Crazy Cooking diner chef game tips, wiki, tricks, and guide for newbies.

Crazy Cooking diner chef game is a casual cooking simulation android game. There are various dishes like bread/bun and variety with cream, chocolate, orange juice. Here is wiki, tips, tricks, strategies and beginner’s guide for cooking game:

1.Be ready by always cooking pancake paste. Keep them on stove, followed with moving them to plate. Add chocolate to 1, cream on another, and leave third one separate. Serve it according to need of customers. Being ready allows you to save time and manage flow of customers well. Do same for juice. Too much cooking can lead to overcooking of food so be at slower pace in beginning. Once you reach level 10, you can cook much more swiftly. If your plate doesn’t have space for new dish and you have to put new dish, throw away a dish by double tapping it.

2.Complete a mission thrice to get gems and coins. Missions with 2 and 3 star levels give you extra rewards. There is added difficulty like you cannot throw any food, or keep your customers in good mood and don’t let them leave, or you can’t overcook which you can check by tapping on mission and check upper right corner. If you cannot waste any food or overcook food then easiest way is to use non stick pan. If you don’t have non stick pan, then try to fill pancake platter fully and only cook on pancake when a spot gets cleared on platter. Don’t tap too fast and be calm as double tapping will throw away food. If your customers can’t leave then keep your fryer full as you can throw or overcook food. You can use skill
like instant cook or auto serve for such tasks to serve customers quickly.

2.Use combo to get extra coins. The more combos you do, the more coins you get. Hoard your dishes and wait till you have 2 customers. Serve them in quick succession to get combo effect which you can see on upper bar. It can be filled up to 5.

3.Upgrade your dishes and pan to get more money and reduce cooking time. You will get coins
after each mission.
It’s better to focus on unlocking more platter over pancake fryer because too much cooking could lead to burning, if your plate doesn’t have enough space. This could lead to throwing away food. Have 4 platters first, then upgrade dishes to get more revenue, and at last pancake fryer. Upgradation of cooking items frying pancake fryer and orange juice machine, should be given priority when you are getting more customers and you can’t get food fast enough. This could happen after you reach higher levels. Play and see if there is really need to upgrade cooking items as you could same coins on upgrading a dish and get more money. Tap on a mission >> upgrade >> select dish/machine >> upgrade.

4.Unlock new dishes as you reach higher levels. You will keep on unlocking more expensive and variety
of dishes as you reach higher levels.
Use it to earn more money. You will get new type of dishes when you will reach another hotel.

5.Use special boosts which you can use before you get into a mission to help you play game easily. Price doubler is good for 2 or 3 star missions. Combo freezer should be also used for such missions which give more rewards.

6.Watch ads to get gem rewards or double your rewards by watching ads at end of missions. tap on upper right corner. Participate in events to get extra rewards. They end after certain hours so preserve your gems to get energy for them. You can also buy skills with gems. Tap on “+” symbol near gems >> boost >> buy. You can also sign in with Facebook to get 5 gems and 15 minutes energy. Tap on lower left f symbol. If you decide to pay, then best pack is diamonds pack as they give you more control over your diamonds as you get more than packs. Tap on “+” symbol above. Collect daily rewards. Tap on first option below and select a reward. Login even without playing will give you those rewards so login daily.

7.Keep an eye of achievements and collect rewards there. Tap on achievement which is second option and collect gems there.

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