Twisted Lovestruck Otome game tips and guide

Twisted Lovestruck Otome is a simulation dating android game. This is a choice based game where good choices will raise your affection and will make game move in a lovely direction. There are also costumes, items to raise your affection.

1.Make choices which are romantic or make progress in love. You have to make choices which are romantically progressing. If you make unromantic choices, your affection/attraction will drop which will be shown with hearts dropping/breaking. If you make a good choice, your affection will rise which will be shown with hearts rising. General idea is not to be rude. Be good. Some more romantic choices involves spending diamonds as well. You can also use hints. You can get hints and diamonds by doing missions. Tap on mission >> select a mission. If your affection drops, you might also go on a date. Exchange diamonds for hints. Tap on + sign near key above >> diamonds.

2.Buy items in closet to raise your affection. Affection for costumes is divided into little, moderate, and considerably. Expensive costumes have higher affection. Hoard you diamonds to get these costumes rather than spending on hints or choices. Tap on closet >> diamonds >> purchase.

3.You will get diamonds based on percentage of story completed. Higher completion offers more diamonds. Tap on bar below >> rewards received to get rewards. You also get 10 diamonds for daily login which you can double with ads. There is also an in game option to get 5 diamonds for watching ads. Tap on watch ad on upper right. You can also get crystals and hints keys with ads which can be exchanged for items at crystal exchange. Tap on maze market on upper right >> ad sign>> crystal exchange >> select item >> purchase. You can also get diamonds by switching to gem section above. Gallery also provides diamonds. Tap on gallery >> select a note >> diamonds.

4.Best pack to buy are limited starter package and 1+1 double package. Tap on starter package on upper right >> purchase and “+” symbol besides diamonds above to buy another pack.

5.Unlock more sub missions by purchasing costumes or doing missions. You can get gifts by doing missions, or watching special episode, or from crystal exchange to get more sub episodes. Tap on dorm >> select a character >> see gift list. Go to crystal exchange to buy relevant gift. You can also use diamonds to spped up missions. tap on mission >> diamond or ad.

6.Change your lobby character by going to closet >> select a character >> apply to lobby.

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