Viking Rise android game Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, heroes, Discord, and beginner’s guide

Viking Rise is an android world building PvP real time strategy game. The game involves resource management, worker management, attacking enemies to plunder resources, etc. This game has some
better features compared to other games you could send your troops to gather and then attack any base.
You can deploy your troops to tiles by holding and marching. This makes this game versatile and gives better control and more room for strategy during PvP. I will tell Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, beginner’s guide, heroes,
skills, and talent guide for Viking Rise :

1.Firstly, complete your chapter missions, daily quests, and quests. It can be confusing in beginning to know what to upgrade but following these will give you consistent progress and rewards. Chapter missions give oracle stones which are used to summon heroes. Check them by tapping on upper left corner >> chapter/daily quests/quests >> go. Perform staging posts mission as well to get additional rewards which are resources, upgrade materials, speed ups, shields, etc. You also get prestige which which increases staging post’s level and better bounty tasks with rewards.
They keep on popping up which keeps you busy. Do them as much as you could to get more resources quickly. Tap on staging post with knife and paper symbol on lower left >> select mission >> go. You can do this while your buildings are upgrading.

2.Upgrade your chief’s hall. It’s the main building which unlocks other buildings. Try to keep all buildings at chief’s hall level in beginning till you reach level 8 and then focus only on important buildings which are required to upgrade chief’s hall. You can construct new buildings by tapping on hammer symbol on lower left >> economy/military/ decorations >> choose building >> construct. Focus on economy and military buildings first. Decorations don’t provide any buffs so don’t waste your resources on them initially. Tap on building >> up arrow >> upgrade. Tap it again to use speed ups by tapping on “>>” symbol >> tap to use. The best use of general speed ups is definitely for construction.
Don’t use them for research or training troops. You have special training speed ups and research speed ups for it.

3.Join a good and active tribe quickly. The more active members you have the more help you will receive to upgrade your buildings quickly. There are also many advantages that come with tribe like protection from attackers, technology which gives production and attack buffs, items to buy from shop, etc. Tap on curtain symbol on lower right >>
join a tribe. Better way is to ask in chat as active leaders could be looking for new members. You will get invitation in mail so tap on mail on lower right >> tribe >> join. You can check tribe ranking when your chief hall reaches level 8 by tapping on your icon on upper left >> rankings. Change your name before applying for tribe so your tribe members recognize you quickly. Tap on icon on upper left >> feather symbol on right >> type ans save. You will one free chance to do it.

4.Donate resources to tribe technology to get member credits. This can be used to buy items from tribe shop. Tap on tribe on lower right >> technology >> development/war >> donate. Focus
only these 2 sections initially as tribe territory and skills are for advanced stages.

You can donate 20 times at once and more with gems. I don’t recommend spending gems initially.
Go to shop >> purchase required items there. The best use is VIP points and speed ups. You can also stock up attack and defense boosters before going for war. You can also request restock by tapping on tribe shop >> tribe inventory >> item >> request restock. You can also recycle items you don’t need to get member credits.

Help your tribe members to upgrade by tapping on hands symbol. This also gives you 100 member credits per help.

5.Research in academy to get buffs. Academy is divided in to 2 parts, economy and military.
Economy section has resource collection, mining, and worker buffs. Military has troop attack, march speed, defense, and healing buffs.
Focus on military part more over economy part as it will help you in long term because extra attack and defense buffs are crucial during wars. If you have good military buffs, it gives you an edge over your enemies in close battles. This will help you during PvP. You should research economy till gold mining and research it slowly later. Tap on academy >> third option >> military/economy >> select buff >> research.

6.Send your troops to gather resources on outer world. Stone is difficult to get in city so hoard it. It’s better to send troops before logging off as you could send your best troops to gather with high load and gather more resources. This will allow you to collect even while offline. Send heroes with gathering skill and agriculture specialty. Check load as that’s resource collecting capacity. Send heroes with higher load capacity. If your commander
is at level 5, you can deploy additional hero so send 1 hero with at least level 5. Increase levelof hero by tapping on “+” and use hero exp. Another way to get resources is to defeat Niflungs on open map. Tap on search icon on left search >> attack.

7.Viking Rise Hero guide and tier:
Heroes are divided in to 3 classes security, agriculture, commerce. There are additional classes too like leader, infantry, PvP, gathering, basic attacker, polymath, skills, pikeman, counterattack, porter, support, counter attack, and archer.

