Arcane Merge Fantasy Mix Wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide

Arcane Merge Fantasy Mix is a merge puzzle based android game. There are various types of items, recipes, etc to keep you busy. I will list and explain tips, tricks, strategies, wiki, and beginner’s guide to progress in this
game quickly.

1.Check required designs to get stars and items by tapping map. New designs give you new items which could be merged with items which cannot be moved and clear that tile. Tap on merge >> recipe symbol on lower left >> mix now. You will need to produce those relevant items. For example, you need crude mana level 1 and chalk level 2 to get crayon. Tap on them to see how to get them. These recipe items are need to complete quests to get stars. You can unlock more mixer slots with gems. Tap on recipes >> mixer >> unlock now but this is recommended only if you have excess gems and many items you can mix simultaneously.
This game has star based system which allows you to unlock new lands. You complete designs to get stars.
Tap on maps like expedition caravan or mysterious ruins to see which designs you need. Go to merge.

2.Use resource producing items like crystal, wood idol, and clipboard to produce required items. You will get more types as you progress, create new designs, and unlock new lands. Each resource producing item is symbolized with energy symbol at bottom. You can produce different items with different resource producing items. You will consume energy whenever you create an item so only produce those which are needed for quests, recipes, and designs. If you are low on energy then you can tap energy symbol items to get energy. If you merge them, you get even more energy. For example, you get 5 energy for level 1, then 15 to 40 to even 100. Another way is to buy from store >> energy >> diamonds.
Same happens with gems, hoard them, merge them to get more gems rather than tapping them.

3.Complete daily challenges to get energy. If you don’t know how to get item then tap on item >> tap it again below with question mark symbol at bottom >> you will see where it can be found.

4.Get gold coins by creating objects which are shown above. Tap on it to see how you can get it. Merge items by dragging one onto another. You will need gold to send caravan with designed items.

5.Use gems to get rare items. This is best way to spend gems. If you want a missing item quickly use gems but spend it for rare items not for ones which you can easily get through merging. Tap on store >> buy. You can also watch ads alternatively. Daily items could be switched so check them daily. If you want to pay, go for starter pack.

6.You will get diamond rewards for every new item you discover through recipes and merging. You can collect it by tapping on book symbol on lower left >> mixer/collection >> gift symbol.

7.Drag excess item to inventory to add it. This will free up space for new items.
You can expand inventory by tapping on bag symbol on lower left >> diamonds.

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