Campfire Cat Cafe Cute game wiki, story, tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide

Campfire Cat Cafe is a relaxing cooking simulation android game in an animal world. It has spectacular backgrounds and cool cat workers and different rooms and ways to make wealth which is acorns. It has an engrossing story which makes you addicted to this idle cooking game. Alessia who is wife of Chef Gino goes to Meowchelin Institute. One of customers from that institute tells him he doesn’t know her
so he thinks she is missing and wants to find her. You are helping him run his cafe.
Oliver then finds photo when Gino remembers how Alessia cooked lunch for him and night with water and stars. He then realizes he needs to meet her at the stars, Mirror Lake Camp. You then unlock that area.
Here are tips and guide.

1.Build all cheapest building you could build to get stars which is reputation. You should aim to build buildings with more stars and which require less acorns. Check bakery structures as well. Upgrading requires much more acorns so build all structures first before upgrading anything. Most important thing in beginning is tables to serve maximum customers. Build 6 of them. Next is recipes. Tap on menu to learn new recipes. Customers go away if you have not learned dish they want. You get new type of customer for every new recipe you learn which boosts tips, etc. Easiest way is to follow tasks above. You will get steady rewards that way. Tap on Upgrade camp/bakery >> select structure >> buy.

Progress towards next story parts when you collect required amount of stars. You will see an exclamation mark near food truck. Tap there >> next story and get rewards.

2.Hire crew as you progress. This gives you extra passive reward. Miss Balance and waiter Rilo are most important as they can pick and take orders respectively. This gives major boost in passive income even while offline. Upgrade your hired crew members to give you even better service. Tap on crew on lower right and buy them. Upgrade them by tapping food symbol below. You can check their level with hearts above. You can get food by building Sunflower Windmill and oven. Get flour from windmill, bake in oven. Tap on oven >> bake. You can check flour amount by tapping oven. Use all of it as it gets refilled automatically.

3.Serve more customers by manually promoting. This gives you more number of customers quickly. You have 40 promotions. It takes 2 minutes to fill by 1. Use auto promote ability of customer attractor Oliver. This gets you more customers quickly. You can reduce his waiting time for next promotion by leveling him up. Tap on crew >> Big Mouth Oliver >> food to feed him. Check stats below to see next leveling up bonuses. You get more tips too. You will need tickets or 60 diamonds to promote him. Tickets could be dropped so tap on them to collect them. You get free 5 diamonds every day. Tap on cart symbol on lower right >> items >> free.

4.Collect acorns and tips as customers go. Tips have max capacity so collect them every day.
Boat gives you free acorns too.

5.Help different type of customers with their problems to get rewards. Magic balloon customer offers a chance to select reward by tapping moving pointer, delivery gift is random. Acorns are usually on first and second gift there. Don’t double your rewards here. Preserve them for tips as you get good amount at max capacity. Pablo needs help with finding stars and Luna needs help with food choice. Switch different areas to find stars. Witty Bran offers flour but don’t accept his offer as you get it for free anyways.

6.Buy items from shop with diamonds or real money. Best pack for acorns is 1200 diamonds pack which provides discount. Acorns with 1000 diamonds also provides discount. Best pack to buy is Prince charming Gino which is cheap and gives 400 diamonds and 10 tickets a long with dishes speed up x2 and chef Gino’s offer as well.

7.Get additional task rewards with fish tokens. You can check these every day tasks by tapping on fish symbol on upper left. Complete them to get tokens, gems, and other resources. You can also pay for gold fish ticket pack to get rewards based on progress. Gem rewards are pretty generous there with 160 gems. It’s a cheap pack too compared to other direct packs.

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