Shadow Survival Shooter android game Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide

Shadow Survival shooter game is an IO shooting rogue like survival game. There are various characters, gears, artifacts, and skills which could increase and also decrease some of your stats. Your strategy depends on your playing style. Aggressive players can solely focus on attack and movement speed where as defensive players can choose HP and income skills. I will list various ways in which you can progress quickly in this game:

1.Choose bigger ranged weapon in beginning like pistol as it has good piercing and knock back as well. Extra range will keep you safer. You can open chests to get gear like artifacts and weapon through chests. You can open 1 for free using ads or use gems and keys. You can get it through campaign missions. You can also get gems through ads. Open them in bulk as you can open more. Tap on shop >> gems >> pieces of gem.

2.Shadow Survival shooter skills guide: Best skills are additional weapons. They should always be given
first priority. You can have six weapons but also upgrade them if you have 2 of same tier.
There are 4 ranks
rank D (grey), Rank C (blue), Rank B (purple), and rank A (orange). You can combine 2 grey to get blue and combine 2 blue to get one 1 purple. Select weapon >> combine. This will upgrade your stats and free up space for more weapons. If you don’t have enough gems then lock that item by tapping lock symbol.
It reappears again.

3.Next priority should be for those skills which offer no reduction in stats but only boosts or attack upgrade but slight reduction in income or luck. Attack is most important over other attributes as you can kill more and get more gems. Best skills are
1.Hidden blade as it offers +1 melee damage and +3% critical chance,
2.Athlete as it offers range and critical chance buff,
3.Hedgehog spike with melee and range damage buff but – HP regeneration,
4.Torch with elemental and melee damage buff,
5.Lens as it has range buffs,
6.Holy power as it has 5% bonus damage,
7.Pirate Foot with +3 melee damage buff, and
8.Scar as it has 15% EXP gain which allows you to level up faster.
I don’t recommend veteran as it reduces attack speed which is crucial.

You can compromise on life steal, HP, luck, income, and range if you have good evading skills. Always keep on moving and don’t change directions too often. Go from one corner to other. Re roll if you didn’t get good choices.

Best artifacts:

Glasses as it has 50 range, lens as it has range buffs,
hidden blade as it has melee damage and critical chance buff,
hedghehog spike,
wizard hat,
core of energy as it has 20% bonus damage,
noisy parrot,
cursed sword,
huntng trophy,
serial killer,
power shoot,
muscle legs,
fuel tank,
bonus magazine,
fire bell,
dragon’s eye,
head injury.

These offer attack buffs.

4.Attack gems and collect gems to level up which will provide you additional buffs. I recommend
range damage, attack speed, move speed, and elemental damage buffs.
You can re roll if you want to get good choices.

5.Complete daily quests and achievements to get stamina potions, gold, gems, etc. You will also get additional rewards for completing more quests.

6.If you want to pay, then go for starter pack as it’s cheap and offers noisy parrot artifact which offers 2 max HP, 11% more enemies, and 6% bonus damage.

7.You can certain characters like Knight and Postman through achievements, some through ads and others like Kung Fu Master, Elf through gems. Hitman is easier to get as you need to watch 3 ads and it gives good buffs. Tap on campaign >> Hitman to get him.

If you run out of stamina,buy it from shop using gems. Tap on shop >> stamina.

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