Hero tier:
Agriculture: Erik, Cecia, Sveinn, Leandra, Varka, Verdandi, Yulmi, Yvette

Gathering: Ulf, Sveinn, Waltham, Varka, Erik, Michaela, Eugen

Security: Ulf, Leidorf, Wooder, Artur, Gregory, Jens, Rosky, Sigurd

Commerce: Michaela, Olena, Eugen, Ivor, Waltham, Bjorn, Helgar, Ivana, Lagertha, Laird, Ragnar

Basic attacker: Ulf, Cecia, Bjorn, Gregory, Jens, Lagertha

Leader : Ulf, Ivor, Ivana, Leandra, Leidolf

Jungler: Leidolf

Infantry: Cecia, Bjorn, Gregory, Jens, Lagertha

Defense: Eugen

PvP: Cecia, Wooder, Bjorn, Gregory, Helgar, Artur, Jens, Lagertha, Laird, Leandra, Rosky, Sigurd, Verdandi, Yulmi, Yvette.

Polymath: Ivor, Ivana, Leandra

Skills: Ivor, Sveinn, Artur, Rosky, Sigurd, Verdandi, Erik, Michaela, Olena

Pikeman: Wooder, Laird, Yulmi, Yvette

Counterattack: Wooder, Helgar, Laird, Leandra, Pikeman

Porter: Sveinn, Waltham, Varka, Erik, Michaela, Eugen

Support: Waltham, Ivana, Leandra, Varka, Yvette, Leidolf

Pikeman: Helgar

Archer: Artur, Rosky, Sigurd, Verdandi, Olena

You can increase level
of hero by sending him on attacks and “hero experience”. Tap on hero by tapping on helmet symbol on lower
right >> “+” symbol >> use. Use it till you upgrade gathering hero till level 5 then preserve rest for attacking heroes. You can also ascend with shards by tapping on second + >> “+” >> “+” to add hero shards >> ok. Sources are Hall of
valor and shard exchange. You can unlock
skill shards after your hero reaches level 20.
You will unlock talents for every star level so use it to get more buffs. Tap on talents select talent >> use. Use squad base to gain hero experience Tap on squad base >> 3rd option >> gain exp.
You can resarch higher tier troops in academy. Upgrade tier 1 troops to tier 2 by tapping on infantry/archery/pikemen >> select
troops >> “up arrow” >> promote.

6.Battle guide: Always scout your enemies beore attacking. Infantry defeats archers, archers are more powerful than
pikemen, and pikemen are powerful than infantry.
If you scouting gives you that information then select troops accordingly.
Choose heroes of leader, security, archer, pikemen, support, counter attack, defense, and infantry class.
Use attack and defense boost items. You can buy them from tribe shop. You can send 2 troops so send them
quickly to cause more damage. Tribe leader can also build flags and more workers help it to build quickly.
Use rallies to defeat stronger opponents. Tap on base >> rally. Send reinforcements to your tribe members to protect them.
You can also send them resources by tapping on supply resources >> select resorces >> supply.

8.Accept additional quests where you help some worker. Tap “message” symbol over worker in city to accept those. You also get rewards for clearing areas on map. Tap on map symbol on lower left to accept reward. You can also
tap on report symbol on lower right to perform some quick quests >> go.

9.Participate in events which give you massive rewards. Check event calendar by tapping on upper right.
Claim your rewards there and check quests.
You also get 500 gems each for linking your account and joining discord group. Tap on your icon >> settings >> account >> link. It’s better to link with google.

Discord link:

10.Collect free rewards daily. Tap on mall on upper right >> daily pack >> claim.
Tap on red dot on upper left >> claim for free. You get daily prosperity level points which raises
your prosperity level and give you economy buffs. Spend your gems to get to prosperity level 4 quickly to unlock additional construction queue.
Tap on prosperity on upper left >> “+” >> buy and use.
You can also get additional construction queue with 300 gems. Tap on tavern keeper >> shop >> 4th option >> expansion order. You can also buy territory relocator there. Recovery potions are important during attacks so buy them from prosperity shop.

11.Spending guide:Best way to spend money for p2w is featured and gem supply card. You also get first purchase bonus.

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