Skylore Fantasy MMORPG android game tips, alchemist, leveling, race, class, skills, and beginner’s guide

Skylore is an open World Fantasy MMORPG android game. It has various battles and missions including
story, side quests, arena, guild wars, etc. There are 5 classes of gear common (grey), green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic), legendary (orange). There are 6 races of heroes Humans who are known for their resourcefulness, mages, and scientists, Noxes who are skilled spell casters and alchemists, Elves who have restoratve energy, and archers, Goblins are creators of various items like robot soldiers, traders, and bankers, Muars who are good at camouflaging which makes them skilled hunters. There are certain skills which allow you to become invisible and they probably belong to this race as skills change with races.
Gorrs who are known for strength and endurance, and sculptures. I recommend humans as they have
good physical damage, Noxes, and Elves.

1.The most important thing is to simply focus on main quests as a beginner. Tap on “i” symbol
on upper right corner >> select a quest >> follow.
Some side quests like discovering echo offer better gear
or even magic damage gear so complete them
too to get better weapon. You cannot use weapon of another class but use it to upgrade
your existing weapon. You can also teleport quickly from one map to next with gold. Tap on map on
upper right >> map symbol >> select library/waypoint >> teleport.

2.Use skills during battle. You can engage an enemy for battle by tapping on him and you will inflict
damage per second
. You can check it by tapping on your bag (helmet symbol) on lower right >> select weapon. Skills get reloaded after certain time interval so tap on them and select direction/tap on enemy. This inflicts tremendous damage and gets job done quickly.

Upgrade your skills with chaos shards which can get from learning talent
from talent section. You will get 1 chaos shard for each talent learned
so learn all available. You can use chaos shard by tapping on talents >> chaos shard >> learn
then abilities >> select skill >> select chaos shard >> unlock. You will get more skills as you learn tale

3.Skylore talent skill guide for all classes: Talent skill at higher pages requires more duration
and currency so focus on best skills within first 6 pages. Use all your chaos shard on one of best skills then
move to next skill.

1.Talent skill guide for hunter: Focus on attack power, critical hit rating, and critical hit power. Instinct is
for summon spirit skill so learn it’s talent only if you like that skill. If your character is dying
too quickly then learn skills like max health and health regeneration. Knowledge currencies required to learn
talent are less for first 3 pages so learn all talents for first pages.
Best skills for this class are multishot as it could deal damage to up to 5 enemies,
summon spirit as it kills enemies in succession, storm of arrows as it increases attack range by 50%,
survival tactics as it defends well, acid rain
because it targets multiple enemies, spirit rage which attacks selected target which could be helpful
against powerful bosses, spiritual connection as it restores health per spirit damage.

2.Talent skill guide for alchemist: Learn all talents for first 3 pages as it’s cheaper. Learn ability
cooldown and ability power later.
Best skills are directional transformation, transmutation circle, elixir
of life as increases maximum health by 20% and increases effectiveness of healing allies by 50%, careful handling as it increases health increase of allies by 20%, protective barrier which could protect you when surrounded by multiple enemies, potion making as it could heal 3 allies.

3.Talent skill guide for mages: Learn all from first3 or 4 pages. Focus on ability cool down, critical hit rating,
and ability power later. Best skills are Fireball because of it’s targeted attack, destruction as you summon
illusions. It’s power can be increased by learning concentration talent so learn it if you use this skill,
oppelganger as you create illusions, illusory deceit as you become invisible when you have less than 20% health, energy wave as it deals damage to all enemies in front of you. Use chaos shards targetedly for only one skill. If you use destruction skill use all your chaos shards on him. Higher level skills require more knowledge currencies so pick one earlier and upgrade it.

4.Talent skill guide for shadow: Learn all talents from first 3 pages then focus on attack power and critical hit rating. Invisibility skill of shadow is by far best in game as it can be used to recover health while being invisible probably. Use chaos shards to fully upgrade this skill. Shadow defense complements it well as it provides defense for 5 seconds when you come out of invisibility. Grand Entrance applies
stun to all enemies within 3 meters for 1.5 seconds when you come out of invisibility.
Thousand blades deals damage to all enemies and is good when dealing with many enemies.
Dark saturation restores 30% health per damage dealt and is pretty good.

5.Talent skill page guide for guardian: Learn all talents from first 3 pages then focus on armor, blocking,
and resistance.
Best skills for this class are hammer of wrath, taunt as it can protect your allies, veteran as it
increases your max health by 10%, blade barrier as it returns 100% of all damage of enemies auto attacks,
colossus strike as you draw all enemies towards you, living armor as it increases max health by 30% and restore 3% health every second for 10 seconds.

4.Skylore class guide: There are 5 classes guardians, shadow, hunter, mage, and
alchemist. Guardian has highest defense and alchemist is a healer so they are better suited for
defensive players. Hunters and mages have high physical and magic attack respectively and are better suited for aggressive players. Shadow has highest attack but low defense. You will lose health quickly so you will need a lot of healing potions with this class. Your character level increases with “mastery” points.
You can increase it with quests, learning talents, and upgrading gear. Check it by tapping on upper left icon.You can change class but you will have to start with a new character. Tap on settings on lower left >>
switch character >> create a new character >> select class. Your skills will also change accordingly and become better and will provide magic damage. Even if it’s lower level gear, you can can combine, enhance, or level it up. Tap on quests >> reward to see reward and play accordingly. If you are low on knowledge currency or gold, complete those quests to learn talents or level up your gear.

