Merge Cove apk, free download, tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide

Merge cove apk link: Playstore

Merge Cove is a puzzle, merge, single player, and offline game.

1.Tap on energy factories to produce items. They will get more expensive as you progress so choose
one which needs low energy if you have less energy. Each subsequent produce will increase by count of 5 to
15 stars.

2.Merge 3 or 5 by dragging together. Arrange in such a way that merging becomes easier to spot by
placing them closer together. It’s better to merge 5 at once as they produce 3 and 3 produces 1.

3.Don’t tap on a new item immediately. Keep on merging and forming advanced items to get extra rewards. Tap on “?” sign on right >> select options above >> gift sign.

4.Gain stars by merging to level up. You could see how many stars you have collected on upper
Merging gives 2 stars till level 3 and then 3 for level 4 items and 5 for 5thh level items when you tap
“!” mark symbol on them. Some items like cutter gives a character for 4th merge. Tap on “?” on right >>
first option >> drag below to see it.

5.Unlock new places by getting required items. Drag outside to see a new place. Machine craftsman can speed up construction by 1 hour.

6.Complete novice, daily, and weekly tasks to get gold, money, and energy. Tap on lower left to check them. Collect keys but don’t tap them immediately as merging 5 gives 3 and more keys. You can use them to unlock new areas. Demagnify to see key symbol and unlock them. You can get keys by ordering from soup symbol >> Make >> Free >> Find Ally. You will get coin dust and key. Combine coin dust to make star coins. More quests can be seen on left side. Select one >> Find.

7.Use star coins to get energy. Tap on Energy symbol above >> coins to get energy. Money can be used to speed up process of processing an item or harvesting sugar.

8.Buy items in shop with star coins. Tap on shop >> choose item. Tomato and sugar are good choices if you want keys, else choose level 5 item. Delete an item by dragging it towards garbage bin.

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