screws, nails, spring, etc. Brown chests provide rare
resources which are required to build buildings like bars and brewmaster’s tools. Easiest way to get a brown chest is to go to copper forest >> look for brown chest on map >> gather it.
It gets refreshed so you can repeat it. You can also easily get a grey chest there which is goblin’s chest.

5.Craft gear as they lose their durability. Weapons should be given first priority. Weapons are divided into
stone, bronze, copper, iron, etc. If gear loses durability, you lose it. First check your messages to see
if you have a weapon there.
Excess items get stored there. Tap on messages >> take >> equip. You can also
get armors, helmet, etc. to boost your defense. Bow is easy to craft and you also need arrows with them.
They have distance advantage which allows you to take very little damage from melee attackers like melee goblin, fangers, etc. You provide 10 damage with a bow. It’s better than even a better melee weapon as you can kill enemies without getting hit. Ranged goblin attackers should be killed first if there are in a pack with others as they can provide you damage from a distance. You can then deal with other melee goblins later.
Ranged enemies like carnivorous plants are better dealt with a swift melee weapon as they have a good range and you will get hit while hitting them. You need fat, skin, spruce log, and rope to make a bow. Tap on fourth option below >> ranged combat >> bow and arrow to see required ingredients and craft.
Always put a reserve weapon in second slot for quick switch in case you lose your weapon. Tap on circle below weapon slot to quickly switch your weapons. One ranged and one one melee makes a good combination. Tap on craft >> select close combat >> select weapon >> craft. Stone battle axe is better than stone hammer as it’s faster in movement.
Keep on crafting better weapons like copper sword and bronze sword after building sawmill, foundry, and other items.
Axes and probably even swords are better than hammers in general because hammers are slow.
Equip a weapon to see it’s stats below.

You will have to build various buildings like sawmill, foundry, workshop frame,
work bench, stone cutter, smithy frame, loom, etc. to get items to build various gears, items, and weapons.
For example, copper knuckles require copper ingot which you can get from foundry and straps which you can get from tanning rack, and oak which you can get with copper axe. Tap and hold an item >> more info to find how to get it. Keep on collecting resources for next building in line to build that building and craft various advanced items. See what items you need by tapping on build symbol which is second at bottom and check list of resources you need.

Your next priorities should be crafting hat, shoes, light jacket, pants, and wooden shield to boost defense.
Tap on fourth option >> shield symbol which is third. You can craft medical bandage which
recovers 150 health with silk which you can get from loom
and healthberry decoction. Tap on fourth option >> healing >> medical bandage >> craft. Hoard these when you build loom and only use it when your health gets too low as you will waste it if you use it immediately after minor reduction in health.

6.Don’t engage with every enemy you encounter on your path. Try to be efficient and reach yellow marks or chests with minimum encounters to preserve health and durability of your weapons and gears. Goblins don’t offer much. They mostly provide crafting material grind stone and healthberry.

7.Plan your movement on maps which requires minimum distance. If you go to copper forest, for example, cover another map near it before you head back to exiles shore. This will allow you to preserve energy for running. Head back to exiles shore to store your resources if your inventory gets full. Walk towards exiles shore if you are going to exit. Do same when you enter a new map. Tap on map to plan your movement to get chest or solve a quest. Take frequent pauses and check before engaging with your next enemy. It’s better to engage with an enemy only if they are guarding path towards chest.
Once you have done quest and collected chest materials, head back to exiles shore.

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