Hexapolis Civilization Wars Wiki, heroes guide, tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide

Hexapolis Civilization Wars is a turn based strategy android game which has tile based politopia system. It is medieval warfare type game. You have to capture at least 3 or more cities to defeat your opponent.
There are various tips, tricks, strategies for f2p players in this game. Here is Wiki, troops, and
beginner’s guide for this game:

1.Read daily, weekly, monthly quests, and achievements before going for campaign missions. This will give you idea about what additional things you need to do other than winning and capturing cities. Tap on trophy symbol on upper left to see them.

2.Best way to spend gems is on talents first. This gives you amazing buffs in battles and rewards.
Talents like lucky wheel and offline earnings give you extra rewards.
You can collect offline gold earnings by tapping on second option on upper right >> collect. Always tap on chest as it takes time to open them. Don’t waste gems to open them. Use gems to open legendary chest, or convert to gold, or buy energy. Use gold coins to buy heroes or upgrade items from daily deals. Tap on shop on lower left >> daily deals. You can also collect rewards through ads there. Joker is used instead of video ads so don’t waste gems on it. If you run out of energy, tap on “+” symbol above >> diamonds.

3.Upgrade your heroes to increase their base stats. Heroes are divided in common (grey), grand (blue), rare (blue), purple and legendary (orange). Upgrade green heroes first. Check their rarity. Archer, warrior, pikeman, Knight Riders, catapults, and sailor are good attackers. Knight Riders and sailors are well balanced. Defenders are tanks. Focus on your best heroes first like Knight Riders
and sailors followed by archers. Archers have range which gives tactical edge. Tap on hero >> level. You will also need level up items specific to hero type which can get by winning wars as you get 1 chest per win.
You can grind a lower mission to get more rewards although higher levels give better rewards.
You can also rank up hero to increase his rarity. Use common (grey) heroes to increase rarity of green (grand)
heroes. Tap on hero >> select hero >> rank >> select heroes till bar is full >> confirm.

4.Hexapolis Civilization Wars battle guide: Always research units first to put them in battle quickly.
Units can leveled up based on their kills so experience is important.
Always choose attack
for attackers as level up boost and HP for tanks (high HP heroes).

Castle >> stables
Sailing >> navigation
Climbing >> roads. Roads allow you to move 2 tiles.
You can then focus on other research like market, forestry, farming, windmill,deer hunt, hunter’s cabin, etc.

Always start off attack with best attacker like Knight Rider or archer.
Archers don’t get counter hit because of range.
They have low HP so use a tank like shields or sailor or Knight Rider to protect them. It’s better to divide your troops in 2 or 3 parts and send in 3 different directions. If you spot a city, capture that tile by occupying it and flag symbol.

Gather berries, kill rabbits, and deers to get city expansion and coin production bonus. You get coins at
end of each turn. You don’t spend much coins for them.
Tap on tile and gather/collect before moving to collect berries. City expansion is shown with green tiles which
represent their level. When it gets full, you are leveled up. This allows you to produce more
heroes. Whenever you are leveled up, you get a choice to select reward.
Highest priority should be for hero followed by increased coin production. Heroes like King Arthur also move
a step forward after killing and is a good choice. You can also get a archer.

5.Don’t end turns unless you have used all your coins or you could hoard them to research or get better hero.

6.If you are a spender, then battle pass is a good choice as it gives rewards based on how you progress. Limited time packs also give good offer. Tap on gift symbol above >> Limited time pack. First choice is cheap.

7.Join Hexapolis discord. Discord link: https://discord.gg/D8vhw8Rv

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