King or Fail tips, tricks,wiki, best battle guide for beginners

King or Fail Castle Takeover is an android role playing idle android game. It doesn’t have PvP feature and can be played offline. You will manage your city, earn resources and use it to enhance your empire and plunder others. The game has 5 different unit types for battle. Here are tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide for King or Fail Castle Takeover:

1.Upgrade your passive revenue first before going for too many battles. You should be able to comfortably win battles. The best way to make progress quickly is to level up berry farms, the workers there, and storage for berries. This will increase supply steadily for you. Also, escalate your buyer flow by upgrading houses besides buyer line. Don’t waste your time collecting wood as you can get it from battles.
Don’t stay at one place once fruit container is full, move quickly to collect more berries.
Once you get decent coins, improve your attack power first. Focus solely on your attack. Once it gets to level 8, upgrade health to level 6. Leveling up health to level 6, costs less gold which is 200. You then start spending 300 or more. Broadly, it’s better to ameliorate only attack as it’s most significant metric to quickly go through rivals. You should contemplate raising health if your character starts to die too often. You can always withdraw, recoup as health increases invariably as you clash. Collect all items that are dropped before you go towards gateway.

2.Touch up your warriors, especially archers as they bestow good reinforcement with distance. Overall, kick off with archers and keep them on same level.
Once you unlock spearmen, upgrade them too as first few upgrades as always inexpensive.

3.Conflict as many times as you could till failure later. Ideally, you could also seek to fray
every 10 minutes to reload your ballista.
This will give you gold, wood, and level up your
character which will allow you to claim more areas, set up more trees, structures, level up your existing structures, etc. Use your ballistas at most condensed part of rival warriors. Your warriors will die and you will need time till you get new warriors drafted. Keep yourself busy till then. Never stay idle, move from apple farm to berry farm, to sell items, etc. Once all warriors are ready and you have spent all your gold on structure enhancement and warrior statistics level ups, go to war.

4.When you level up, the first priority should be precedence should be to claim new areas. For example, new lands allow you to get new items like apples. This further keeps you busy rather than waiting for you berries to grow or sell items. Safeguard your gold or wood for such tasks before you proceed with any other level up. Level up everything you could and get more idle revenue before proceeding for more wars.

5.Make sure that you upgrade a structure fully once you commit resources to it before you use it for other structure. If you decide to upgrade berry storehouse, put required resources there fully before moving to another one. This will make sure you utilize your resources proficiently and get full benefit of upgraded structure.

6.Follow quests displayed above. You get 10 gold per quest. You don’t get bounty even if you already have cleared that quest for some tasks so it’s preferably better to follow it.

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