Call of Dragons tips, tricks, strategies, heroes, and beginner’s guide

Call of Dragons is a strategy build and battle type multiplayer android game. It’s your typical kingdom builder game which has various heroes type. The game also has a feature which allows you to stay your troops after battle, thus increasing complexity of game and makes it rich in strategy. There are 3 factions Wilderburg which have 3% physical attack and +10% destruction engineering, league of order which has legion magic defense +3% and overall gather speed +10%, and Springwardens which has legion march speed and heal speed +5%. Choose a faction based on your preference, Wilderburg is good for aggressive players and league of order is good for defensive players. It also has magic damage skills which are pretty good. It’s a balanced faction as magic attack is generally stronger than physical attack. Here is wiki, tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide for call of dragons:

1.Solve main quests, all challenges, season quests to get rewards and progress quickly. Each quest gives a reward. You get a chest if you complete 6 quests and increase rune level. You also get hero tokens in that chest. You can select which hero token you want. Tap on upper left corner main quests/challenges >> chest >> Atheus token >> select Waldyr or any other hero you prefer. Main quests act as a general guide for beginner players. Experienced players can simply build and play
at their own pace and still get rewards. Daily challenges are reset every day so make sure you complete most of them.There is also a boost item daily challenge so preserve your item boosts and don’t spend more than once per day for free2play players.

2.Collect your free daily rewards. You get login rewards and daily honor points. Tap on upper right corner >>road to glory >> claim. The more consecutive logins you have the more honor points you get. You could get up to 200 honor points. There are honorary membership levels which offer various economy buffs like improved gathering speed, production speed, +5% building speed at level 4, etc. You also get daily hero tokens at level 4 honor. Token choice appear based on recruited heroes. Tap on honorary membership building >> level 4 >> “+” symbol >> select token. You will also unlock second research queue at level 8. The most useful way to spend gems is honor points and hiring extra builder. Tap on store on your layout >> last option >> worker recruitment >> buy. You also get daily deals rewards. Tap on market on upper right >>
daily deals >> chest. Tap on growth fund and get more free rewards. You get 6 free chests and universal
artifact compendium as well which are used to give skill buffs to heroes. Tap on
tavern >> both options >> draw.

3.Upgrade your buildings. If you produce more than resource building, upgrade only 1 till level till hall of order level. If you try to upgrade all buildings then your progress will be slow. Upgrade all
resource buildings till level 6 and then choose only 1 resource building as you will need them to be on required level to upgrade further. Keep swordsmen camp, abbey, and knight camp on level of hall of order level. Tap on building >> “up arrow” to upgrade. Try to keep other buildings at highest level based on hall of order level.

4.Research economy and military tech at college of order. Economy tech is more important than military tech during beginning phase of game. You should focus on military tech later. Military tech gives you attack and defense buffs for your troops, unlock higher tier troops, increase march speed, more data from scouting, etc. You should focus on economy tech till third section and maximize them. Military tech will help you a lot during battles as those added attack and defense buffs will add up and make you stronger when facing evenly or strongly stronger foe. It makes a big impact. If you have good miltary tech, you can always raid weaker players too to get resources rather than passively gathering.
Unlock second research queue by tapping on research >> unlock at upper right.

5.Train your troops regularly to get more power. You have swordsmen, vestals, ballistas, and knights.
You can unlock higher tier troops in research building.
Tap on swordsmen camp or other training camp >> train symbol >> train. Tap on research building >> military tech >> unlock basllistas/cavalry 2, 3, etc. to get tier tier troops. Once you unlock higher tier troops, tap on training building >> select highest tier troop below >> train.

6.Amass resources on outside map. You can collect mana, wood from logging camp, ore from ore mine, gold, from gold mine, etc. Research mana prospecting 1 to acquire mana. Tap on research >> economy tech >> mana prospecting 1. Go to map >> tap on resource point gather >> create legions >> slide bar >> march. You can also use a buff like 24 hour enhanced gathering to gather more resources. Tap on chest symbol on bottom right >> boosts (4th option) >> 24 hour enhanced gathering >> use.

7.Defeat enemies like darkling patrols, dark creatures, and darkling guards to get hero EXP, resources and chest rewards. Darkling guards provide chests. Tap on quests on upper left >> recover dark chests >> go to defeat them. You will have to defeat level 5 darkling patrols and dark creatures to get these chests. Tap on search symbol on map >> darkling legion search >> tap enemy >> attack >> create legions >> march. “Peacekeeping” heroes are best at dealing with darklings. You can also choose other heroes which are powerful in your team.

8.Compete in various events to get massive rewards. Some events like Eliana’s crisis offer speed ups. You have to defeat darkling patrols or dark creatures to get ceremonial mask in mail. You can use it to get abandoned puppet and summon to call her army near your city. Tap on chests to use ceremonial mask. Tap on events on upper right >> Eliana’s crisis >> summon. You will need to rally attack with your alliance members to get war spoils.

Dragon Trail race offers gems, resources, speed ups, and reserve legions which allow you to increase number of troops training. Behemoth hunter events massive resources and territorial relocation. You have to expand alliance territory by building alliance tower and border behemoth’s lair. You can later attack them after protection ends. Tap on events >> behemoth hunter >> go.

Many other events are passive in nature like royal ranking, road to glory, great revival, etc. You will get rewards as you progress. The more you play themore rewards you get during first 5 days.

