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Merge Fantasy Island is a merge, puzzle, and casual game. It’s quite complex compared to other merge games as you have workers called Kuyas who have different levels, characteristics, looks, etc. Its management
trait involves logs, coin banks, storages, etc. makes it a fun game. Tips for Merge Fantasy Island are given below.

1.Balance your merging and getting resources by preserving 1 highest level item and tapping remaining to get products like coins, healing essences, logs, and fruits. Managing upgrades and extraction of resources is key part of managing in this game. For example, if you have 2 level 6 coins, tap 1 to get 600 coins and preserve another for further getting level 7 and above coins. This allows steady income for purchasing and advancement along with growth. This is overall strategy for this game to follow.

2.Complete errands every day to get item rewards and EXP. Tap on Main Errands on left side >> search sign to see where is relevant item. Tap Get all to get all rewards at once. You will also get special errand task as you level up higher. Never use gems to complete task as you can use them to buy Kuya and although you will progress quickly, you will lose grinding aspect. You will unlock daily errands after probably level 8. You also get extra rewards for these errands at every 2 tasks like healing flower, star candy, coins, etc. You get noms at last if you complete all. You can buy Kuya by tapping on bag sign on right >> gems.

3.Merge 5 instead of 3 as 5 gives 2 items and 3 gives 1. You have to drag it towards 2 adjacent same items for them to merge. They could also be placed perpendicularly. There are small tricks here like if you tap and hold and item, you could see other same items by “search” sign, place them close together by tapping “magnet” sign, lock to not get merged by tapping “lock” sign, and drag all kuyas towards one object to extract product by tapping “cleaner” sign. Magnet is very helpful in getting things done quickly. You could also move item quickly by selecting them and tapping an empty tile. Higher level essences lead to more butterfly formation and more clearing of dirty land. Be patient and merge as much as you could to get higher level essences and more butterflies formation to clear new land.

You get level 1 healing essence till level 3 healing flower, level 2 till level 9, and elevated level essences later.
Use highest level flowers for getting essences.

Items have combo effect which allows you to use them by placing 2 identical items perpendicularly in 4 directions with empty central square. This formation allows you to place lowest level essence at central square leading to combo effect as 3 identical lowest item lead to higher level item and it leads to chain reaction type effect. This will give you additional rewards like level drop of healing essence. More combos give more rewards. Screenshot is given below.

4.Merge in close proximity towards dirty lands to clear them without using healing essences. This is most methodical way of advancement as it assists in clearing of land quickly. Use butterflies for immovable objects like large mossy fallen tree. Clear new lands upon leveling up by tapping “tick mark” sign above it.

5.Make your kuyas work manually rather than automatically to gather healing level 2 essences by dragging them towards level or above healing bud/flowers. This makes them work quickly. Kuyas also need rest after working to refill their stamina. You can raise number of kuyas that recover at same time by increasing cozy house level. This also reduces their recovery time. Kuyas of higher level have higher stamina allowing them to work longer. You can tap on kuya and see number of hearts to see their stamina data. You can also make them extract items from other commodities too for fruits like almonds and pomegranates. Tap and hold tree/healing flower >> 4th option to drag all kuyas towards it. Merge
fruit trees to get different eleveated level fruits which gives better coins. Check levels of any item by
tapping boo of wisdom option [second right] >> resources >> select item >> “i” to see further details.

6.Merge your Kuyas to raise their level. Tap on Kuya basket to get level 1 Kuyas. Keep on merging till all are at topmost level. Higher level Kuyas allow quick scraping.
They need less rest time overall.

7.Manufacture banks and storages to increase your storage and passive production of items like logs and coins. Tap on log symbol above >> storage >> shabby storage construction site/ build bank. Use all of your coins for banks till you get at least level 3 little bank which gives you level 3 small gold coin passively. This allows you to get more coins. Do not tap coins unless you have at least level 6 Gold Orca coin or level 7 coin.
The more kuyas you send for construction the less time you need so send more while manufacturing structures.

8.Use your coins to acquire kuyas. Kuyas get’s more costly as you purchase them so pursue to get them till you get level 3 kuya. Onion kuyas are cheapest and you can easily merge them to level 5. You also need to increase your bank storage capacity to buy expensive kuyas. Tap on shop [last option on
right] >> Kuya >> coins.

9.Send your kuyas on adventure to get stupendous rewards quickly. You will unlock this later after level
15 probably. An option will appear on lower right to go on adventure >>start adventure.

10.Collect free gifts every 6 hours. Tap on shop on lowest right >> pack shop >> free.
You also get rewards through mail. Tap on upper right option >> mail >> gems. Private shop will
appear after level 15 or close to that level. Tap on it [3rd option on right] >> buy items with gems. Buy rare
items like beach palm tree or pomegranate tree as essences and flowers are easier to get.

Best premium packs are Novice Spirit Keeper pack, Bank required, or daily pac which gives gems daily.
Buying gems directly is not a good idea as it’s expensive. Tap on upper right sign to see these packs.

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11.Merge Fantasy Island codes: Show Off Summer Beach Kuya’s Swimming Skill


1.A screenshot of Swimming Pineapple Kuya + Friend Code + #kuya #mergefantasyisland #pineapplekuyaswimming

2.You could win Gems.

3.Additional information: link

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