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Whiteout Survival is a survival strategy android game set in a cold apocalypse. Players must guide survivors through adapting to the new conditions and re-establishing civilization. Players must upgrade their furnace to defend against the cold, assign survivors to specialized roles, and establish edicts to rebuild civilization and expand their territory. It’s a PvP city builder game.

Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to Whiteout Survival, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to improve your gameplay and survive longer. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Check Your Mailbox for Rewards

One of the first things that you should do in Whiteout Survival is to check your mailbox for rewards. These rewards can help you get started on your journey and give you an edge in the early stages of the game.

Connect with the Community

Connecting with the Facebook or Discord community can help you get free diamonds that you can use to upgrade your base, roll the gacha to get new hero, and upgrade your hero. The community can also provide valuable tips and tricks that can help you survive longer. Discord: https://discord.com/invite/whiteoutsurvival

Upgrade Your Base and Hero

Elevating your gameplay in Whiteout Survival is a thrilling journey, and upgrading your base and hero is key to thriving in this unforgiving world. To supercharge your progress, follow these electrifying steps: “Upgrade your base > Obtain diamonds > Upgrade your hero or spin the gacha > Tackle explorer missions.” Diamonds are your secret weapon to accelerate those vital upgrades and keep the momentum going.

Turn up the heat by focusing on upgrading your furnace, ensuring your survivors stay toasty while simultaneously boosting your resource production. And to truly outpace the competition, wield those speed-up items to slash the time it takes to upgrade your base. With this recipe for success, you’ll soar to new heights in Whiteout Survival!

Complete Quests and Explorer Missions

Completing quests and explorer missions can help you earn resources and diamonds that you can use to upgrade your base and hero. Completing explorer 5 will give you an auto system, while completing explorer 10 will speed up your progress.

-To open the quest you can click the paper and pen icon at the bottom left of screen

The game features three types of quests: Chapter Missions, Growth Missions, and Daily Missions. Each quest type offers unique rewards and challenges:

    Chapter Missions: These quests provide a significant amount of rewards but can be difficult to complete. As you progress through the game, Chapter Missions will become increasingly challenging to finish.

    Growth Missions: These missions are generally easier to complete and offer valuable rewards, including diamonds. However, the rewards are typically lower than those from Chapter Missions. In the late game, Growth Missions may also become more challenging to complete.

    Daily Missions: As you advance further into the game, Daily Missions become an excellent way to obtain rewards. They offer consistent rewards and can be completed regularly, making them a reliable source of in-game resources.

In order to maximize your rewards, I suggest attempting to complete Chapter Missions whenever possible. If you find that you cannot complete a Chapter Mission, then focus on completing Growth Missions instead. This strategy will help you gather valuable resources and rewards to increase your power and enhance your gaming experience.

Upgrade Tech Research at Research Center:

Another way to increase your power quickly is by upgrading your tech research at the research center. This will unlock new technologies that will boost your abilities and give you an edge in battle. One reason to focus on upgrading your tech research is that it requires low resources and time to upgrade, making it an efficient strategy for rapid improvement.

The research center features three categories for tech research: Growth, Economy, and Battle. Each category has various technologies that can be upgraded, allowing for a diverse range of enhancements. By prioritizing these upgrades, you can become more powerful and better equipped to handle challenges in the game.

Get an SSR Hero:

SSR heroes are very high in power compared to other classes of heroes. There are a few ways to obtain SSR heroes. One way is to use the Epic Recruitment feature in the game, which is a hero gacha system. You have a 0.5% chance of getting an SSR hero and a 15% chance of getting parts. Although the odds may seem low, getting an SSR hero can greatly increase your power.

Buy Gem or Pack:

Another way to get an SSR hero is by buying gems or packs. Some packs come with an SSR hero for free, like Natalia. You can also get parts and golden keys to use in the Epic Recruitment feature.

Buy Molly’s Pack:

Molly’s Pack is a special pack that can help you increase your power quickly. It comes with 2500 gems and 10 Molly shards that can be combined to get Molly, an SSR hero. The pack also includes other items that can help you upgrade your base and improve your abilities.

Buy Monthly Packs

Buying monthly packs can help you upgrade faster and give you an edge in the game. You can also get an SSR hero, Molly, by completing daily login or buying her in the pack.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild can give you bonus upgrades and help you progress faster in the game. Working with other players can also be a great way to survive longer in the harsh world of Whiteout Survival.


Investing in VIP membership is a game-changing move in your quest for dominance. The VIP status showers you with a plethora of benefits that elevate your gameplay to new heights. Experience daily bonus rewards and lightning-fast resource production, propelling you to upgrade more swiftly than ever before.

No need for frequent game check-ins, as VIP membership grants you expanded storehouse capacity, allowing resources to accumulate without constant attention. Revel in the increased construction speed, empowering you to build and expand your empire at breakneck pace.

Unleash the full potential of your army with enhanced troop formation capabilities, as well as boosted attack and health stats. With VIP membership in your arsenal, you’ll be an unstoppable force, leaving your opponents in awe of your strategic prowess.


Infantry, Lancer, and Marksman are three different classes of units in a battle game. Each class has its own unique characteristics that make them suitable for different roles on the battlefield.

Infantry is a class of unit that has high defense and HP, making them ideal for the front line of battle. They can withstand heavy attacks from the enemy and protect other units behind them.

Lancer is a class of unit that has normal defense, HP, and attack power. They are also suitable for the front line of battle, but they can also be used for offensive purposes.