5.Engage with some enemies on your way when you are doing your quests. This will give you knowledge
currency and gold. You will need knowledge currency to learn new talent.

You can learn new talents by tapping on lower right >> 4th option >> select talent >> learn.

6.Skylore Fantasy MMORPG equipment/gear guide:

Get at least green/blue tier gear fr using weapon heaps of trophy weapons item.
This is because they will have naturally higher attributes over common (grey) gear. You should level up common (grey) weapon as much as you could and use it to upgrade another
better weapon of same class in beginning. For example, apprentice bow
has higher attributes over master bow. Upgrade master bow to a high level and use it to level up apprentice bow. This applies to other classes as well. Check attributes and always select higher one. You don’t get level up attributes for level 1 weapons if they are used as upgrading item so upgrade them first. You will attain mastery, upgrade primary and secondary attribute of your weapon. You can
use another weapon, heaps of trophy weapons, heaps of trophy armor, heaps of trophy accessories as level up item. The higher the level of level up gear item you use the more XP you receive. You can also use weapon of another class like mage, for example even if you are using hunter class weapon. I recommend upgrading weapon first and not other gear like shoes or armor as attack is
most important. Switch to a better weapon/gear marker with upper green arrow >> equip.
Tap on lower right >> select weapon/armor >>
forge symbol >> level up. You can level up after reaching level 5.

Skylore equipment upgrade guide: Gear enhancement: Enhancing weapon will raise mastery and primary attribute like physical damage. There is a risk here that unsuccessful attempt might decrease enhancement level by 1 unit. You can prevent it by using defense orbs. Enhancement level of 10, 15, and 20 will not incur penalty. Select gear >> second option >> enhance >> add item >> enhance. You need at least level 7 to enhance gear.

Gear combine: Combine gears/weapons of same level to increase your mastery, raise primary attribute, and add a new secondary attribute. For example, if your weapon already has physical damage, it might get magical damage as well or it will get attributes like composure, resilience, armor penetration, concentration, dodge, or might. Upgrade your weapons to max level and them combine them. Substitutes like weapon alchemy stone, armor alchemy stone, and accessory alchemy stone can be used as well. Your level will drop down to level 1 but your class is increased. For example, common (grey) weapon will become uncommon (green) type. You can further level them up to maximum level and make combine them to make rare (blue) tier and so on to finally reach legendary (orange) tier status.

Don’t drop your weapon/gear as it can always be used to combine. Dropping doesn’t give you any currency as well. If you are low on space, use “expand the inventory” item. Hoard all your weapons. Select gear >> second option >> combine >> add item >> combine. You need at least level 9 to combine gear.

Reforge your weapon: Only gear with rare (blue) tier can be reforged. You can change secondary attribute of your gear with it. You cannot change secondary attribute like composure, might, or resilience.
You need weapon, or armor, or accessory alchemy stones, and adamantine crystals. You can lock a attribute if you don’t want it to be changed which is available for epic (purple) or higher tier gear.
Tap on lower right >> select gear >> hammer symbol >> reforge option >> lock >> reforge.
You need at least level 12 to reforge.

7.Equip items to your belt for emergency uses. There are healing and attacking buff potions.
Use them during fighting difficult bosses for additional atk/def buffs.

Tap on belt ob lower right >> tap on item to use it. Tap on item >> add to belt to equip it. Use these items during battle. For example, items like pyrotechnic pack and small strength concoction provide damage buffs to monsters.
They can be handy during dungeons, guild raids, and world.

8.Collect free rewards every day. You can get gold, gear upgrade items like heaps of trophy, weapon alchemy stones, scrolls which you can equip. Check shop buy items items you need with gold there. I recommend gear upgrade items over scrolls as scrolls cannot be reused but gear once upgraded can provide consistent damage augmentation. Tap on “shop” symbol on lower left >> item >> buy.

9.Join a good/active guild. This will allow you to compete together for PvP battles. Participate in guild activities like guild raids, assignments, etc. Invite other players to compete in arena, dungeons, battlefields, adamantine grotto via chat. Tap on chat >> tavern >> place request >> post. Check chat as many players are needing players of different classes to complete
their party.

10.Compete in arena to earn arena glory tokens. You can use these to buy items in shop. Tap on “shop” symbol >> arena >> select item >> buy. You can compete in arena after reaching level 5. You should
go for 1 healer, 1 tank, 1 mage, or 1 hunter to have good balance of players.
Put your request in chat so others could see. If you want to invite someone, tap on that player >> invite to join party. You can do same for dungeons. Arena will have healing tiles which could pop up so keep an eye on them and move there to heal.

11.Skylore battlefield guide:
You will get weapon, armor, accessories boosters during battle that can be collected with
chests. There will be certain areas located on battlefield which can restore health per second so move to those areas quickly when the show up with + sign.
Similarly, there will be areas which will cause damage so move away from them. Kill monsters to get boosters. Collect bonuses. Stay closer to allies with 7 meters to get damage 25%damage buff and restore 2% health every second. Don’t move farther than 15 meters to prevent continuous damage. You will see temporary gear points numbers
above a player’s head. Target strongest player to get rid of him first.

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