Unknown Knights Pixel RPG wiki, tips, tier list, best formation, heroes guide

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG is a role playing PvP team vs team fight android game. It has an interesting story
on adventure mode which allows you to get hooked to it. Adventure mode has 3 star level with more jewels for higher stars. First star for stage clear, second for all knights survive and third for clear within 20 seconds.
It also has arena type for PvP type battles. Tips, tricks, strategies, wiki, best build for Unknown Knights:

1.Complete daily and weekly quests. Daily quests offer you jewels and most importantly trial of light key reward which gives light stone which is needed to promote Knight Castle. Tap on Knights
Castle >> promotion stone >> promotion. Promote attack first followed by HP, gold, and EXP.
One of the quests is level up weapon twice. You need to preserve upgrade powder for at least 2 such upgrades or preserve at least 1 secret mine key. Tap on quest on upper right >> move/get. Sweeping gives previous cleared level’s reward so always level up your heroes, then enter to see if you could clear highest level as it gives more reward. Secret mine is based on clearing it within30 seconds so use best attackers here and not healers. You can also switch weapons accordingly. Switch to
attacking weapons if you are using shield.

2.Collect all free rewards you can get. This game has some hidden free rewards as well. Tap on quest, attendance, event, and shop, knights shop to get free rewards. Shop has 2 rewards, special and package. You can get additional with 1 add in jewels section. Castle wall gives you reward based on deployed heroes’ levels. Deploy best warriors there which are already fully upgraded preferably. Refresh your knights shop for free as you could get free jewels. Hidden free and cheap rewards are available through tapping on inventory >> select any weapon which yo can’t upgrade anymore due to insufficient upgrade powder, tap there, collect free gold and 50k gold with only 100 gems. You can do same while building building through manor. This trick only works if you have less gold than required. You can watch ads as well. Collect rewards for achievements, pass, and newbie whenever
red dot pops up.

3.Construct buildings like bakery through manor to get additional bread which is stamina to fight, training camp, etc. You will unlock more after you clear each chapter. Building gives you free resources like gold from gold mine, jewel from jewel mine, etc. Altar of Light is very important building as it allows you to degrade unneceassary upgraded knights and get exp scrolls and gold. Level up these buildings for more production. You need building material and gold for it which you can buy from knights shop. Only buy building material if needed. Knights Agency allows you request
knights. Tap on Knights Agency >> select knights from your formation >> request.

4.Train knights to get EXP for free. Choose rare/epic training for more higher level heroes as it trains 15% and
20% more.
Level it up to train more knights at once.

5.Sweep completed stages to get gold, EXP scrolls, and knight pieces. Check which level offers which knight piece and sweep them first. Tap on adventure >> select chapter and level >> sweep. You can only sweep 3 star stages and thrice. If you run out of bread, upgrade bakery to increase bread production.

6.Battle other opponents in arena to get medals and PvP points. You get 10 medals for every battle victory. Use medals to buy from medal shop. Tap on arena, medal shop buy. Best items are EXP scrolls and gold. Go for easiest opponent and have balanced 2 teams. You could go for overpowered first camp and weaker second camp. You might lose second battle but will winfirst and third. You get an extra PvP point too.

7. Equip runes and weapons to knghts for further enhancement. Weapons are divided into legend (orange), purple, blue, and green where legend and purple are strongest.
Tap on a knight >> weapon slot >> select a weapon >> equip. Enhance and polish these weapons. Tap on a weapon >> level up/ weapon polishing. Don’t dissolve weapons as you can combine
them to increase max level. Also select purple tier weapons for orange or purple knights. Shield weapon should go with tanks and attacking melee with other attacker. Upgrade best weapons to max but don’t waste upgrade powder on green gear. Dissolve green gear if you are not going to use it but if you have too many of one type, you might combine them after leveling up to max. Polish weapons till you get a good attacking buff or defensive buff based on weapon type and lock it. HP buff for tanks and attack buff for attackers is good choice. Tap on inventory >> purple weapon >> weapon
polishing >> grinding.

8.Equip runes by tapping on knight >> upper right spot >> select a rune >> equip. You will get them after clearing chapter 3. Reinforce them with rune fragments. Tap on rune >> reinforce. You can buy them in knight shop or get for free from rune mine. Build rune
mine by going to manor >> select tile >> normal building >> rune mine. Never dissolve runes as they are harder to get. You can get runes by selecting a chapter >> sweep >> hard.

9.Summon knights and weapons with jewels and knight and weapon summon tokens. Tap on summon >> recruit with jewel/token. Do same for weapons. Don’t waste jewels elsewhere. Focus on getting best knights first so you can invest your gold and exp scrolls on them. You get legendary knight for every 90 summon summons and same with weapon. Once you do 90 recruits, switch to weapon draws till you get a good weapon skill.

10.Unknown Knights Pixel RPG knights tier/ best formation guide:

Best formation is to go for 2 tanks and 2 healers. At least 1 tank should be legendary followed with healer too. Wilhelm is a powerful tank, Elronde and Aqua are legend healers. If you have both then great otherwise max Kerus. Unknown knight is a good attacker. Check classes as well. Same classes offer bonus but they are secondary compared to ideal formation. You can check them on knight selection page before starting battle. The idea behind 2 healers is that they heal tanks at front maximizing defense for themselves and tanks. This allows longer survival for tanks and protects healers and ranged attackers.
If you have a very strong tank maxed after transcending then you could also go for 1 tank and 3 healer setup or 2 tanks, 1 melee attacker, and 2 healer setup. If you use mage or dark class knight, place maxed them in middle. Support classes should always be in back row as they heal and support others.

Unknown: Unknown Knight

Legend: Wilhelm, Charlotte, Desperado, Desmos, Kari, Elronde, Eclipse, Winter, Amber, Tristan, Violet, Lilith
Solum, Bernhard, Reon, Hilda,

Rare: Kerus, Ohen, Dephine, Gwen, Vento, Berek, Tineh, Flamme

Normal: Yuis, Zemune, Blitz, Jonathan, Jackson, Hora

Unique: Trinich, Anemone, Arsis, Bjorn, Helio, Ryo, Snow, Rocca

Machine: Wilhelm, Metal, Trinich, Gwen, Blitz, Hora

Tank: Wilhelm, Arsis, Bjorn, Berek, Jonathan, Charlotte, Agnes, Solum, Bernhard, Rocca, Hora

Water: Aqua, Bjorn, Berek, Yuis, Winter, Bernhard, Snow

Support: Aqua, Trinich, Kerus, Yuis, Kari, Elronde, Tineh

Sniper: Metal, Gwen, Kevin, Amber, Tristan, Flamme

Dark: Anemone, Zemune, Desmos, Eclipse, Violet, Lilith

Mage: Anemone, Vento, Felson, Agnes, Violet, Lilith, Snow

Earth: Felson, Jonathan, Jackson, Charlotte, Desperado, Amber, Hilda, Ryo, Rocca

Fire: Arsis, Helio, Ohen, Agnes, Solum, Tineh, Flamme

Warrior: Helio, Jackson, Desperado, Desmos, Reon, Hilda, Unknown Knight

Wind: Kerus, Dephine, Vento, Kevin, Kari, Elronde

Assassin: Ohen, Dephine, Zemune, Blitz, Kevin, Felson, Eclipse, Winter, Ryo

Light: Tristan, Reon, Unknown Knight

11.Buying guide:

If you prefer to grind and get rewards correspondingly, go for “Premium Pass” in shop.
Monthly subscription pack is good as well as it’s cheaper than jewels pack.

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