Frozen City tips, tricks, strategies, Wiki, and beginner’s guide

Frozen City is a city building simulation game. The game also features a cool story and various chapters with different resource requirements. There are various tips, tricks, strategies, to play this game. Here is beginner’s guide for Frozen City:

1.Manage your workers efficiently. Best management is equal balance. Have at least 1 worker in every building to keep producing items. The most important building is of basic resource. For example, it’s wood for first chapter abandoned camp and coal for second, valley town. Place maximum workers there. Give first priority to upgrade it as base resource is required to produce advanced resources. Wood is required to produce wooden board and coal is required to produce scrap iron.

2.Produce buildings quickly as soon as base building items are available. Collector station, hunter’s cabin, kitchen, etc. All are interlinked. Tap on “+” sign and build.

3.Dorms are most important as you get additional workers when you build it. Upgrading dorm to level 2 will allow you to put additional worker. Upgrade bed and desk when you are done with building all resource buildings. Bed level 20 will unlock 2 more slots for workers.

4.Keep an eye on tasks. Complete them as they give you additional rewards and rewards and diamonds which are premium currency.

5.Check your base condition. It needs to be good. If it’s below good, assign additional worker there and upgrade units there immediately. If you get low on fuel, there will be no fire and temperature will drop and workers will get sick. Survivors can’t work if they get sick. Work efficiency is reduced by 10% is survivors get exhausted or hungry. They could escape or die. You have 3 requirements of temperature, food, and sleep. Check it’s condition, by tapping on “survivor
attributes” above. The higher the bar the better condition it represents.

You always need a good steady supply of resources and good production rate for weakened items.
If a worker has “-” sign, it means he is not working, tap on him to see what is problem. You will
see problem like survivor can’t work due to insufficient raw material.
Assign workers and upgrade items to get that raw material. Tap on 3rd option on right, which shows circle chart >> check with items have poor or very poor rating. Turn off furnace switch if you get low on resources like coal or wood. Extra heat produces more heat and is needed only for very low temperatures.

If you are low on food, you will need to upgrade burner and table. You need scrap iron for upgrading hunter’s cabin items like brazier and hunting tools. Scrap iron is obtainable from collection station. Assign a worker there and get items upgraded there. It’s all about understanding problem, and manage resources accordingly. If needed, remove a worker from one of buildings which produces a basic resource, like coal, for example. Tap on building like coal mine >> “-” sign. Tap on another base >> “-” to remove worker if he is sick and “+” to add new worker. Build hospital to treat sick workers. Workers also heal automatically if you provide adequate food if food was problem. Tap on “+” sign build hospital. You will see conditions like you need level 2 collection which requires level 2 coal mine. Level them up accordingly.

6.Build advanced buildings as you progress in game to further upgrade your items. For example, you need workshop to produce mold. Workshop can be built after upgrading fire to level 2. To see which you need to further upgrade, tap on base >> item which has 0/number >> “>”.

7.Deploy heroes to get massive upgrade in resource output. You need level 5 hero at least and you need wishing stars to upgrade heroes. These are obtained through battles. Tap on hero >> upgrade. Tap on map >> select a mission >> fight. Deploy “tanks”, heroes with high HP on front row followed by attackers with high attack and low HP behind for extra shielding. Tap on heroes >>
see their type by tapping on upper right. Check their stats and deploy accordingly. Support heroes should go to hospital. Level up your heroes with shards and blazing stars (red). You get shards through chests from shop and completing tasks. Tap on hero >> “up arrow” >> upgrade. Focus on your best hero first. Charlotte has high attack and HP too and is good to spend your blazing stars. Tap on shop >> chests to get shards and stars.

8.Collect your free rewards every day. You get up to 2 hours worth of offline reward. You also get free chest every 8 hours. Use diamonds to get golden chest. You can also get 30 minutes worth of resources with 30 diamonds. Tap on shop on lower left and check rewards. Ad can also be watched to get additional common chest. You can also get 100 diamonds for survey and 20 diamonds for discord and fb group each.

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9.Use “faction buffs” to get additional attack, defense, and HP buffs. Tap on hero >> left symbol and check his profession. When you use 3 or more heroes of same profession, you get these buffs. You get 20% for 5 similar profession heroes. Make sure you at least 3 heroes of same type to get 10% buff.

10.You will get random drops. Just grind and you will get your favorite heroes at some point. You can get any hero from chests, tasks, etc. You will unlock most heroes till city level 5. 1

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