Arcana Tactics tactical RPG wiki, tips, fusion guide, reroll guide for beginners

Arcana Tactics is role playing tactical pvp game. The game has heroes which you can combine to get more
powerful heroes with different characteristics, skills, and types. This leads to various type
of deck formations depending on our type. You could choose magic attackers, physical attackers, healers, tanks, etc.

1.Check various basic heroes from heroes option on lower left to see what skills and attributes they have.
Try different ones to see what you like.
Tap on F.Index to see what heroes you need to produce higher ones.
Tap on a hero to see the combos. Memorize a few 3 stars of them as you will only have a minute during story and half minute for multiplayer like Rune Master , Rune Knight, Nymph, High Spirit, Rampager, etc.

2.Complete daily missions to get daily rewards. Tap on menu on upper right >> mission >> claim. Rune daily mission offers 100 rune stones for scrapping one. If you want to scrap a rune, scrap only once per day to claim this reward. Enhance it once per day too to get enhance rune daily reward. Diamond, stamina, wipeout ticket, arcana, rune stones, etc. are more important than gold missions as gold is easier to get.

3.Use wipeouts to get rewards instantly for 3 star cleared stages. Tap on a stage, see it requirements and complete it to get all stars. Once cleared with 3 stars, tap on it again and wipeout to get rewards instantly which are gold, EXP, heroes upgrade stones, green gift chests. Compete in higher difficulties after clear 6-10
stage to get more rewards most likely.

4.Summon heroes to unlock new heroes and fuse different combinations. You can’t fuse a hero even if you have required heroes if you haven’t unlocked it. Tap on summon >> normal hero summon >> 8x. You can also watch 2 ads for free summon. This is best way to spend diamonds. Perform normal summon till you unlock all 3 and 4 star heroes. Use your diamonds for relics later. Tap on summon relic >> summon to summon them.

5.Arcana Tactics best deck/fusion guide: Best heroes for beginners are Nymph, Rune Knight, Rune Master, Rampager, etc. Healers are good protectors as they protect tanks. Magic attackers are most likely stronger than physical attackers. Go for 3 star magic attackers You should go for maximum healers and 2 or 3 tanks. Tap on 4th option in hero to see all magic heroes. Sorcerer, Shaman, Invoker, and Warlock are basic 2 and 3 star heroes. Best healer among 3 stars is Nymph. She also has magic damage skills. She is best 3 star hero.
You need to focus on Archers, Clerics, Spirits to get Nymph. Templar is a powerful 4 star healer too. You will need Swordman, Cleric, and Warrior for it. You need swordsman and lancer to get Rune Knight. If you are missing one of middle heroes then summon normal heroes until you find one of heroes to get higher tier hero. Tap on hero >> F.Index to see what you are missing and fusing combinations.

If you want to compare or check efficacy of a particular hero then go to Dark Terra Adventure, form desired party and see how they perform. Tap on “>>” symbol to see damage and other stats. You can do this for every battle. Best party consists of strong tank like cavalier or Vampire who have 4 skills and 3 healers like Nymph, Templar, Bishop, Dark Priest, Holy Princess, Windcure, or Sage. You could also go for Bountry Hunter who heals 40% of max HP as main tank or Valkyrie who heals 160% of it’s own HP of magic attack, magic skills fighters like Dragon Shaman, to replace one healer, etc. Generally, healers help last your main tank longer along with themselves as well. Go for 1 tank and rest healers. You can also go for all tanky formation with 2 or 3 tanks of different classes like Cavalier, Vampire, Avalon, etc. but it’s not well balanced.

Never fuse same 3 or 2 star hero twice. This will produce variety in your deck and lead to more possible hero
formations. You can fuse Nymph twice or thrice because it’s best 3 star healer. If you use same formation, you get hero affinity, check it by tapping on hero >> heart symbol on upper left >> collect reward.

6. Arcana tactics reroll guide: Sell Rogue and Wizard from your deck by dragging them to shop to get 60 gems. Use it to get your other 1 star heroes. It’s easy to remember which heroes you are supposed to sell as they are only 2. Random hero draws costs 80 gems and are better choice during beginning stages as you can always sell them for 60 gems. Summon scrolls should be bought when you have excess gems.