9.Call of Dragons hero guide:
Heroes are divided into league of order, Wilderburg, and Springwardens. They are further divided into magic, PvP, skills, control, peacekeeping, mobility, gather, overall, cavalry , infantry, tank, garrison, rally, marksman, support, precision, and engineering.

Choose your heroes based on mission. Garrison and tank heroes should be used for garrisoning. Tap on your wall >> garrison >> select heroes. You can use 2 heroes to attack by creating multiple legions.
You should go for 1 tank/rally and 1 magic/infantry/cavalry, etc. Waldyr and Alistar or Hosk is a good combination. Your heroes get EXP whenever they defeat darkling patrols on map. You can also tactics manual to give hero EXP. EXP raises their level which makes them stronger and raises legion capacity. Tap on hero >> select hero >> tap on “+” symbol >> use. Use your tactics manual for best heroes. You will get stars at every 10 levels which will unlock skills. Skills can be upgraded with hero tokens. You can get tokens from tavern recruitment universal hero token, trail store fixed exchange, looting ruins, visiting villages, exploring caves, and wonder quests. Tap on scout camp >> villages, wonders, etc. to get such tokens. Tap on dragon trail below >> store to exchange dragonglass for tokens. Tap on tavern >> chests >> draw to get them.
Easiest way is to get them through VIP and daily challenges. You could also choose your preferred token there.

Heroes also have artifacts to further give them buffs. You can get them at tavern. Equip them to get buffs.
Equip best ones to selected few heroes which you are going to use in battles. Use the sea rtifacts based on passive or attacking requirements. Potion of Vigor grants +50% building bonus for 1800s. Enchridion of Advanced Incantations deals damage to darklings, dark creatures, and behemoths. Use it before going to attack these units. Butcher’s blade is also good for general attack. Veteran’s diary provides +30% damage for 10 seconds. Tap on a hero >> select artifact on upper left >> replace
to replace another.

You can also use arcane dust to upgrade
these artifacts. Tap on chest >> select artifact >> “+” symbol >> use. Use it for epic or legendary artifacts.

Heroes also have talent points which you get when you level up. Tap on hero >> talents >> use. Read them
thoroughly for heroes. You should focus on 1 type in beginning like magic for Waldyr, for example. This will
make your magic attack stronger.

Good hero formations for Call of Dragons:

If you want to go full charge, attack use full PvP, half cavalry. Use full cavalry, half mobility to harass and kite.

Cavalry: Alistair, Hosk.

Infantry: Nika/Madeline and Garwood.

Magic: Velyn/Atheus and Waldyr.

Always maximize first 2 skills and have at least 1st hero till 2 stars. Don’t ascend legendary heroes till first skill
is level 5. (source:discord).

Marksman: Kregg/Nico and Hosk/Gwanwyn. Gwanwyn deals a lot of damage to Behemoths. Arches are powerful against Behemoths.

Hero tier list:

Magic: Waldyr, Alwyn, Atheus, Liliya, Velyn

PvP: Waldyr, Alwyn, Atheus, Madeline, Theia, Velyn

Skills: Waldyr, Liliya

Control: Alwyn, Velyn

Marksman: Kregg, Nico, Gwanwyn

Engineering: Kregg, Nico, Ordo

Mobility: Kregg, Atheus,

Overall: Chakcha, Hosk, Theia, Indis, Pan, Eliana, Ordo, Kella

Gather: Chakcha, Indis, Pan, Kella

Skills: Chakcha, Nika

Infantry: Madeline, Garwood, Nika

Tank: Madeline, Garwood, Alistair, Ordo

Cavalry: Alistair

Rally: Hosk, Alistair

Precision: Hosk, Nico, Gwanwyn

Garrison: Garwood

Peacekeeping: Liliya, Nika, Gwanwyn, Eliana

Support:Theia, Indis, Pan, Eliana, Kella

Discord link: Discord:

10.Join a vital alliance. More active alliance will allow you to get more help to upgrade buildings, rallies,
shop, etc. You can get territory resource points.
Tap on alliance >> territory >> claim.
Help, donating to alliance technology, training behemoth, and building alliance buildings give member points. these can be used to buy items in shop. Tap on alliance >> technology >> donate. Focus on development tech and battle tech in beginning as you need more resources. Behemoth tech and territory tech is for more advanced alliances. Tap on store >> select items >> buy. Most important items are speed ups, territorial relocation, and city shields.

Get resources through gifts which can be acquired when your alliance members purchase bundles, defeat darkling forts, and defeat Eliana’s armies. You will get items and keys which are used to open blessings chests.

You can also defeat behemoths and purify them to make them fight for you.

11.Compete in dragon trail missions to get dragonglass, prestige, and Hero EXP. Dragonglass can be used to buy items in store. Tap on Dragon Trail >> store >> buy tokens. Tokens are best items here as you can upgrade hero skills and can also summon that hero with them. You can also refresh for free first time and spend dragonglass later to refresh more. Tap on Dragon Trail >> mission challenge >> + >> start.

Call of Dragons battle guide: Infantry has good HP and defense. They canact as tank. Scout your enemies
and see what type of troops they have along with resources if that information is available.
Tap on alliance >> gift >> tap on chest when bar gets full. You canalso make your troops stay at aplace by tapping on it.

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