Marksman is a class of unit that has low defense and HP but high attack power. They are ideal for the rear line of battle, where they can attack enemies from a safe distance without risking their own safety.

Hero tier


Jeronimo – Infrantry,Combat

Natalia – Infrantry,Combat

Zinman – Marksman,Growth

Molly – Lancer,Combat


Gina – Marksman,Combat

Bahiti – Marksman,Combat

Sergey – Infrantry,Combat

Jessie – Lancer,Combat

Patrik – Lancer,Combat


Charlie – Lancer,Growth

Smith – Infrantry,Growth

Eugene – Infrantry,Growth

Cloris – Marksman,Growth


Normal Formation:

For a normal formation, it’s recommended to place Infantry and Lancer in the front line and Marksman in the rear line. This formation will allow the Infantry and Lancer to absorb damage from the enemy and protect the Marksman from harm. The Marksman can then use their high attack power to take out enemies from a safe distance.

Suggest Hero for this formation: 

Front line: Natalia, Jeronimo

Rear line: Zinman,Molly,Bahiti

Highlight: In your team, you have two strong fighters in the front line: Natalia and Jeronimo. Natalia’s CC skills, such as Beast Charge and Wilding Roar, can stun enemies and her Damage Boost skill can buff her allies. Jeronimo is also skilled in boosting the damage of his teammates, making them even stronger. In the rear line, you have Zinman, who can stun enemies for 2 seconds using Nail Scatter skill, giving your team an opening to strike. Meanwhile, Molly can deal high damage with her skill, while Bahiti’s Precise Shot can inflict devastating damage to a single hero. With this diverse set of skills, your team is well-equipped to face any challenge that comes your way.

Attack Formation:

In an attack formation, it’s recommended to use Marksman as much as possible with all positions. This formation will allow the Marksman to deal a lot of damage to the enemy and take them out quickly. It’s important to keep the Marksman protected by the Infantry and Lancer, as they have low defense and HP.

Suggest Hero for this formation: 

Front line: Zinman, Molly

Rear line:Gina, Cloris ,Bahiti

Highlight:You can use use Bahiti skill to make high damage to kill enemy hero and Cloris use area skill to kill small troop . Gina use chaining damage skill is very efficient to distribute damage between hero and small troop,and In front line us Zinman skill to stun enemy. And use molly skill to freeze enemy

Defend Formation:

In a defend formation, it’s recommended to use only Infantry and Lancer. This formation will allow the Infantry and Lancer to absorb as much damage as possible. It’s important to keep the front line strong to prevent the enemy from breaking through.

Suggest Hero for this formation: 

Front line: Natalia, Jeronimo

Rear line: Sergey, Eugene, Smith

Highlight: Jeronimo, the powerhouse defender, inflicts massive damage upon adversaries and stuns opponents with his swordsmanship expertise. Natalia, echoing Jeronimo’s prowess, excels in decimating enemy troops with her awe-inspiring area attacks. Sergey, the bulwark of your formation, boasts an impenetrable defense and steadfast area attack skills. Eugene, the ever-accessible champion, frequently appears in the gacha and brings valuable area attack skills to the table. Lastly, Smith fortifies your formation with relentless area attacks, akin to Eugene. This formidable defense formation creates an ironclad bastion that leaves your enemies quaking in their boots, all in a single, united front.

Long Time, Long Power Formation:

In a long time, long power formation, it’s recommended to use only Infantry and Lancer with one Marksman. This formation will allow the Infantry and Lancer to hold off the enemy for a long time while the Marksman deals heavy damage. This formation is ideal for battles that are expected to last a long time.

Suggest Hero for this formation: 

Front line: Natalia, Jeronimo

Rear line: Molly,Zinman,Patrik

Highlight: Experience the power of this revamped defense formation, a perfect blend of might and resilience: Natalia and Jeronimo lead the charge as your indomitable front line, showcasing their prowess in decimating enemy troops and heroes alike. In the rear line, Molly delivers area damage with her “Super Snowball” skill and stuns enemies using her “Call of Snow” skill. Zinman brandishes his high attack skills and reliable normal attacks, further fortifying your formation, while Patrik’s healing skill, “BBQ Feast,” ensures your team’s longevity in battle. This balanced formation combines offense and support, creating a steadfast defense that leaves opponents struggling to penetrate your ranks, all in a single, united front.

Which pack should I buy

Construct Queue Pack:

The Construct Queue Pack is a great pack to buy if you plan to play the game for a long time. This pack allows you to build more than one construction at a time, which can greatly increase your efficiency in the game. It’s a permanent upgrade that will help you save time and get more done in the long run.

Growth Fund:

The Growth Fund is a great pack to buy if you are a starter player. This pack gives you a lot of gems (250,000 gems) up to level 30, which can help you level up quickly and increase your power. It’s a one-time purchase that is great for getting a head start in the game.

Ultra Value Monthly Card:

The Ultra Value Monthly Card is a great pack to buy if you want a steady stream of gems and VIP benefits. This pack gives you 5,000 gems and VIP benefits for a month, which can help you level up and increase your power quickly. It’s a great value for the price and is ideal for players who play the game regularly.

Speedup Weekly Card:

The Speedup Weekly Card is a great pack to buy if you want to speed up your progress in the game. This pack gives you 2,500 gems and a lot of speedup items, which can help you upgrade your base and research new technologies quickly. It’s a great value for the price and is ideal for players who want to level up quickly.

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