Use your gems strictly to get only heroes in beginning. You can use buy buff items later once you get your desired heroes. Best buff items in shop are Unholy Water which allows you to sacrifice 1 life to get 2 to 3 mana cubes, opponent mark which attacks hero with highest physical and magical attack at start of battle, mana cube pouch to get 2 to 6 mana cubes, pizza which heals 2% of hero’smax HP per second (max 5%), unidentified potion bottle, mysterious dice which can be used in place of cubes, demonic potion which allows you to spend 2 to 4 lives to get 4 to 7 mana, ancient mark scroll which allows you to choose mark of your choice, change ticket which allows you to change shop inventory for 20 gems, ice cream which increases hero area, moderate mana potion, chicken gratin which gives +15% physical attack, cheese omelette which gives +20% hero HP, etc. and other hero stats buff items. Avoid mark items as that’s for advanced players. You need to know which mark has weakness and strength against which
to use it. For example, fire types deal more damage to nature types and receive more damage from ice types. Light and dark have same opposite effect. Tap on hero >> hero type symbol to see which type has strengths and weaknesses against whom.

Drag a item to hero to use that item. Use relevant items, for example, HP stat buff item like omelette and pizza should be used on a tank (high defense and attack hero), if a hero has physical attack skill then use chicken gratin on him, ice cream should be used on heroes which affect nearby allies like magic attackers which deal AoE (Area of effect) damage.

Best item from cube shop is expand field which increases number of heroes you can deploy. Use all of mana cubes on it till you expand to maximum level. Tap on shop >> cube shop >> expand field to get additional hero slot. Next priority should be for

7.Buy items from shop with your unused gold coins. You can only buy once from daily shop so buy as much with old since they are spare. You can also buy hero stones with gold. Spend diamond here only if you get desired hero stone. 4 star hero stone chest is also cheap for 25 diamonds so you can buy it as well. Tap on shop >> daily shop to buy these items. There is also Pve shop which allows you to buy items after competing in Pve and get PvE token currency. Tap on multiplayer >> PvE. Quest allows you to get green gift chests.

8.Use arcanas, runes, and relics to make your heroes even more powerful. They provide passive buffs. Use them on your best hero to get most out of it. Arcanas should be used based on your preferred formation. If you are using fire class heroes, then use Ace, if you are using mostly swordsman class, then use 3 spade, 10 spade for cleric class, etc. There are higher tiered arcanas related to specific class like magician arcana for wizards, wheel of fortune for archers, and chariot for lancers, etc. Check them by tapping on Arcana >> Index.
4 spade, 5 spade, 8 spade, 4 diamonds, 2 hearts, 4 hearts, 5 hearts, 9 hearts, 5 clubs are not very useful so you can use them as enhancing material. Arcanas which give discount should be used as
enhancing materials. Tap on arcana >> enhance >> select these cards >> enhance to enhance.

Best arcanas are 7 spade as it creates barrier for excess healing, empress which reduces damage received from heroes by 15.25%, 8 hearts which has 55.75% chance to get barrier that absorbs damage equal to 10% of max HP, high priestess has healing buffs, tower has barrier buff, etc. Arcanas should also be switched based on type of battle like temperance can be used for boss battles.

Awaken same arcanas by tapping on arcana >> awaken >> select >> awaken.

9.Equip relics to your heroes to further enhance their power. Relics should be used based on hero type.
Some relics have magic attack buffs like dragon’s marble crystal which should go with magic heroes, HP
buff relics like golem shard pendant should go with tanks, etc.
Relics can be enhanced. You should only
enhance 5 star or 4 star relics as they have naturally higher stats. Tap on hero >> select lower option >> select arcana >> equip, enhance it by tapping on arcana >> select arcana >> enhance.

10.Equip runes to hero to further raise hero stats. Equip them based on hero type, like magic atk rune
for magic type hero, etc. You can also enhance them.
Equip attack runes as attack is more important factor than HP. Tap on hero >> rune >> select rune >> equip, enhance and use rune stones to enhance it. Preserve your rune stones for 2 star runes and above. Excess runes can be scrapped for rune stones by tapping on rune >> scrap. Runes have set effect. Tap on question mark symbol to check them. Use runes of same symbol to activate them. Massacre, conviction, and focus are best patterns as they are attack based. You can get runes by collecting and opening rune chests. You can open rune chests by tapping on bag symbol above >> Misc. rune chests >> use. You will probably obtain runes through events. Tap on menu >> event >> check different events.

11.Traits is another passive stat booster which you can get by doing Dark Terra Adventure to get trait points. Tap on traits on lower left >> select traits >> enhance. Maximize magic booster and power booster first before you go for others as attack is most important factor. They give direct benefit wheras some others rely on probability.

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