Shogun’s Emperor Hex commander tips and beginner’s guide

Shogun’s Emperor hex commander is a turn based strategy game where you fight against different clans and involves politics too. I will write the tips, cheats, and beginner’s guide to quickly progress in this game and capture provinces.

Tip 1:Hire maximum infantry units (Tachi Ashigaru) in the beginning of this game. Then your next preference should be to spearsman (Yari units), and the last preference to the archers. This is because the infantry deal most damge against the spear(Yari units) units and also against the archers.
However never use them against the cavalry (general).

Tip 2:Only have 1 enemy at a time. This will raise your honor and the emperor will give you more tasks to further gain your honor. If you randomly attack different clans then it will reduce your honor. Highest priority should be given to the emperor tasks so you get honor, gold, and rice when you attack enemies.

Tip 3:Form political alliances with as many clans as possible especially the ones having more provinces. They not only give you gold every month by trade but also give you army health when you fight against other clans. Also you can buy provinces from them by tapping on the province>>buy province.

Tip 4:Never form political alliances with the clans controlling ports. This is because capturing ports unlock firearm units and other advanced units like artillery. Once an alliance is formed breaking them results in huge loss of honor so be careful with whom you form your
alliances. Generally, weaker clans should be targeted as enemies and alliances should be formed with the stronger ones. You can form alliances
by tapping on the province>>relations>>request alliance.

Tip 5:The artillery should always be followed by spear units (Yari), and lastly you should have 1 archer unit. I don’t recommend more than 1 archer unit in the beginning. since they deal the lowest damage. If your enemies has archer units, you should find places near trees to cover yourself from the archers. You can see the hexagons with the defense symbol. They are also the costliest.

Ti 6:Try to create as few armies as possible in the beginning to cover your borders. There is no need to create armies if you have provinces surrounding seas. Your army should at least be with 2 provinces of the border so deploy it to the center. I recommend having a central army which is the strongest to fend off incoming attacks. Once you have upgraded your troops to a higher level, only then proceed to capture rival territories and create new armies. To create army for new provinces,
tap on the + symbol>>create army>>select your troops.

Tip 7:When the battle begins, always tap on the enemy’s units to see how far they can come. Always stay 1 hexagon away from them when approaching, this will allow you to give the first blow.

Tip 8:Upgrade your commander and heroes regularly to increase their attributes. You can do that by tapping on the army on the map>>select units>>ble symbol. Spend your gold on these upgrades initially rather than creating many armies.

Tip 9:If your enemy exposes general earlier in the game, you can target him instead of the other units. This is because if the general dies, then you win. You can also use the artillery units in this case against the general to focus all your attack on him. Archers also are very crucial in this strategy, always use them against the general to take him down. If the general is well protected,I
recommend focusing all your attack on the enemy troops. Don’t waste your archery units attack on the general in this case since they will have no support of other troops. Once the troops start retreating, the general will retreat too.

Tip 10:Stock as many rice as possible in the summer. You can buy it by tapping on the first option above>>buy. Always check the price before you buy it. Only buy rice when it’s price is below 5. Anything above that is expensive. As you approach winter rice will get expensive so buy as much as you can during the summer. Once the rice gets expensive, you can sell it for gold.Make
sure you have enough in stock though to feed your armies because if rice gets over, you will have to spend lots of gold to buy it again.

Tip 11:End your month after healing your troops. You can heal troops by tapping on the troops>>heal all. This is important because if you get attacked you will surely lose that province.

Tip 12:If you get attacked by a stronger enemy and you lose, move your best general towards that border to defend before ending that month. This will allow you to defend it.

Tip 13:Send gifts to the emperor to increase your honor. You can do that by tapping on the rice market>>send a gift.

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