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Secret Cat Forest is a casual, simulation, management, single player offline game. It is a long game as you unlock various places as you progress and craft furniture items. You will meet new cats, decorate your house, etc. Tips to progress in this game quickly are given below.

1.Collect fish and wood from forest. Tap tip of fishing rod, hold fish and tap when it is in between
red part.
Slide screen left. Some are hard to find between other things, keep a keen eye there.
Collecting fish also gives items like duct tape, assembly part, etc. which are needed
to upgrade or build items. Keep on fishing to possibly get these items even when fish
storage is full. Tap tree to collect wood. Collect all. Buy items with wooden logs.
If you want to show/ hide furnitures, you must be friends with all cats in
that area. Check intimacy level below. Slide towards right from tree screen >> lower right option >> tap on mallet Craft. You will need to be forbearing a crafting does need some time. Exorbitant items need more time. You can also collect boxes are waiting time is over. Make sure you watch ad to get double reward.

2.Craft more than one item to increase development speed. Tap on lower right >> Workbench Lv1 up arrow. Next item to be upgrade is increasing fish storage as it requires less wood for first 2 upgrades. Upgrade fishing rod once you get 10 duct tapes from kitty’s gift. Special craft can be used to get special items or 3k wood by exchanging it with Whiskers. You get whiskers on 7th day of attendance.

3.Craft different furniture items to allow new cats to come near you. Cats come every 2 hours or so to relax on their preferred furniture items and eat 20 fishes, rest for 15 minutes, then go again. You can see which cat likes what item by tapping and holding cat or going to your inventory by tapping lower right corner >> 3rd option >> archive guide >> open. Tap on blank space >> Okay. You can get shards from fishing. You also get
additional rewards by crafting certain combinations. Open inventory >> archive guide >> open >> 4th option on right >> tap last item to receive rewards. Tap on items to see what you need. You can switch to make substitute items by tapping on lower right corner >> first option >> item on left to switch.

4.Unlock secret rooms by tapping on upper right >> tent
Unlock more furniture items after crafting Long Ladder >> see next item. Craft it to see next item
on question mark. Next is Golden Cushion. Golden Cushion is last option of last furniture. You also have special proficiency requirement of crafting 35 furnitures for it.
If you can’t find question mark item, tap on all items to switch them.

5.Decorate your intimate cats.
Cats have intimacy level which gets full when they visit often. You can see red fill on paws by going to
profile. Tap on lower righ >> 3rd option >> Archive guide >> first option/ second option >> tap on dress
of cat >> arrows >> Okay. You will also get special masterpiece once you geta collection of particular
cats intimate. Select 3rd option in profile >> tap on blank cat spaces to see which cats you need to complete
special album.

6.Increase wood production speed with Infinity Tree Lv2. Tap on star >> Infinity Tree Lv1 up arrow. You will need to acquire item by Kitty’s gift. You can invite kitty by fishing fish to utmost level.

7.Watch ads to activate effects. Hire lumberjack gives passive collection of 1 hour wood collection while offline. Tap on ad to get it. If ads don’t load, wait for a minute and tap “x” to end ad and get reward. Wood collection bonus should always be watched first before collecting wood as you get double rewards when you collect and even for passive wood collection effect of lumberjack.

8.Use storage items to get items like wooden, canned fish to get 50 fish, Kitty Archive shard
to fill in blanks at profile archive, Kitty’s Gift, etc.
Open Kitty’s gift as soon as you get it as you might need
those items immediately. Profile archive and blanks can be seen when cats appear on your floor >>
tap an hold them >> read characteristics for different cats.

9.Codes for Secret Cat Forest: Enter code “cricket”. It works only at night. Tap on upper right corner >> settings >> codes >> enter. Enter same to turn off.

Secret cat code:JiyongLeChatChoppa [1]

10.Secret Cat Forest apk link:

11.Best pack is Butterfy/Firefly pack as it increases wood production too
by 10%.
Other packs are based on price as you get maximum value for most costly pack.
Tap on lower right >> first option.

Tips from Reddit: [2]

Golden carp:
Ignore yellow fish unless it’s only yellow fish in pond, then you will get carp. [3]

Greenhouse requirements: [4]
100 beach house furniture,

1.Ice Wall Ladder

2.Royal Tub

3.Square Slab Table

4.Large Flamingo Ring

You need full paws on all cats before you can hide furniture. A cat’s pic is not unlocked unless you have full
intimacy. [5]

Cat requirements [6] :
Smokey: (monstera or lemon mat + stairs)

Naro: (lemon or mushroom grass cushion)

Popoki: (Floral Grass Cushion)

Kabel: (pasture wisteria chair)

Toby: (colorful fur balls – made by collecting the pieces)

Lily: (Floral-scented Terrace)

Simon: (green tea teapot)

Tuba: (Forsynthia Sofa Bed)

Miaow: (Aloe Vera Rectangle Pot + baby cactus shelf possibly?)

Jokongyi: (pine tree arch bridge + one of the ponds)

Karinyah: (either decor shelf + Tuba)

Campsite requirements [7]
: Ladder, Golden cushion, Golden globe, red passion piano, and 70 furniture requirements.

Beach house requirements [8] : You unlock it after you unlock campsite, both above and below.
Check requirements by going to settings on upper right >> tent >> find next items there.

Basement requirements [9] :
Barbecue Party Log chair ( Sunflower cushion) Island table
Red Camping Tent Flower Ladder Large Pink rug Pink ger Rabbit Cushion
Door will appear, tap on it.

Go to last option under Furniture Collection from book. You will find basement door there. [10]












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