Coco Valley Farm adventure wiki, tips, tricks, and guide for beginners

Coco Valley: Farm adventure is a simulation farming single player android game. This game is kind of unique compared to other farming games as you travel to other maps to get resources, meet new people, collect various items there are numerous ways to get stamina/energy. It keeps you busy for longer compared to other such games. Tips, tricks, strategies, wiki, and beginner’s guide:

1.Follow the main quest. Do tasks just adequate to fulfill that level with 3 stars. Don’t collect every asset on your way. You will waste your energy doing it. Approach to just clear path towards designated portal. Trees generally take more stamina so go for bushes or small stones. Tap and see which tile requires less stamina. Some resources are more valuable over others. for example, yellow bush offers sticks and wood which are needed to make fire. If you are low on stone then prefer to collect it rather than bush while moving forward. Trees should only be cleared if there is no alternative. Even then see if you could go for something which requires less stamina. You could also use a dynamite to get rid of trees or bigger stone blocks. Tap on dynamite >> select target like tree/stone >> dynamite. If you hit a wrong item, stop using pause mark above item. You can also go for manual collection by disabling auto above.

2.Enter next chapter only if you have collected all stars for that level. You will have to spend gold coins to reopen it again and stars will not change. Stars give you best lucky box which has 15% chance to get diamonds, 15% for star finder, 30% for hourglass, and 40% for coins. You can also do mission onboarding challenges event for collecting stars. Tap on 7 symbol below >>check event requirements >> select tick to pick up rewards. You also get 200 flowers for completing all missions for that day so fulfill it first before attempting to solve for other days. Flower rewards can be claimed for beauty road event. Tap above on flower sign to check it and rack up rewards. Flowers can also be collected
through Pepe’s cabin reformation. Tap on your main building in center >> hammer mark >> coins. This will give you more flowers.

3.Do quest journal tasks which give you 10 exp, 10 stamina, and 50 gold coins. Consistently keep your asset manufacturing units busy like sawmill, stonemason, weaver, etc. Tap on market >> select orders >> box on lower right to sell. Expand your order base by tapping on “+” mark. This will allow you to send lower level items. Selling a determined amount of orders will give you keys which you can use to open treasures on maps.

4.Use star finder only after investing every fog area available on map. If you still can’t see star, it could be behind trees or something else. You could use it then to protect your stamina. Tap on portal mark on
lower right >> select a mission with star remaining >> tap on 3 star mark on lower left >> star finder. Alternatively, you can tap on “+” mark above star finder to get a free star finder or buy it with 25diamonds or get it with 3rd lucky box. You get 1 free star finder every 12 hours so collect it whenever you login.

5.Play several events to get most out of it. Many events have abundant stamina awards. Tap on lower right sign >> download content >> tap level >> collect free items there. Bunny land event for example, offers stamina rewards for bringing bunny home. You can collect tokens to enter competition and leaderboard. You get rewards as bonuses too even with 0 score. Tap on event >> leaderboard >> reward sign on lower right to get it.

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