Family Diary Find Way Home apk, free download, tips, tricks, and guide

Family Diary Find Way Home is a simulation, farming, single player game. This one has cool story about
a wealthy family getting lost on an island and trying to survive and find their way back home. Dialogues add
interest and are part of game progress as they give stars too. There is no dearth of energy as it’s
quite generous with energy.

1.Play quests on left widget. They offer maximum stars and energy. Stars allow you to level up leading
to more items and things formations. Tap on them >> search >> tap. Some require
you to get more items. Keep on tapping search till you get all. Prioritize these quests first as you will have
to repeat same task again even if you have already done it. For example, you will have to make scrapers again even if you have already made them. You get stars for gathering items too but they offer less stars and
you will be depleting items instead of using them for quests.

2.Construct different things like food storage, pottery, carpentry, cooking table to produce advanced items or
They get unlocked as you level up. Upper left corner shows your level and stars you have collected.
Tap on shop on lower right >> select machinery >> select.

3.Watch ads to get energy. Tap on energy above >> Free. If you use Rubies, choose last option of 50 Rubies
as it gives more energy per Rubie. If you buy Rubies pack, last option offers maximum gem per dollar. Tap on shop >> Rubies. You can also watch ads to get Rubies on beach.

4.Collect energy from energy generator. You get 5 every 5 minutes. You can replenish upto 25. Collect other
free resources too like Beewax.

5.Go to new map after reaching necessary level. Tap on lower left >> select map.

6.Eat food to get energy. You can cook fried potato, Omelette, etc. Omelette gives 20 energy and Potato 15.
Make different recipes to get additional energy. Drag food towards camping stove.
Once cooked, drag it towards dining table, and then select it >> energy. Watch an ad to get double energy. Tap “play’ sign instead of energy to do that.

7.Craft and store newfangles resources in storage as you will need them later down the road. Resources like scrapers, strings, wattles, stakes, boards, etc. Never stop making them. This will allow you to be ready whenever a quest demands certain number of such crafted items. You will unlock more items like as you level up. Accumulate them too. For example, Build Merchant quest near end of 8th level requires 10 strings and 5 stakes. It takes time to make them so better store it in advance.

8.Upgrade main house to increase your energy storage limit. It’s limit can be augmented with leveling up your character.

9.Go to new maps as you go through your story. You can do that by tapping map sign on lower left >> select map.

10.Collect daily reward by just logging in. You don’t even need to play to receive these reward. Day 7 offers rare item like Gold Key.

11.Best pack is starter pack as it gives 3 gold keys along with 30 rubies and 600 energy. If you prefer rubies
over others, then go for rubies pack in shop. Rare items are difficult to get like gold keys, gold shovel,
and gold saw so it’s better to buy it if needed. You can also play f2p. There is no need to spend as you can grind slowly and get plenty of items with quests.

12.Change your name by tapping on upper right >> type >> pen sign.

Family Diary apk link: Playstore

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